Bellamora's headquarters is located in Tampa Florida and they have a pretty strong leadership team, which is particularly important for Publish Academy Review a new company. The founder and Chairman of the board, Dr. Bruce Miller, has a very impressive background ranging from teaching as a professor at a prestigious college in New York, opening his own practice in Florida to inventing the Bellamora product line. The CEO and President, Ed Ayala, has been in the network marketing industry with a truly impressive history the number one recruiter and a top producer since 1992. He has now dedicated his life's purpose to educating and empowering people to get the most out of their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Bellamora's product line is of high quality skin care products. They have a whole line up including a cleanser, purifying toner, a multi vitamin moisturizer, a collagen cellular repair cream, and an advanced skin renewal exfoliant. Customers can buy products individually or through prepackaged bundles. Customers also have the option to sign up and get their products shipped to them monthly with an additional discount. When a person enrolls with Bellamora they also have the option of building business If you elect to build a Bellamora business once you enroll as a distributor you can place your initial order and then maintain a monthly autoship. As a Bellamora distributor you have the ability to be paid 10 different ways.

Bellamora uses a binary compensation plan which has historically produced the biggest checks in the industry as well as promoting fast growth. In addition to the binary, there are many more ways to be paid from fast start bonuses to having your car and your home paid for. After reviewing the compensation plan I feel that this plan is definitely in the top 10 currently in the industry. The only component within Bellamora that I see as a potential downside is the competition of the product line. With many other companies involved in the skin care niche that have similar products, it may be difficult to persuade people to be a continued customer or become a distributor. Not to mention the major retail stores that also offer skin care products at discount prices. That is why it is necessary that you know who your target market is and how to set yourself apart from the competition. By understanding the skills.

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