Dear people of iPEACE: We must try to send messages to our government

who is actually giving alot of our tax dollars to support Isreal. Do any of you know what they have done over there???? If anyone is a 'facebook' member - check out the video's I have of what is going on
with the Isreali soldiers and the terror and killing of women and children - the innoncent victims of this 'stupid and senceless WAR'!!!

This is found on my Profile Page (A REAL PROFILE PAGE)...

The Women and Children (as I've said before - many times) - should have been removed from the country and let the men fight it out. Women are
needed to take care of their children and what the children see - will have a devasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. Is it any
wonder WAR never ends???
Beacuse Generation after Generation of grown up 'children' will fight as
they have witnessed. "IT IS FOR THE CAUSE" AND IS THAT WHAT WE WANT????

It has to stop with our governments - CANADIAN and THE UNITED STATES; Etc. They have to stay out of it with "OUR TAX MONEY" - and their stupid promises.


When Politics is involved - it is bad news...


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Dear Tree Thunderchild: You, as a Father, did the very best you could! You can not blame yourself for your Son's Attitude!
If you gave up all your worldly goods to go and get him from committing those suicidal tendencies, then that makes you a better man than most! He needs help and make sure you get it for him. You are right they have lost - you have to re-build your life up again and now at least you have one Son to help you, as it should be - after what he has you through. He must be a great Son for Everything, You have been put through! You were also been put on this Earth to help others and you have the "Gift" to do it.
Dear Larua J Webb: Oh, YES it Does... All the money in the world can't buy you real FRIENDS - and that is what we are. We hear you, girl!!! Your Vote is as good as anyone eles's. Disability or not. Freedom of Speech - is just that. To say what is on your mind. Why They took your children is beyond me. There must be more to the story than what your're saying - again that is your privacy!!!
You are not helpless and are NOT standing alone!! I am with you; for one and my friends will "stand with you"!!! You are in a good place. By the way - it is Totally Illegal to Sell Children or Women brought over from China with a promise of work. Once caught - the jail time is 10 years or more - because it is human bondage; being sold!! Get your kids back... Get a "Legal Aide" Lawyer to check it out for you!!! I hope this makes you feel better. I am here to help! I answered your other message (to be Friends)! I hope you'll decide yes. Talk to you soon. FROM YOUR FRIEND: LYNN SHEDLER
Dear LINDA M: Quote from "every student": Yet inside every cell in you ia a 3 - billion letters are DNA structure That Belongs ONLY to you. This code identifies YOU and continually instructs your cell's behaviour. - Think of Dna as an instructional script;
a software program sitting in the nuceus of the cell; Who placed this working code inside the cell? (perhaps God)! Unquote!! That has NOT been proven. We don't have a sample of His DNA - Now do we??? SCIENCE NOW: As with Human DNA - Dependant DNA polmerases; RNA polmereas II, the enzyme that trascribes most of the genes in the human Geome, operates as part of a large complex multiple regulatory and accessory subunits.
Dna helix usually does not interact with other segments of Dna, and in human cells the different Chromosomes even occupy separate areas in the nucleus called "Chormosome Territories"... This physical separation of different Chromosomes is important for the ability of DNA to function as a stable Respository for INFORMATION, as one of the few times Chromosomes interact when they recombine.
There is more - but this explaines why each 'Humans" DNA is different. It even says so
In event of confusion after reading the above posts by me.
1. I am a Man, and I take it seriously.
2. I am an American, and I take it seriously.
3. I believe in "WE THE PEOPLE "
4. I believe any war is INSANE. (intelligence makes us different than all life on earth? Then prove it with a more intellegent solution)
5. Please do not confuse "We the people" with those who have somehow managed to get into our government and its subdivisions, who do are NOT there for "We the people" but for THEMSELVES.
Deat Tree Thunderchild: that discussion above was something between TWO Friends and nothing more. So we got away from the war - But you don't necessarily know that for sure - now do you!!! You jumped in on the middle of a "Science THING";
that really has nothing to do with you - War perhaps - but you No. Stop being so Paranoid about our discussions!! Please...
We believe that their DNA is what is making them "fighting Machines - no brains-
just that incurable sensation to FIGHT!!! We are proving that through "Science
and DNA"... Thank you for understanding: (It's a theory). FROM YOUR FRIEND: LYNN SHEDLER
Dear Lynn:
My mind is not very clear right now, including on the discussion here.
I'm sorry for the PTSD effects on me (going on a tangent there due to the trauma/association with my son) and my posts... its hard when the effects are physiological.
I do have some math or science depending on how its looked at, regarding around 30 years study of war, but its more inclusive than that and permeates almost all levels of society.
If the topic here, is about DNA, and its effect on the individual to make them want war,
then it is inclusive of my synopsis.
But I'm hesitant on going into more detail if I am to once again stray from the intended dynamics of your discussion here.
Please let me know what direction you would like to pursue so I can contribute if I have anything that could help, or questions to ask, regarding your intended direction here.
I'm sorry I'm not more clear headed right now, enough to figure this out myself very well.
give your thinking not to the lack of peace, but to the peace itself. see it in your mind feel it in your heart, belive it to come,, expectit to come.----
war is only Neo-politics and making money...follow the money...
Agnar: Oh, there is a hell of a lot more to it than that!!

Check the History books and see exactly how "Far back this fighting has been going on!" Centuries. We are lucky here in Canada and the U.S.
But right this very moment there is a major 'protest' going on in England because the "Summit Meeting" is going on! The protesters are smashing the windows out of the Bank windows; because the ECONOMY is so bad and it is also bad in Canada and the U.S. and Pakistan, etc. Where does it stop. Yes, I agree it has "so Much" to do with the Politicians and Over Spending. A lot
has been going to the Israel - Palistine War - but the people never see the benefits of that funding - the government thats it and keeps it!!!

Do you want to stop a War - Take out EVERY CORRUPT POLITICAL LEADER in these
countries and there is no War - No leaders! Just themselves to fight. Therefore, you are correct in that analagy!!! Except there would be conflict
in WHO is in power. Therefore, it's not just money - "it is power"!!!
Agnar: I do and I pray that day will come. There are so many of us that are PEACE
LOVING people and yet across the Ocean there are not (except innocent Women and Children - the real victims of War)... Why can't we get them to a safe place out of the terror, shooting, rape, baby killings....and on and on????

Do you think that day will come? Even if I DO feel it in my heart and see it in my mind - is that going to stop the LACK of PEACE in a fighting country - it already has?? Those people only see 'PEACE' as a piece of land (that is so destroyed that it isn't worth anything anymore - it's all rubble and crater size
holes from bombings)!!! Who would want it?? I wouldn't!!
To Laura J Webb: Now I remember how we started to be friends - through your husband and Tree Thunderchild!!!! A light bulb went on in my head after I sent you the message
on your profile page. Boy, am I slow today. I never forget a name!!! How are you anyway? Feeling better? Don't let life get you down because "they" in the WAR have it a lot worse than our problems. And WE all have our problems, believe me!!! Your husband John is a wonderful guy - you are so lucky to have him standing by your side!!
Most girls don't have that and most are alone by choice or divorce; Etc. Isn't Tree thunderchild a fantastic person. He is so understanding and I love his "points of view"
also He will put his promblems aside to help others. That is what MOST OF US do!!!
Anyway, please keep in touch, O.K. FROM YOUR FRIEND, ALWAYS: LYNN SHEDLER


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