Is iPeace a fake? New age folklore cuts people off their roots

We all come from the same roots, from the same family tree. We have to protect the nurturing roots in order for the branches to bloom. It is undeniable that time is evolution and as the tree grows, branches multiply and get further away from the roots. When an older branch becomes useless to the tree, it dries out, breaks off and falls down, for the younger shoots to sprout up and reach the light. But all branches need their roots in order to live. A tree without roots is a dead tree. As high as our branches may reach into the sky, we need to take care of our common roots in order to survive.

I find here many nice philosophic discourses, bright spirits and good will. But I see also some fairy tales, improbable beliefs and mainstream new age fables, with a general attitude of expecting for something to happen, to come down from the heavens -or from the White House- to save us all.

I read here very little about Peace initiatives, projects, communities, events, or actions. It's nice for the birds to fly off into the clouds, but they have to come back to their nest after a while to take care of their family. They have the ground themselves and connect with the roots to be able to keep flying.

I was at first enthousiastic about iPeace but it feels like it has come to a still point, almost a stagnation. The forums are mainly used as chronicles with few relevent news or concrete information about our world, this planet we live on. Also there is very little feedback and little implication as well as far as sharing experiences and initiatives. People use personal inbox to send circular messages and wish cards in a most impersonal way. Would this be the purpose for collecting friends on a list?

I must say that in my view, the quality and relevence of this site seems to be decreasing and I've received this comment from several people already. Sending wishes can be nice, but what is the need to send a good morning, good afternoon and good night to people you have'nt and will never meet, if it is not to take action and initiatives together and create a world wide Peace culture?...

And for the people who start new groups everyday, what is the use if they don't last and don't bring any results? Why not work together instead of just playing cool? Fantasies and flash are often blinding us from our responsibilities and the task that is awaiting the real Peace makers.

I'm considering to leave this site soon if I don't see more concrete results coming out of this network.

Peace, vision, mission and action, time is now.

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You are welcome to visit at any point that you like.
I am a member of the MSIA, an organization founded by John Roger. It is spiritual theology that deals with peace from within each and every Being. We try to represent the Traveler in every instance and relationship we encounter. Before I began this journey with free email classes offered in the Calendar of event's, I could say with ease, I was quite insulent. It's a quality that I do not boast proudly, however, as I began this journey into forgiving myself, I am learning that peace is a process which can only begin with an individual and as we learn to forgive ourselves, we begin to realize how responsible we are for how event or relationship strings are set up by what we find familiar. Familiar isn't always a healthy tribute. Doing what is Prudent can feel awkward for the very first time. I remember, how I felt when I joined this ministry. I thought how can I ever learn to soften my rough edges? And I began seeding everywhere. I figured I had put my faith in people who might not be at the same level of heart I wish for myself and so many times, I have been kicked around, that finally I would make myself into a person who I can enjoy being with in silence.

I give you my peace.
I wade in tranquil waters.

I also know that at any given second I can relax and be me, although I love being a servant more than any other experience I have encountered.

