Dear people of iPEACE: We must try to send messages to our government

who is actually giving alot of our tax dollars to support Isreal. Do any of you know what they have done over there???? If anyone is a 'facebook' member - check out the video's I have of what is going on
with the Isreali soldiers and the terror and killing of women and children - the innoncent victims of this 'stupid and senceless WAR'!!!

This is found on my Profile Page (A REAL PROFILE PAGE)...

The Women and Children (as I've said before - many times) - should have been removed from the country and let the men fight it out. Women are
needed to take care of their children and what the children see - will have a devasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. Is it any
wonder WAR never ends???
Beacuse Generation after Generation of grown up 'children' will fight as
they have witnessed. "IT IS FOR THE CAUSE" AND IS THAT WHAT WE WANT????

It has to stop with our governments - CANADIAN and THE UNITED STATES; Etc. They have to stay out of it with "OUR TAX MONEY" - and their stupid promises.


When Politics is involved - it is bad news...


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It is frustating isn't it Lynn? We see hateful regimes in many places and exclusive greedy policies. With the world wide web we know mostly what is going on in far corners of the world except in places so dark there is no web, but there still is witness. It is witness without action that bothers you. Witness is a form of action in itself but what can we do to reinforce hope, feed the hungry, expand the world for those who are oppressed?
Maybe we all need to write letters about peaceful ways to spend our tax dollars. We need to open our homes to the woman and children of the world. We need to celebrate the true joy and wonder in our world. What amazes me is the hope that shines under the dark surface of oppression and hate.
I know it is easy for me to say this. I live in the states where even here some are less well off than I. I know this because I have worked helping people all my life. Trying to detangle the redtape and cut out as many hoops as possible. Now that money for services has been stripped to the bone those who are unable to fend are desperate. Part of my job was to teach them to fend but that is not so easy. Thats another stroy though....
I am not rich, I do not even have a job or a silver spoon, but I live surrounded by nature in my own home which I share with members of my family and soon my friends. I don't have only a key like so many. I don't even use one, I have an open door. The second hand items I have or make are of no real value to most so I don't fear. As long as I can enjoy my friends and family without being cold or hungry. I am happy. I am willing to share all that I have which isn't much and do gladly.

My personal experience with oppression has been real but limited and I choose to celebrate the ways it has made me stronger. Yet I don't think anyone needs to suffer to appreciate the wonder in the world. I think that we have been here long enough to appreciate the good with out horrible contrasts. Children need joy to flourish and to that end we must advocate and to advocate we do need to know where the darkness breeds. So writing letters, speaking out, sharing as directly as possible are positive steps we can take. We can do without the tangle of red tape. Massive letter writing campaigns are all I have. Not just emails real letters. Traveling to bear witness if one can afford to do so. Art that opens the minds and hearts.

I have worked on projects of witness and I know that they can't be too ugly. People get scared and turn away. I have seen that happen. It is difficult to find a balance when bearing witness, you want to empower, you want to show solidarity and end the suffering. Positive solutions need to envolve the oppressor and those oppressed. Changes are made every day in this world though. Movements do work. I have seen that too.
Hi Susan Chandel: I tryed to answer to you earlier but the internet went all weird so I had to shut and re-boot the computer!!!
Anyway, what I was trying to tell you is that there is more to the "WAR" than
most people can see. Mostly it is Political. A 'Militant group or organization"
has shut down the oil being sent to the Unided States! It is sent out on a first come / first serve basis. America. IS LAST!! It takes time to make the oil into Gasoline and oil into; other by-products. Now, we're talking thoughands of barrell's - I'll get back to you...o.K. Kitten crisis!!! FROM: LYNN SHEDLER
I'm finally back Susan: Sorry about the long delay!!!! Kittens were fightening and I won't have that!!! But here is alittle something that might make your Day (weekend):
Five Surgeons discussing who make the best patients to operate on:
1.) The first surgeon says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up; everything inside is numbered."
2.) The second responds, "Yaeh, but you should try electricians! Everything inside of them is colour coded!"
3.) The third surgeogon says, "No, I really think Librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetiacal order."
4.) The fourth surgeon chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers... those giys always understand when you have a few parts left over."
5.) But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine; and the head and arse are interchangeable."!!!!!!!!
This War is POLITICAL and there is no doubt about it!!! Afganistans - acording to "Fiton" - who is on here somewhere; are good "buddies with the United States. What ever Century he is talking about - I do not know!!! He's got his opions! We have ours - and Never the two will mix!!
Susan I would very much like to become your Friend. If you could send me a message I'd appriciate that!!! For now, I will let you go and you can consider what I asked; 0.K. FROM YOUR FRIEND: LYNN SHEDLER
The barbaric act of war,... A terrible act indeed,... We take the life of those,... Who have the same nature as we,... A terrible act indeed!...

