Inner Transformation Series – 2 - It’s a Perfect World - Part-2

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When we truly grasp the import of this sentence, it is like a great secret has been revealed to us. The moment we see something wrong with others, it means immediately that there is something wrong with us. We seem to project what is within us as issues onto others—we focus on the
most 'repulsive' aspects of another’s personality that actually reflects our own challenges.

But in truth, there is never anyone to be changed but “me”. And once we absorb this, and start observing ourselves—our thoughts and how we view others—then a dramatic change starts to take place within us. Like we saw in the previous article, transformation means going from firm ground to quicksand. To truly transform ourselves we need to step where we have never gone before. 

Albert Einstein termed as insanity the act of doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. That is why inner transformation means letting go of the big past and trying to bring in fresh thinking; to work out what we are doing with life. This will make a tremendously different, caring person out of us and even inspire people around us.

Once when the great 11th century teacher and philosopher, Sri Ramanujacharya, went to the holy Tirumala hill (Tirupathi. South Of India) , the abode of Lord Venkateshwara, the Acharya’s aged uncle, Sri Periya Tirumala Nambi, came all the way down the hill to invite and receive him. Sri Ramanujacharya was moved and told him that he could have sent some little boy to
invite him instead of undertaking the difficult trip himself.  But the aged saint said, “I looked around but couldn’t find anyone as little as me. So I had to come myself.”

!!! Will Continue !!!

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I do agree ,Ravishankar.G ~change begins with ME..Within each of us. I do believe that we can help others "change" transform , enlighenment,etc..that may be already on the path..with gentle guidance,stretching out our hand & not judging, open heart & mind -to lift up in troubled times..or simply leaving a kind word,a smile..a hug..simple acts of kindness and listening with honest true caring.
Love is All..


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