Love to you.
I agree with you, Sun Bow, that the site sometimes seems stagnant. But where the urge for renewal needs to be is inside ourselves. You have published wonderful blogs, which would diminish this site in their absence. What I appreciate about this site, and the subject of Peace itself, is that each person has a different way of looking at how to achieve peace, and that in total must be the way to achieve it, not just one way. It is a collective idealism which contains many parts. Some people are more practical in their projects for peace, and I can see that they are represented on this site. Others, like Melody, who see it as an internal process, are also right, because if the effect of each person who has inner peace ripples out it will affect more people, including those activists whose role is on the front line. Please re-state how you would like to see the collective act, so that we can take a step closer to your vision. And many thanks for stating your view, because these are thoughts I have had, but I still wish to hang on in there!
Love, Peace and Light,
Lana (trying to remember to ground sometimes)
I agree that somehow ipeace can be stagnent. But it is through ipeace that I could help the children in Gaza. it also thorugh this site that I can access musch information about the world as I live in a country far away from relevent news presented in english. sites have their ups and downs...I think we should just do our best and use the site when needed and as we need to
Please do not leave. That is all I can say. You would be sorely missed. I have grown to look to your wisdom in your posts and encouragement and positive direction. Please do not be angry because we send greetings and niceties to one another. We all approach spreading peace in many ways, and one of them is to simply let people know that you think of them and hold them special in your heart because of their uniqueness and spirit. I cannot feel any guilt for sending out greetings to my Ipeace friends telling them I am thinking of them. It does not matter to me one iota if I ever meet in person any of my ipeace friends, it is the sharing of our dreams of peace, our daily lives and sharing and striving for a peaceful future that keeps me here. I could not understand peace as much if I had not reached out in this group and learned about the nonpeaceful struggles that go on in the world, and then try my darnedest to think of any way at all that I can make a difference somehow. I know my contribution in a physical way may be miniscule but even to grow to know people from all over the world and make my words somehow touch someone's heart is also a contribution to peace. We all can't be out in the front running making huge changes to major countries or singlehandedly stopping wars and violence but just reaching out to others in love and respect is a start isn't it? I truly appreciate you, now I hope that you will not be offended if I wish you a wonderful Sunday full of love and peace. I DO understand where you are coming from in your post, about feeling that Ipeace gets trite sometimes, but there is also a lot of love and joint striving for peace and grasping to understand others that goes on here. Small measures can add up to larger measures each one added to the other. I for one need to hear the opposite sides to everything, and this site has helped me and broadened my thinking in a way that nothing else could have. Please do not leave, But if you must then please remember that I have so enjoyed your input and spirit so very much dear friend. I know you want to make a tangible difference in the world, and so do I through loving my Ipeace friends and valuing their presence in my life.

Love and peace be yours always
Cher Bo, mon ami,
ce que je pense c'est que ton point de départ est plutôt guidé par ta tête, par tes attentes d'avoir des résultats fixes et utiles et pas tellement par un sentiment de communité, un sentiment de vibrations.
D'après mois ces vibrations contournent la terre et montrent la volonté de paix , ce qui est la supposition,
une condition que la paix se fasse en action, qu'on puisse devenir actif.
Des messages de paix, aussi des messages circulaires (même s'ils sont quelquefois un peu "superficiels", peuvent créer des sentiments paisibles, peuvent faire rire et donner de la joie. En tous cas, je m'amuse
de temps en temps et je me sens impliqué dans une sorte de société mondiale avec ce grand but positif de paix.
Cette communication (même virtuelle) peut être la semence pour un developpement qui aboutit dans des
Mais, c'est à toi de proposer des initiatives d'actions, chacun peut s'impliquer à sa manière et trouver
sa niche pour ses besoins.
J'espère bien qu'on peut continuer notre discours ...
Tout mes bons voeux pour toi,
pensons circulaire, kwe, kwe,
ton amie Heike-Anaré
Thank you all for your wisdom and sensitive replies. I feel a sense of community being shared here, concern and support from far away allies and touching words to my heart. You are all beautiful people and i love you all.

It is true that we cannot all row in the same boat, although we might be sailing towards to same goals. Diversity is enriching our collective worth. It takes many colors to draw a rainbow...

In that last post I just expressed my concern about caretaking of our common roots, our original human nature and spiritual being making us One Family from one source. Branches go multiplying infinitely as they grow but they must remember they are all fed from the same roots, they are all born from the same seed and they can live only as long as their roots is living.

So as humans of the same Family, we should keep our attention on our common roots making us One, more than on the so many different branches that distinguish us into classes, casts or categories and sometimes divide us. What can unite the human race is our common roots and the essence of life we share as a common thread, or in other words universal values and natural laws of balance and harmony that can be qualified as timeless and.beyond cultural limits...

To answer your question Lana, I wish to see more concrete organization and initiatives for Peace coming out of this site. Us people should use this opportunity to network relevent infos about the world's situation as a kind of Peace watch, to educate and to keep the community informed and together create events, actions, marches, communities, circles, caravans to become co-creators of a world wide Peace culture. Talking Peace online is really cool, but I hope we can takeit into our daily lives, in our schools and on the public place so can can start talking about making a change.

Initiative such as the one Maryse took for the children of Gaza are very good examples of what I hope for. I must say here that I have seen quite a few such interesting projects on iPeace and also very interesting information in some posts. Also don't get me wrong, wish cards can be nice and lovely to receive. It's just that on a large impersonal scale they become less attractive in my view. For Mother's Day, the equinox, Easter or full moon, they make more sense to me than on a daily basis, as they fill up a mailbox in no time and especially if they are sent several times in a row or by different people.

