I'm not afraid of change, I'm more afraid of things staying the same.

To tell the truth, as somebody who isn't an American I can't really give out about Obama. He has created a wave of hope over nations across the world. He has promised to close the dreadful Guantanamo bay prison. He has promised a resolve in Iraq. He has restarted the "Buy American" campaign, which every country should try with their own supplies. He has requested diplomatic relations with countries on "the axis of evil."

I have had multiple conversations with people who love the guy, I was told by one person "he can't do any wrong." And to be honest, I think that's an idea he sells very well. But you will have to excuse me if I am not one hundred percent sold on him. I got told "he is president less than two months and you already don't like him, give him a chance." I couldn't have put it better myself. He is president less then two months, and my point is exactly that.

Two days after he became president, when the media was transfixed on the fact somebody made dolls of his kids, he gave the order for bombs to be dropped on Pakistan. His defence secretary said that "we have an agreement with the Pakistan government that allows us to carry out such operations." A day later a spokesman for the Pakistani government said there was no deal made and they thought a change in the administration in Washington would stop such actions. After this I felt my naiveity was somewhat justified. Then his promises started to look like they would not be as easy as he first thought. Maybe this is his naiveity, thinking that he could just snap his fingers and all will be done.

His closing of Guantanamo started to look very unlikely, and still does. Where would these prisoners be sent ? Australia said no, my own country of Ireland said they would take prisoners if the EU wanted (no thanks by the way). Many believed that the prisoners would be just set free, but Obama has taken a new stance on the issue. He said he is afraid that if the prisoners are released that "they would be free to attack America." His resolve plan for Iraq, which looked like a shift from Iraq to Afghanistan to be honest. Is looking unlikely too. It wouldn't be easy to just get up and leave fourteen permanent bases in a country now would it ?

So please don't this as an attack on somebody who "I just don't like." Judging by the way power works on this planet, the people who always follow horrid leaders always look great in the begining. Clinton, bombed Iraq all through the nineties and imposed economic sanctions that UN statistics say killed at least 500,000 children alone. So let's look at it one way. George Bush Snr Bombed Iraq during his term. Clinton for his two terms was Bombing Iraq, and Kosovo. Bush Jnr bombed Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan for his two terms. Now Obama has to take the torch of the country that is at war. That is Americas last six presidential terms dealing with War in Iraq. What has Iraq ever done to the U.S ?

So when I say about Obama "I'll wait and see" I am not putting him down. If he can bring the changes he says he can then I welcome them, and him. And as the headline of the blog says. I'm not afraid of change, I'm more afraid of things staying the same.

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Facts are facts, and there they are; but... who knows exactly who is behind those facts or actions?
Who knows which particulars have been hidden and how many have been invented or created by just a few for their own interests?
I have learned that not everybody is honest or not always and also that what you cannot see with your own eyes or listen with your own ears should not be trusted.
Well, that is my opinion. It is not so easy to know what lies behind an action or who...
Big hug,


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