1. That more people would respond to Rashad's blog (the one I created for him) and I am sorry, since he is going to the USA and needs as much support as possible

2. That someone would have realized that things have changed, and picked up on the "why" or at least questioned about it...

3. That giving up on people here on iPeace and canceling them out as friends was considered something that just shouldn't be done....comunication is better than not comunicating. This is something that we learn about here all the time!

4. That one of my dearest friends made here on iPeace would show up again...and now that he hasn't I am terribly concerned...

5. That the story group would have become international...something I believed in from the start.


I thought. And I was wrong. I hoped, and it just didn't happen. I wanted, and just didn't get.


Not always the way we want, planned for, imagined, hoped for.


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For Rashad

good luck Pictures, Images and Photos
thanks Peace
which friend are you referring to...I think I am disappointed with more than one friend
thanks for your nice message
It's a matter of having the skills to make things turn out right. Things don't happen by themselves, and they don't happen by blindly putting lots of effort in either. They happen by wise and carefully planned action.


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