On May 5th, Serge Da Sylva posted an article in the iPeace Forum announcing the establishment of A World Peace Fair.

What a great Forum Post Subject for peace. Many days have passed and there has only been minimal response by other iPeace members to this most important debate, yet we ask,... "Is President Obama doing all that he should be doing to bring peace to our world"...

The question should be, "Are we doing all that we can to bring peace to our world?" Just think about it!

President Obama brings a new refreshing mindset to the world debate on establishing peace on earth. This mindset tells those we once considered to be our enemies this:

"We who want to establish peace on earth are extending our hands in a new spirit of truth, friendship and peace to you, but if this long sought after peace is to be realized on earth, you must do your part and accept this peace gesture, then engage with us in healthy dialog, debate and action for making peace."

It takes two or more parties to engage in war! In order to end the barbaric act of war, all parties involved must be willing to stop the killing. As it relates to ending hunger in the world, we could solve this one overnight.

We now have access to the additional data code that will empower us on our quest to end global hunger, then establish a true and lasting peace on earth! Click Here/Get The Code

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Greetings Charlie, Well people here and elsewhere read and reply according to their interests. It is not by posting the same text over and over as you tend to do that you will get more attention and interests from the readers.

I've known Serge for about 28 years and I still see him from time to time. He is a good productive artist with great talent and fertile inspiration. But he comes out with such a genious idea about every week, if not every day. Some of his ideas have realized, while many have only remained ideas. I support all the way this concept of a World Peace Fair. When I saw it at first, I wrote to him to let him know that at this time, I am myself organizing a great Peace Mission for early July, to reunite First Nations, French, English and immigrants into a ten day pilgrimage with several Peace ceremonies along the way like the planting of trees and gifts exchanges. It's been a week since I wrote to him and I haven't received his feedback yet. So I don't know why I'm asked to share my ideas on the subject if when I do I don't get any reply.

I surely wish we can manifest that World Peace Fair some day. Meanwhile, I'm already busy at creating a Peace culture through highly significant and symbolic gestures. We can't all fit in the same boat, but we can sail towards the same goal.

Peace and Love to all beings.
Greetings SunBow. You note in your reply that people here at iPeace respond to forum post according to their individual interest. Yes I agree, but as the interest, purpose and mission of iPeace is said to be first to help bring about peace on earth, we must let this peace be our main goal or interest, otherwise all we have here is A Glorified Chat Room, and only use the the word peace as a popular tag of the day...If fostering in a lasting peace on earth is not our common interest, peace is just a fashionable word we say, and we are just kidding ourselves here at iPeace.

I repost articles sir, so as to make relative subject matter on bringing about Peace On Earth available to new readers who miss the original post.

SunBow, it is not attention that I seek as a member of iPeace, ..I seek World Peace!

After all, there are only three post that receive headline status everyday on top of the iPeace forum page, and it is common knowledge on the internet that when we Google a term, word or phrase, only the top three or four listings will be chosen or read, so there you have my reasoning for reposting articles my friend.

If you know what a member of iPeace has to do to achieve this elite posting status for his or her articles on the iPeace forum, Please Let Me Know.

I must differ in opinion with you SunBow on another point that you made. You say in your reply here, “We can't all fit in the same boat.”

My point is this, “We all are indeed in the same boat, and that boat is Our Planet The Earth!”

Lets face it, we all are speeding through space together on the back of our mother ship, the planet earth, and that which affects the earth, affects us all!

Your Peace Mission scheduled for early July sounds interesting. I would like to read more about it.
Dear brother Charlie, I think you misinterpreted my words. This is exactly what I wrote:

"Well people here and elsewhere read and reply according to their interests. It is not by posting the same text over and over as you tend to do that you will get more attention and interests from the readers."

I never said that you are seeking attention, nor ever contested your right to post anything you want, as many times as you want. It is simply a plain constatation from my logical understanding. Nothing personal.

About being in the same boat... I'm helping to organize for July a Peace Mission, which will include a pilgrimage in canoes on the St-Lawrence river, from Montreal to Quebec city. We have so far a canoe from the Mohawk nation, one from the Abenaki nation, two more from friends and a large rabaska that can hold ten persons. Invitations are going out and we will surely see more canoes and people join us.

Well in this mission, the first thing that is clear to us is that we can't all fit in the same boat. From there came my reflexion from this simple observation in my previous message. But what we can do is travel side by side towards the same direction with the same goal of Peace. So the more canoes we will have, the more powerful the message will be. It is the same with Peace projects. The more we will see initiatives for Peace, concrete gestures, actions, festivals and fairs, the faster the Worldwide Peace Culture will be built.

About Serge's idea of a World Peace Fair, as I said I'm all for it. I've been in several events or gatherings that had a similar theme and I certainly will encourage one more and many more. If our common goal is Peace, then we should meet along the way or at least, at the end of the road, depending on which boat we will be travelling on as individuals and communities on our earthly pilgrimage towards eternal Peace.

We are all One on this space ship called Mother Earth, I hope we can all agree on this. But we can't all sit in one circle around a single fire on the physical plane, unless we make this a symbol of our eternal unity around a universal center of consciousness. Just sharing my vision from the heart with good intentions.

Peace and Love to all humans of good will.
& Yet You Put My Name In A Forum....Hmmm....Strange....O_o....


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