The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

On the iPeace front-page and in the sidebar of every page, David indicated that he was no longer prepared to finance iPeace.  The results of that are: 
  1. The discussion Does iPeace have a future after July 2010? talked about some of the issues.
  2. Donations listed in the Sidebar assure the continued existence of iPeace for at least three years @ US$210 per year.
  3. David has paid for and run iPeace until now as one would a business that one owns.
  4. For any future iPeace to be viable, iPeace cannot depend on any one person.
  5. Some still active members want to maintain the site but only if responsibilities and the administration workload are shared by some active members who can and do communicate well with each other .

Is the above a fair summary of where we are now?

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Thanks Christopher. Do you still have some admin privileges?
I don't have admin privileges at the moment... and it wouldn't be wise for me to accept any for now...
suuuurrrreeee is getting interesting here!!
just think if certain people were paid one penny a minute for all the time they were on this site.....many would be millionaires!
CAN people be an adminstrator if they don't have a boss who comunicates with them?
David wants to give three people attention on facebook...but not here? If that isn't clear, how can anyone expect anything in the future to be clear...AND how much time do people have in trying to figure out what people are really thinking?
IF there was an administration, things should be done in a more timely manner.
It is high time there was an administration.
Time is valuable....for everyone.
Enough said (for now)
and said well dear Steph :)
That is why Stephanie I have publicly made those recommendations here. This is the real playground. :-)
David replied in
Paul, send 3 profiles to my facebook please. I'll promote them.

Thanks David. This is a start, but just one small step in the right direction, in my view.

Here are the six most active members of the Welcome Team:

I think that they can all have the very limited powers I have. The rule should be that that the person who welcomes and tags a spammer must not ban that new member. This way spammer is suspended by a different person. All are given the opportunity to do something constructive. Enthusiastic and impatient Hippy Al too I think will agree with that. :-)

This is a start David, but that was and is NOT the whole issue. To be real community you may well be the first among essentially equals.
I've sent David a link to the above on Facebook.
The word is Indefatigable, not Enthusiastic and Yes, I'm very impatient about having Spammers on iPeace.
I agree with Your choices of Spammer Slammers, but I don't agree with The rule should be that that the person who welcomes and tags a spammer must not ban that new member as it's important that if it is a Spammer of a Ballistic Type, they should not be tagged, just gotten rid of.
This is a judgment call, as another Spammer Slammer might not be around, to do what You say, but if they have Peaceful intentions, they should be given a chance to remove their link to a product and/or service, that is not part of iPeace philosophy.
As I said, it's a Judgment call and usually You have a gut feeling and certain things that tell You of their intentions. This is coming from someone that knows Spammers well and even kinda got a kick sometimes, out of their tricky ways of trying to hide their way of doing things
My service was without the power of Slamming them and at times it was Frustrating because,

and I try to protect the Integrity of it and My iPeace Family & Friends and I'm Happier, with David's help in this matter. "Better Late than Never" Now, Let's get an Administrative Team!!!!!
Loving You. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"
I hope that the discussion This Does iPeace have a future after July 2010 started 23 days ago I trust really helped to raise money to to keep this site alive and identified some of our issues.

This discussion, started 4 days ago.

My pressing personal issue seems resolved; I will no longer be (the only active) IT who gets rid of spammers. But I could easily solved that by walking away.

The fundamental issues mentioned in the discussion introduction, from my point of view, remain.
Please also see What's ipeace worth to you? That raises the very real need for transparency.
The Rolls Royce option? I think not!

I still say that this site DOES NOT need the Rolls Royce option. The volumes just do not justify it now (that is an educated guess, I have worked in the computer industry most of my life.)

The only justification I imagine is the granularity of control the owner has. That may be what David wants, but I cannot in good conscience suggest it or justify it for the current members and their current needs.
Hi Wang,

I have the questions you have as well. For now my gut feeling is that the volumes on iPeace now are relatively low. And as I wrote above, my gut feeling is that he only justification I imagine is the granularity of extra control the owner has.


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