The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

On the iPeace front-page and in the sidebar of every page, David indicated that he was no longer prepared to finance iPeace.  The results of that are: 
  1. The discussion Does iPeace have a future after July 2010? talked about some of the issues.
  2. Donations listed in the Sidebar assure the continued existence of iPeace for at least three years @ US$210 per year.
  3. David has paid for and run iPeace until now as one would a business that one owns.
  4. For any future iPeace to be viable, iPeace cannot depend on any one person.
  5. Some still active members want to maintain the site but only if responsibilities and the administration workload are shared by some active members who can and do communicate well with each other .

Is the above a fair summary of where we are now?

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Paul, you know. no one is holding anyone at gunpoint here. if people want to leave, they can leave. please don't lecture me. iPeace is online because many many beautiful people joined it and gave life to it. but all this was not possible if i didn't spend many many thousands of good dollars on it.
6 more admins were made per your request.

And please encourage people to make an effort and chip in more to the DONATE kitty.
Shame on you Califa! What a kind, polite and peaceful answer from a man who runs a net that works for Peace!

Many people have been your admins and have got banned from the net: David, Linda, Krystyna, the creator of the Brazilian group among so many others. Grab some more for yourself.

Shame on you Califa! How disgusting this can be!
From Maria Shipka today on facebook,explaining WHY she left ipeace suddenly Yesterday!
Copied and posted here by Me with her permission . Maria much loved ipeace ,believed in We as a Global community can make a difference in the world for Peace. The loss is great of her presence here on ipeace. Not only was she dedicated to the Welcome Team ,one of most ACTIVE members..but always a shining brightly dear loving caring peaceful FRIEND to oh so many! We all feel the loss of her here with us on ipeace :( No, no one "put a gun to her head keep her here" ..but she left on her own choice due to the above comment,words from David.

Maria Shipka May 28 at 1:03am

Hello my dear Leah, DEss, Paull and all...
I'm really much sorry but the message David Califa, his arrogance and his vulgarity was the last drops I was able to endure....I not left iPEACE without words, I left my comment in the discuss just under his message....all about what to him going is collecting the change he will allow to make in iPEACE...I realised I do not want serve to him never more....I'm sorry....I was no aware that with my departure will all my comments also gone. I'm glad that I'm connected with you and many iPeace friends here on Facebook and with you also on Yahoo.
Thanks for birthday wish and to you also all the best, much LOVE and Happiness! Big hugs! Maria
That is a really bad sign, Maria leaving

I think now that all Sir and Mr Califa is past tense. Now you, the" fire souls", have to save what is left to save. Just now I can see 16 persons on line all of them are chatting. About what ?:) Surely about what to do?. No one is writing in the groups and so on...

Really David your" baby" is dying. Do something! Or Please give the care of this your beloved baby to someone else. We do understand and we will always be grateful for what you once created
Maria does not want a big fuss or cause conflict by her departure from ipeace. This she sent me today in reply after I asked permission to post her message HERE & on your blog gunilla.

from Maria in personal email message
Hello Leah,
thanks for your message dear ...and of course, you can post leave any little explanation
for people, who I love and care....I believe we will met once maybe on another PEACE platform.
I need some time to breath out all disgust and bitternest and maybe I will look for some another
peaceful place...And of course Facebook will be place where we can meat each other in the next days.
Lot of love, hugs and I hope peacefull weekend I wish to you:)
and facebook reply..
I don't want to doing about my leaving of the iPEACE big "halloo" (we use so call the big upheaval). I left it because I lent my belief that wa can change whatever on iPEACE...You know my thinking deat Leah and I believe you will understand why I did so...:) Many greetings and hugs!
Yes I think all advice is valuable now Kenneth. Leah and Des can not take care of the welcome group more or less alone.....
This is ridiculous...and where are all those who had so much to say before?
Not at all. I saw them all here before. But they are maybe chatting :) Trying to solve the problem.

Have a nice weekend sailor . Life will go on :) and we with it...
Thanks so much Bro kenneth, well yes..I tried today to get attention of the Welcome Team members..I wanted to have an all together chat or a few at least..but not around or busy or ??? Vicky did stop in at Team say Hello and a smile..that I wasn't all alone, Les I think was a lil of comment on a group by him..Paul I think off for much needed rest..Des & I talked,of course :)..well I am worn out now ,for tonight..can't see or type anymore..
Soo I say goodnight Dear ipeace Family..till tomorrow..
Hugs & smiles..xx
But it is a big thing that she left... Those who cannot see that need glasses..
I think she know it too, and her leaving ought to create a reaction...
Awww dear Bro kenneth..I hope by now this message finds you with your head resting on soft more spinning,okay..Thanks so for all your good suggestions,yes we thought of the suggestion you made,but 1st need get the attention of All the active Welcome Team members, I been trying to today..maybe after so much writing & reading posts are resting? I know I need go rest now too..
So, I say goodnight dear ipeace Family.
See ya tomorrow if I can manage get off here,round & round I go go go..
hey that does make u dizzy..but my pennies won't fit threw the pc..hrm?
Hugs All xxx
To be honest, I think all the services you want are available on Facebook. Different website, yes, but if you can send an email to all members, I'd gladly join you over there!

TOC-TOC !!! please ..... besides the money, I think there are more things to keep in mind to succeed iPeace. I wonder what do you think about it I say in this comment and below.

I wish that we were to ask, seriously and honestly, what accomplishment for international peace think we can get if the increased activity of this network is a closed circle where a few are left messages of universal love, one another. I find no significance in these facts. We stand no war, we have not eradicated hunger and diseases and we have distributed wealth and culture.

For what it's worth iPeace? With human capital and the activities we have here ... what kind of achievements we can get to improve the world in real and tangible?

I want to see these achievements in the TV news from around the world.

I think once we correct the problem of money, at least for a year (thanks again, Clicia) ... following two things to be addressed urgently:

1. Is iPeace a network designed so that members easily find where to post what? iPeace invites the active participation? If you think so ... how is it that so many people are inactive?

2. What kind of real and effective activities we can do to differentiate ourselves from the thousands of networks across the Internet, where only inflates the ego, leaving glitters images everywhere? What we have serious and credible content to present to the powers that they can sit down and negotiate peace?

Thank you.



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