My eyes fill up with tears, every time I see a mother with her baby. I think to myself, "What A Wonderful World! Why can't we get it all together and learn to live in peace, before we poison our atmosphere beyond repair? That baby deserves a chance at life in the best possible environment!"

We honor and pay tribute to all brave hearts, who go off to war to kill, or be killed. They sincerely believe there are no other options, but there are indeed other options. Today, we know more about our unique relationship with The Organism Universe and the laws that govern it, than at any other time in human history!

As a result, many of our former perceptions of reality, have been exposed as being inaccurate and obsolete! Until now, we have not known our own true nature, nor have we known the true nature of anyone else! Father killing son, son killing father, mother killing daughter, daughter killing mother, brother killing brother, sister killing sister! We are all members of the Human Family, no matter what part of the earth you may call your home!

Because we do not recognize the true and eternal essence of ourselves, we can not recognize that very same essence of self, as it exists in others. As a result, we blindly leap into war, after war, after war! We can get off the eternal treadmill of war, terror and destruction when we discover the eternal aspect of ourselves! Read More Here: http://www.apocalypsenot.net
This is so true, Charlie, Bcause they don't know any better! It is their way of survial... And it is sickening to see Videos of this going on as well. Spring is
here in CANADA and we can get the Full Beauty of it. But, can they in the war??
No, because everything is blown to pieces - their homes and their entire lives.
Is it any wonder that that if this keeps going on they will entirely have blown
each other off the face of the Earth!! And that's is what is going to happen.
Even if they get others to follow them in Israel - doesn't matter.
It's WE Who do recognize the true value and eternal essence of ourselves (because We do) - it is them involved in the War that do not. We don't have any War over here in the United States or in Canada! We send soldiers in as "Peace Keepers" and they are dying for that. And don't forget some of these Countries have been fighting for Centries - Not just now.... Talk to you soon!
Well Lynn I think we are working on it in a variety of ways here. This entire forum is to put an end to war and yes it is complicated. We need to work on developing other sources of energy, sustainable energy. Another thing in the works is a unified peace movement and demonstration. When you look atwhat a boost womens suffrage got after enhanced communication we really ought to take off with internet connections!
Dear Susan: And we will! Each one of use girls is 'expressing opinions' on this Web Site and many more - we now have more power to really "Speak"
our minds. All my friends say, it's not over yet with the War and if anymore countries get involved - it could turn more violent than it already is!!
By the way - I would very much like to a Friend with you! You can't do that on this Page. So, if you like that idea - please email me a message
and we'll be friends. Anyhow, back to your 'reply': We are all working on this horrible situation in a variety of ways! By the way; we do know
WHERE the darkness breeds - it is behind closed doors in the Different government departments and the meetings they have. They have the power to stop this but they don't. I'm talking about Israel, Palistine; Etc.!!
Also The U.S. and Canada.... And one other thing - there will never be another peace movement like in the 1960's and Woodstock!! That was for freedom of rights and free speech and to end the Vietnam War!!! So, we have come along way but the people over in the foreign countries are not educated enough to understand the "consept"!!! Talk to you soon: LYNN
Dear Susan: No, not yet but I'm going now....
Thanks for the lead!!!

Hi Lynn

War's been with us for around 12,000 years so it's not a new problem, though it never gets any easier to understand. I hear that you want to see action and not just talk to stop war. I hear you are specifically outraged about war in Palestine, but I guess your concern is wider?. I mean, America's own troops are currently engaged in killing people in several places in the world.

I think talk and expressing our outrage is important but there are a few 'actions' you could take (in addition to shouting your views loud enough so that they are heard).

First you could stop paying taxes (or at least that percentage being spent on war). You can also boycott any products produced by any company connected in any way with war. To have most effect these would need to be well publicised. Of course, there will certainly be unpleasant consequences if you stop paying taxes. But if everyone stopped paying tax, the government might be forced to listen more carefully.

I'm sure there are other actions you could take.

BTW I can assure you, as someone from one of the 'foreign countries' (i.e. neither Canada or USA) that I am quite well educated enough to understand many things. I confess, though, this is the first time I've understood that US troops were sent into Iraq and Afghanistan as 'peacekeepers'. That's a very interesting point of view!

To: Ian Peatey: Watch these and get back to me because I really do want to Chat
with you!!
From: Lynn Shedler
Hi Lynn. Happy to chat. Not sure what you wanted me to watch though? Did you mean to post a link? Ian


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