What do you think the individual can do to best effect change in the world?

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In order to effect real change in the world, we must promote the message of oneness all over the world. One Universe, One Earth and One People!

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Hi Jacob, Good question!...
For me, it's finding peace in ourselves, in each of us, and then this peace will spread in our surroundings...If each of us 'put our Light on'...this will have a big effect...
Also love Charlie's answer...I agree fully with it...Blessings, Abelia
Here's my answer:
AAA - Awareness • Assessment • Action...
PLUR - Peace • Love • Unity • Respect...
Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace
The only place I can directly change anything is within myself and how I am in the world. Trying to change anyone else runs the risk of violence (either gross or subtle). And violence is only ever a short term solution for change and never a long term solution.

Whatever form of self development, spiritual practice, body work, etc. etc. works for you - follow as much as you can. Those around you will notice and change in relation to you.

And in the cosmic bigger picture ... why change? Everything is perfect as it is!
I think everything is perfect as it is, and I think we must embrace it as it is. Change is constantly happening, so the individual doesn't have to create the change. The individual needs only to allow that change, and be one with the change. Things must change for anything to improve. Yes, I believe even perfection is improving. Evolution is perfection continually getting even more perfect. We are a part of the change, so we do affect it. How will we be the change tomorrow?
I am the world equal to everyone else.
So as I change, I change the world.
I change the world paying close attention how I live here, I use wind and sun for 35 years for my power and only gasoline if I really really need to (thus changing from what would be 'normal' or 'average' to my local human environment).

I do have a right to tell the world to change,
I am the world, so I tell myself to change.
I do not have the right to tell others to change unless it is stopping someone else from being free to do what they wish to do "also".
So I change the world with the power my creator gave me over "me" and seek with my life, to use it correctly.
And if my way is a better way, I wont need to TELL the world to change,
I will be showing them how, and no force is necessary.

If I see a problem with the world, I then seek how, by being myself, I may change that.
By changing myself, and providing an example of a better way.

The more I would try to be 'normal' the more then logic says I would be inhibiting change.

I pay very close attention when I buy things, who it is I am supporting in the process and would rather spend 10 times more on an honorably made product than a dishonorably made one (especially regarding world trade, but local also).

There seems to be an imbalance of wealth, so I avoid purchasing from large companies, and seek to purchase what I need from the poorest person I can find who can supply me with it.
In the case of making wind generators, I asked the guy in the dumpster if he could find me the parts that I need, because I was doing this before but it would save me time, give him income, recycle, and improve my local economy,
All, because I took the time to find the best source of what I need.
In this way I effect the landfill not filling up so fast, natural materials not being mined from the earth, give someone with little, a means to make some $ while doing what he is doing anyway, I save myself time, I can then spend on making more wind generators from things from the trash.
And leave this world cleaner than I found it.
That is only one example, but the effort spent trying to find the best way to spend $, and other ways I live,
changes the world.


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