In response to an Israeli who claims to be a Peace Activist

Dear Noa,

YOU said. "I have seen the peace process rise and fall..."
I say, let's be honest about this, there has never once been an honest attempt by Israel for a peace process but instead there has been ever increasing human rights violations poured down on the Palestinian people disguised as "protecting Israel against the enemy."

YOU said, "That enemy is fanaticism ... All have fallen to this destructive, horrible fanaticism at some point in their histories and the results have been devastating."
Yes, I say that fanaticism is a horrific extreme in any form however, the oppressed, deprived, abused, victims of Palestine are far from fanatics. They are simply fighting for their right to survive and hope to one day thrive again in their own land. This is land where their ancestors have lived and farmed for centuries. I have been in Palestine! I lived in Palestine! My husband is Palestinian. I expereinced the abusive behavior by the IFD myself alongside my Palestinian family while I was there. I KNOW what it feels like to be treated like a cockroach by an elite armed force by a FANATICAL government that has no intention of peace with the Palestinian people but instead a master plan to irradicate them from existence so they can take over the entire region for more incoming immigrants Jews from around the world.

YOU said, "I have often spoken out against fanaticism in my country, ........ I see it’s black eyes and spine-chilling smile, I see blood on its hands and I know one of its many names: Hamas."
For your information, Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinian people in Gaza to govern and lead them as much as could be done within the confines of Israel's apartheid walls. You see, Gaza, is nothing more than a ghetto, a walled in open air prison. Life in your home by the Sea could never compare to life under occupaiton. Israel has always been in control of this situation allowing and disallowing food, medicine, water, electricity, and other essential things needed for a common life whenever it pleased. Israel has pushed and tortured and punished the people of Gaza and all of Palestine to try it best to provoke anykind of meagar attack do that they could go in and demolish hundreds and thousands.

YOU said, "You know it is raping your women and raping the minds of your children. You know it is educating to hatred and death. You know it is chauvinistic and violent, greedy and selfish, it feeds on your blood and screams out Allah’s name on vain, it hides like a thief, uses the innocent as human shields, uses your mosques as arsenals, lies and cheats, uses YOU, tortures you, holds you hostage!!"
I say, you know nothing about Islamic culture, Arab culture, Palestinian culture at all. You know nothing of how women are admired, honored and treated like jewels. You know nothing of the strong Arab women I know (Muslim and Christian) who are professionals, who are executives, who are medical doctors, who are teachers, mothers.

YOU said, "I know you are SICK of being held hostage by this demon, this ugly beast, .....I have watched it miss so many opportunities, and as a citizen of this country I am the first to admit it and criticize its foolery. ....."
I say, "Why do you think it is just to wall in an entire ethnic group of people who are indigenous to a region, torture them by building beautiful settlements in view of their eyes on land stolen from them, construct super highways that they are not allowed to used, oppress them, cut them off from any means of making a decent living, imprison them on a whim for any reason at all including children, bulldoze down their homes for any obscure or made up reason, brutalize them at checkpoints and even torture them in front of other Palestinians, obliterate them hundreds at a time because they tried to fight for their right to exist, .................... NO justice - No peace ----- ever heard of Ilan Palle

YOU said, "Enough my brother …." Do you treat your brothers this way?

YOU said, "you want some coffee? Here, sit for a while…lets talk….we know the words, we know the songs, we know the road…."
I say, any Palestinian that I know would love to simply drive or walk to your home to sit with you in a civilized manner to drink coffee, sing, talk, laugh, contemplate life, etc..... but, unfortunately they are being held captivate to Israeli imposed apartheid. Israel would be a beautiful place if the Palestinians also had such a luxury as to simply be able to come visit you to sit and drink coffee. What a luxury to have such freedom!

Roro Faraj,
Christian, American, Palestinian at heart, who loves all people of all belief systems all over the world.

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Your words a filled with the greatest of all wisdom!
Democratically elected? True. So was Hitler
you are blind and you have short vision, you compare between them,no common point between them,between israeli army and hiteler army yes.
both of them occupers.
hahahh very funny,did hamas invaded telaviv?
Zionists commited the historical crime to come from all over the world and invade palestine, under racisat pretext, of the superiority of jews etc.
all unfair politiacl and social systems all over the history should be ended finished, if today or tomorow, it seems Alex you do read any thing about history but have very common points with and hitler you feel the superiority your race,you and hitler you feel the purity of your background,you are racist etc

Hamas - We desire DEATH like you desire LIFE

Wake up and see what Hamas stands for
Ruach, you are a remarkably brilliant woman. I hope something happens soon before this situation infects the common sense of many causing this to excelate into an even worse human trajedy. I heard something on the radio stating that sometimes people who have been tortured themselves become the most hainous torturers themselves. Thus, the Jews who have been persecuted and tortured for centuries are possibly taking out their inner rage against this innocent victim, the Palestinians.
I feel so sick inside about all of this. This hate is very sickening.
Have you seen this?.....

