The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

On the iPeace front-page and in the sidebar of every page, David indicated that he was no longer prepared to finance iPeace.  The results of that are: 
  1. The discussion Does iPeace have a future after July 2010? talked about some of the issues.
  2. Donations listed in the Sidebar assure the continued existence of iPeace for at least three years @ US$210 per year.
  3. David has paid for and run iPeace until now as one would a business that one owns.
  4. For any future iPeace to be viable, iPeace cannot depend on any one person.
  5. Some still active members want to maintain the site but only if responsibilities and the administration workload are shared by some active members who can and do communicate well with each other .

Is the above a fair summary of where we are now?

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We have the most expansive type of ning we could want to have ever, why proceeding to these actions?

If we will take some saving steps for example :
- deleting the post in the in-boxes of members

BP - typical action from dictatorships

- deleting the items which aren't more necessary

BP - who will decide what 'is not necessary'?

- deleting the multiply- profiles of the same person or of the same IP

BP - why then? some people have multiple profiles in order to be able to invite more people through them. we ought to delete only the ones who come around to anoy members with sales and or prostitution.

- canceling the not working groups and not active members profiles

BP - dictatorship!!! this is banning people and their work.

- make a limitation for quantity of photos, videos ...

BP - the only reasonable one

iPeace is though not a commercial/financial network at all, so it is included in the non-profit category of networks together with many other ones, and therefore will be obviously free of charge

BP - non profit?!?

What was, was then but is not now. There used to be at least 50 to 60 people on-line actively and consistently. Now never more than 10 seem to be normally online. Most are like me, I never log out and just seem to be online here.

Some of us trying to ensure that what is at risk of becoming a sour and bitter lemon has the chance to be made into a good an palatable lemonade.
Sugar and ice water with lemon is very good hummmmm
Thanks Wang for valuable info. of the bandwidth,multimedia,..ning plus vs ning pro info..etc.
The paying month to month seems like good idea,though by David's comment is stated have to pay in advance..? not understood if that means yearly or monthly. However is my understanding this Year is now paid for,right?
Best guess hun, is that the year has already been paid for in one lump sum for the whole year, since this is the only way to get the discount.
Paul I just happened to see this because this is what I did...
I wanted to see what Wang has written lately...he often keeps on top of things and voices his strong and intelligent opionions.
I started to log onto his page. I saw the post above, and found it. I find it extrmely useful what you wrote. I had said that around today or yesterday i would have helped sum up what the blog had talked about Does iPeace have a future after July 2010.
I think your summary is quite useful.
BUT I want to say I just HAPPENED to find it...meaning, that if the homepage doesn't host the most important things, such as the above, how can peopel find things, share in, voice an opionion.
Clicia made a very very generous gift to all of us, by her five hundred dollar contribution. But does that really mean we have a guarantee that iPeace will continue?
It doesn't really look like the comunication that is needed, requested, wanted, necessary is here.
And so....what does that all mean?
I have been so busy these days, have not followed things closely like before. If things that are the TOP questions of iPeace ar enot on homepage, how long must a person search on iPeace to get all the necessary information he needs to see if things are continuing or not.
Must go
thanks for what you have written up here.
my duty and pleasure, wendy.

the discussion will become a resolution as soosn as things have been discussed open and clearly with everyone. shared bills mean shared power, right?

the poll is the best way to hold a really democratic discussion about anything i'd say :)
Very GOOD questions ,wise words & suggestions Sis Wendy,and your welcome :)
Myself and my Dear hubby2be Des are just doing/writing what feel ,think best..needed
to peacefully maintain our LOVED ipeace net Home ,Family & Community..
As I said here:

this ibusiness net will never ever get closed for it is really good business :)
No. And to you?
Just go ahead and do it, then. :)
Until now, the only concrete action I have seen around is the planning on how to charge members of the net. Only this.


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