The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

On the iPeace front-page and in the sidebar of every page, David indicated that he was no longer prepared to finance iPeace.  The results of that are: 
  1. The discussion Does iPeace have a future after July 2010? talked about some of the issues.
  2. Donations listed in the Sidebar assure the continued existence of iPeace for at least three years @ US$210 per year.
  3. David has paid for and run iPeace until now as one would a business that one owns.
  4. For any future iPeace to be viable, iPeace cannot depend on any one person.
  5. Some still active members want to maintain the site but only if responsibilities and the administration workload are shared by some active members who can and do communicate well with each other .

Is the above a fair summary of where we are now?

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ACTION NEEDED ==> Spammers

The current Welcome Team procedure for identifying and and banning spammers works now only because recently David granted me administrator privileges to ban spammers. I am now a bottleneck and should not be indispensable.

David: I've asked informally before many times to either be more active and to grant more administrator privileges to ban spammers. Now I am asking for that in public and formally. Please do that by June 1.

== Paul R
Paul,I Fourth that!, respectfully and will SHOUT it out if I have to !!
thank u Paul for all you do to help keep ipeace spam free, to all active Welcome Team members,especially Maria who does so much every day in catching them,and in welcoming new members..& to Motorcycle hippy AL -diligently watching over ipeace & catching spammers as well as your loving Welcome messages.
Love & Peace xxx smiles :))
Oh My Dearest Leah, You are the Sweetest!
I guess We are in agreement about Spammers and I see Hopefully soon, a more active & quicker response to Them and You know Paul, I always "Thank You" for Your iPeace service and for putting up with My Frictional & Indefatigably Nature,but I do really Love iPeace, as many others.
Oh by the way Leah, You have to change that Fourth to a Third that, as I deleted My previous comment, with the visual. You know "Saving Bandwidth" and now I can add a visual to this comment. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

LOL awwww Al, You a sweetie..I can't change my comment to I had written 3rd,then on next page I saw your comment and changed to Fourth..well to late,can't change it..I wondered what happened to your comment ?
Well you know YOUR friends LOVE u too !! xoxo

sex and manipulation

are the main weak points in human personality. Mind the gap!
Paul, send 3 profiles to my facebook please. I'll promote them.

there's no way iPeace, with the amount of video, photos etc it has, can ran without extra storage and bandwidth (it would just take ages to load) so it has to run on Ning pro.

And one final word. If iPeace can't raise $500 per year to sustain itself it doesn't really have a reason for existence. That's my opinion and I will act accordingly. but I believe that we will be able to raise the money every year.
Likewise, I have 2,712 Unread messages in My iPeace Inbox of the mass mailings. I have many Friends here on iPeace and I would need another Lifetime to read them all. I read the ones that are personally addressed to Me and ones that might have an important message.
I appreciate the thought behind them all, but as I said I can't read them all and if this was the only problem I had with My participation here on iPeace, then that would be "A Piece of Cake", but We need Spammer Slammers (in different time zones & active members of iPeace) asap and I see that is being addressed.
The most important thing We (iPeace) in My mind need is a group of Active Administrators (of different Experiences & Knowledge) that Care about & Communicate with, the iPeace Family. Loving You. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

Agreed Al.. Thanks my friend for writing All you did above me HERE.. Is exactly what I Think too,what I came here to write. Thanks Al! Always Lovin you :)

From what I have read & as I understand it. David seems to have no interest in creating an Admin team? Though I could be wrong? As I did not quite understand his comment for Paul to" forward 3 peoples profiles to his Facebook page & will promote them"? Perhaps it is what he meant by it,to chose Admin from, am not clear on that? Maybe is what he meant by that part of comment?
Respectfully with Peace & luv x
I read that as "suggest 3 persons and I'll make them admins" ...
Thanks Christopher,so did I,thought was what he meant but I ..just wasn't sure ..
hugs x
These people have very limited powers. They just do the menial and not sexy work that the owner was not willing or able to do.

I am sorry David. But from my perspective, this is tachlis time (see

I do not know why Christopher is no longer active, but I do know that many are were and are disappointed by the cavalier way they have been treated. I have no desire to suck people into more of that.
For the record, David has never treated me badly, although I would have understood if he had, given the way I have "disappeared" for extended periods without notice...

To make a long story short, I am no longer active here because of ongoing constraints of resources... given more favorable conditions, I would be happy to do my part around here...


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