Thank you.
I just can't stop crying this morning. I am devasted by the death of all of those innocent children in Gaza! How monstrous.......... OH my god, I feel so guilty! I sit here in the United States which is run by what appears to be greedy monsters who care nothing about humanity but only power and resources to gain more strength.
I feel like my heart is bleeding... I wish I were in Palestine now! I wish I could be there with my husband instead of sitting here crying! My husband has suffered so much too and has seen far too much hatred, belittling, and torture of his family members, friends and neighbors in his lifetime. All of his life he has seen this and yet he is still the most positive, strong, loving, kind, person I have ever known,. He truly amazes me. I sometimes think he is an angel from heaven or a thousand year old soul carrying with him the wisdom of great sages. If I were him I would be so bitter. I miss him so much!
You make me sick of your thoughts…you want people to believe is your case ? that’s not the right way…people believe in truth coz they are smart and they can see the difference between the truth and the lies or whose the liar..
First, you took a small part of what Fathi Hammad speech that day…coz I watch all his speech at that time…and that’s not the truth…coz he said before this part a lot of things you didn’t want anyone to hear or see about the truth of Israel…you wana make HAMAS as a monster baby killer who take women and children as human shields , you want the world to believe in your lie, but the truth that I live in Bethlehem and I seen how the Israeli army take a lot of kids and women’s and babies as a human shield and kill them after they done, am not telling you something I heard or seen in the media, am telling everyone about facts I live in, I saw the Israeli military do such a lot of crimes by my eyes,
I wana ask you why you didn’t translate all the speech of what this Fathi Hammad said??? Where are the other parts of the speech?? Why you didn’t let any one hear it?? Why you didn’t translate all the speech and let the people decide what and where is the truth??? I CHALLENGE YOU TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT IT???

Second, I am so confused, about how you think, if that was the truth , I am trying to think as the way you want us to think ,answer this. why the Israeli government didn’t let the INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GET INTO GAZA AND SHOW THE WORLD THE TRUTH YOU ARE TELLING????
Why the same Israeli government didn’t let any person of that criminal army have his cell phone with him when he be in Gaza? why they take their cell phone’s???
Why they attack the UN schools even thought the UNITED NATION said about the Israeli government speech after that is a big huge lie (that was the Israeli government speech after they attack the UN schools : we attack the UN schools coz their was rocket fire from these schools and the Israeli army will do what ever it takes to stop them) BUT THE UN SAID IT’S A BIG LIE AND THEY ARE LIARS, COZ EVERYONE IN THESE SCHOOLS ARE PEOPLE RAN FOR THEIR LIFES, because they have no where else to feel safe for their kids under this attacks .

Check my discussions and tell me if that’s or any of what I said is a lie…

STOP the military massacre in Gaza NOW!

CONDEMN the Israeli Attacks on Gaza


God bless all who believe in peace in their hearts.

God bless all the people who are not blind, see the truth, and will tell others about it


Photos .. Gazan children .. Kill any guilt??


Suffice it, and yes, the agent

Photos .. Les enfants de Gaza .. Kill toute culpabilité?


Il suffit, et, oui, l'agent

صور .. أطفال غزة .. بأي ذنب يقتلون ؟؟

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

they desire life if it is life dignity, and they desire death for dignity.
Zionists racist want make the big israel that will include, Jordan,syria, leban, and the desert of there any racism or extermism than this,is not these among the plan of Hitler? to occupy all EUrope?"/>"/>"/>"/>

I just can't stop crying. I am so heartbroken about what is happening to the people in this region. Myh husband is Palestinian and I was there living with his family for a while. They are good people. Israelis are also good people but, I saw with my own eyes how the Palestinian people are oppressed and treated like cockroaches. It is horrible.
I know too that there are many places in the world where human rights attrocities are happening as well but, for obvious reasons this one is foremost in my mind and weighing heavy on my heart.
I just don't understand why the United Stated, Brittain and Israel think this is right. I am so ashamed to be American.

Find more photos like this on iPeace
I want to compliment you on such an unbiased opinion - extremely open minded and what you expressed was very clear. It really does matter where we are in the world, how much the news lets us see, how each government supports or doesn't support a country or their government - all this makes up what we believe, and who we believe. Certain countries don't even show news of others, or for just a few seconds. Some geographical maps don't even show that certain countries exist! It's important to know that we see things as they are shown to us, and to be open minded to all possible viewpoints.


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