iPeace is by far more than "just another social webwork"….
It is a multi-faceted sagacious PERSONALITY…..

Dear David,
dear ipeace-team,

you definitely excelled at creating such an incandescent "shooting NORTH-star" with an outstanding and unique visual magnitude, especially in those exigent dark skies of today's global egotisms and hubris.....

ipeace truly sparkles behind a veil of darkness propelled by those alledgedly "modern" times of overly media- and socio-repletion, in an era where love and light got successively eclipsed within the realms of human forlornness in finding proper meaning and response.ibility as to the rising and burning questions in the here and now.

Like a veritable sagacious magnet you, David, and your admin team attracted and cross-linked a huge multi-faceted community of lovable, dedicated and wise individuals - and that within such a short time frame of just half a year. Chapeau!

Also I am delighted to see that now you, dear Renée, in your function as "community stylist and make-up artist" on top lately drew ipeace on the main page such a beautiful coherent, authentic and unique real PERSONALITY "face" with your magical editorial paint-brush...

With admirable subtlety you all escort this unparalleled community-personality on the red carpet into the milkyway of global wisdom and integrity…..

Thank you David and all of you from the entire ipeace team - you all perform an outstanding marvellous job in pure greatness of mind and spirit.....

This is the first social community web 2.0 platform which I have seen in a long time on the internet, which truly LIVES, vibrates and emerges as a brilliantly cut jewel of its own.....

Approaching 20.000...... let us all go with our private networks for 100.000 for ipeace's 1st anniversary in fall.... YES - WE CAN !!! ;-))

Hence, if you like this idea, please be so kind and forward this discussion link to ALL your friends within your personal IPEACE network and ask them to do the same, i.e. to froward this article to all of their friends within ipeace.....

Because if all of the current 20.000 members would just invite 5 more friends from outside, i.e. ou of their own private networks on other platforms like XING, Facbook, Myspace or just out of their outlook contact list, we could easily reach the 100.000 in due course ;-))

If you wish to add a comment below or to add additionial ideas , please feel free to do so.

Be blessed and be hugged

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Thank You for this amazing post! I have been a member since sept,'08, watched ipeace grow,helped bring "peaceful" friends here. I just want to add, quantity is important, but so is quality. We wish for a peaceful community,family friends,network here on ipeace. Is important that people we invite are truly peace luvin people.To "keep" the peace Love & Light growing.
Love to All,Many Blessings & hugs x
brought 4 more friends to ipeace in last week, 1 is my sister- Venus Chaffins- just joined tonight has never been on a social network,luvs it here already:-),please give her a warm ipeace welcome,thx
peace n love,g'night all xx

maybe by 2014

peace has many bigoted, prejudiced, racist enemies

who are sure they are right to own slaves,

even if their enslavements are covert and secretive.

but evolution, especially social evolution happens 



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