I am a advocate for the people of Gaza for the one who are silent. what is your opinion to this.

I speak for the dead that has no voice I speak for the living who are speaking for peace I only speak for the citizens not for political leaders. a week or two has gone by since Gaza was bombarded ...the News Media can shows news reels but no one could step in to stop the carnage of innocent people
being killed. The the land of which they wanted to be on no longer can be theirs. and the cycle of anger has been building up for yrs the lack of a solutions had never been drawn may be fairly . but still Israel
wants more land. a wall is still being build . a Israeli occupation still is force upon the Palestinian . to live in poverty, the west bank is still having settlers to settle I heard so much what peace makers were talking about on Israel .

it is the only info I am collecting and very much trying to learn. Why can they be a peace that both people can live on a land that are both there's land and water rights they both can share. why is it so hard to breath the same air? why is it the hatred can brew a war that no one can stop. "
there both sides to coin there can be a stop to human suffering by only one solution That there can be both a PALESTINIAN STATE AND THAT WHICH ISRAEL CAN EXCEPT AS PALESTINE. AS
A peace keeper can always talk about a alternative but it is the solution that no one will say about
giving the land back as a answer but to brew a war of many being killed,

I believe that the price of land to have some one die for comes to be a human tragedy of all who fall victims to war .... That Palestine Will be always a Ghost of the Israeli I.D.F.

what is you opinion to this ...

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