The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

On the iPeace front-page and in the sidebar of every page, David indicated that he was no longer prepared to finance iPeace.  The results of that are: 
  1. The discussion Does iPeace have a future after July 2010? talked about some of the issues.
  2. Donations listed in the Sidebar assure the continued existence of iPeace for at least three years @ US$210 per year.
  3. David has paid for and run iPeace until now as one would a business that one owns.
  4. For any future iPeace to be viable, iPeace cannot depend on any one person.
  5. Some still active members want to maintain the site but only if responsibilities and the administration workload are shared by some active members who can and do communicate well with each other .

Is the above a fair summary of where we are now?

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In this context, bandwidth means a monthly total of data transferred...

See the help bubbles (the ? icons) besides Storage and Bandwidth on the Ning Plans page :

"10 GB of storage corresponds to about 5,000 uploaded photos or 500 uploaded videos"

"100 GB of bandwidth corresponds to about 300 hours of sequential video play"
According to the total at the top of the Photos page, there are over 36000 uploaded photos on iPeace right now, and I would think it doesn't account for the images in posts and comments...
In the hosting world, storage usually refers to an all time total, and bandwidth usually refers to a monthly total (i.e. not an instantaneous rate, nor a speed)...

I don't have access to the network stats... I think only David is in position to disclose iPeace's current needs in terms of storage and bandwidth...
That is the $60,000 question. Given the obvious lack of transparency and the (trust me...) unwillingness to communicate, it is an issue.

The next related move is David's.
Ning host over 2 million networks...
It means big numbers, and I am sure they made the calculations...
My understanding is that David sees iPeace becoming a force to be reckoned with on the larger scale, a community that has the power to act on issues as they unfold in the world, and not only an "oasis of peace" (for lack of a better term)...

Given David's vision for the future of iPeace, for instance in terms of membership growth, I would say that Ning Pro is a must... and probably won't be enough in the long run...
My compliments to you people who are putting so much of your effort here!!!
That is My vision also, but We (the iPeace Family} have to first resurrect iPeace, as David probably had that vision in the beginning of iPeace, but for whatever reason, he seems like he doesn't now.
I personally feel that the iPeace, which He created, has to take over, if he can't give His time & energy into this vision anymore.
December,2012 is just around the corner and I, who doesn't believe in a date, but seeing that so many others do. With this date I would Love for iPeace to be a large Peaceful Force, to help in this Transformation to a more Peaceful World, but We got to start Now and get it back on track, with a Caring & Communicative Team of Administrators.
Hopefully We will need that amount of bandwidth & more in the future. "Time will Tell" and I feel as others, that We might have to change the way things are done, to free up bandwidth.
But let's not cut out visuals all together, as I feel You all know "I Love Visuals", as They add some "Brightness" to iPeace and "Hippy's Love Brightness" & "Happiness."


David can and must speak for himself. And speak facts not (trust me, trust me, trust me, ..) platitudes.

Let's walk again before we start to run. David deleted the site a little while ago without warning. Then it got restored. I really do not care for such capricious behaviour and cavalier dreams in which "the customers" (members) are dependent on one person's capricious whims.

I am not playing a "get David game". I am playing a "let's finally get real and transparently ethical game".
I don't see how replaying the same old "he was wrong to do this and he is wrong to do that" platitudes will help change his attitude...
I am in agreement with you Hippy Al & Paul and some of what I understood of the "techie" stuff Gordie.
The day of closing ipeace with out warning STILL is an issue for many people,much was lost that day. Including trust.I was 1 leading the re-open & what ipeace means to ME on facebook that day. I was running around Facebook,explaining to others,who in turn explained to others,etc. I wrote on David's page & read ALL on his Facebook profile in regards to ipeace ning.He wrote a Status message of why he closed ipeace. Then, I organized with other ipeace/facebook members to change ALL our status updates to We love ipeace or We need,or anything that got the message out WE wanted ipeace open & let others know what was happening. Due to messages to David on his page by ipeace members he re opened the ning site. As David wrote on Facebook ,he also wrote on ipeace main page,(after re opening)that he did Not know what ipeace meant to so many.

I agree Paul that David can & must speak for himself. Facts not platitudes. Like so many others here, I have no clue what his vision for ipeace future is? We (ipeace members/family)have long list of questions for David from 1st forum. So far very little answers. But I am grateful to know that:
1)David stated he does not want ipeace ning to close; though no one knows if on a whim he might do so again,even after members paid for with donations,a year of ning pro/ plus extra bandwidth?
2) did explain a bit about costs of the site ; but Not enough to fully understand by many here
3) added amounts of contributions on side of page,(with names) of donations ;after discussion of transparency in 1st forum
4) told Paul to send 3 profiles to his Facebook page & he would promote them; his intent for to chose for small Admin Team, I think?
5) Has thanked Clicia & all who donated money; but no reply to- or Thanks of any kind to anyone else that "donated" contributed so much time & energy to ipeace,to the forum,getting blogs & emails out to get attention to the Forum & money issues.

It is my Hope that in this Forum discussion David will say what his vision is for the future of ipeace, if he still has one?
It is my hope that David will become involved with ipeace(again) & communicate with members more.
As Paul said "let's finally get real and transparently ethical" ....this I think so too.

Peace & smiles All..:)


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