Dear Marique, thank you for your kind and encouraging words.Don't worry, I'll never be offended nor angry at any people sending Peace wishes and blessings of Love to each other. I also tend to do it at times... :-)) I just find one personal word of Love more touching than one thousand circular wish cards. I also truly appreciate everything I've read from you as I previously mentioned and I'm glad to have met such wonderful people as you through ipeace. After a deeper reflexion, I think I will hang around longer with you dear friends of Peace of the beautiful iPeace community.

I'm currently talking to over 500 persons daily about the Peace Mission on the St-lawrence we will do in two weeks. We are raising funds while spreading Peace in the public mentality and promoting a Culture of Peace between nations. I say we because we are a wonderful team in this collective initiative with a growing support from everywhere.

While we prepare a Peace pilgrimage in canoes with the First nations, including the Mohawks with whom we will have a sweat lodge and from whose land we will start our journey in Kahnawake, the Mohawk community in Akwesasne is being held hostage in their homes by a joint operation from Canadian and US armed forces. Last thursday, on June 11th which marked the anniversary of the official apologies to the Natives by Prime Minister Harper, the Akwesasne spokespersons where in Ottawa to demand justice and Peace on thier homeland. On that same day, paramilitary forces attacked the Mohawk community and wounded 14 in a blood bath that was white washed with firemen hoses. Not a word in any media. By chance we have Mohawk contacts inside. So our Peace Mission with the Natives with public stands and ceremonies for Peace takes a greater signification and importance with the current events.

What I meant in starting this discussion is that for sure, there are many ways to spread Peace and it all starts within, but in the current times Peace makershave a lotof work to accomplish and only thier actions will make a real change.

Je suis d'accord avec ce que tu dis Heike: pensons circulaire!

Sorry if I wrote a single circular letter for all of you. The scarcity of free time and my weak wireless connection allowing me only this much. Peace and Love to all of you wonderful friends of Peace. I Love you all. Best blessings.
Than you Susan, indeed for a site with almost 20,000 members it is surprising not to see more imput. But the quality of people here is very nice. It's good to know precious souls like you. Peace and Love.
Dear Sunbow,
Many thanks for starting this discussion! I share many of your concerns. I, too feel that SOME people seem to be using iPeace (AND MyPeace) purely for social networking. And I, too, am concerned about my inbox and my profile page becoming clogged up with cutesy sparkling greetings downloaded off Internet sites devoted to their production. They crowd other, more meaningful messages and truly interesting suggestions off the visible profile page.
I am concerned that some people seem to think that by electronically smiling at each other and radiating Love and Peace to ALL living beings, that will be QUITE enough to herald in a new dawn of Peace and Wonderfulness.
Achieving Peace is going to need hard work.
And it's going to meet with resistance by the Powerful who have a very vested interest in keeping the World in conflict, maintaining Men's domination over Women, or bringing up our Children in fear and bigotry.
However, I do appreciate the wish of iPeacers (and MyPeacers) to connect with each other. To say: "Hi, I'm thinking of you. I'm glad to know that you are there!"
Like you, I'd rather that they wrote that in their own words - in one or 2 lines - than with 3 or 4 large tinselly Internet greetings cards that they're sending out to everyone.
I have one or two iPeace friends that struggle with English. They don't start - and rarely contribute to - discussions (some of them aside from posting standardised Internet greetings). But I would not wish to rob them of their sense of belonging to an International community of people, MOST OF WHOM - aside from a few purely social butterflies - honestly care about Peace.

So, on to your next point: What can we actually DO - practical - to further the cause of Peace? I honestly believe that by raising our voices in a way that CAN'T be ignored, we can make others aware about the idea of Peace. That's why I am SO excited about initiatives like The World March For Peace And NonViolence. Also to be found represented on iPeace.
I am urging EVERYBODY to take the time to read up on this... to find out that
a) it's not just about World Peace, but about rejection of ALL kinds of Violence.
b) you don't have to wait until the 2nd of Oct. to do anything. Thousands of people all over the World are raising the banner already. We are already marching - whether it be by holding news conferences, 'phoning in to late night radio shows to talk about the March, painting children's faces for Peace on a nice day out in the park...
c) the MORE we do and call part of the March (make sure that you advertise your action as such in the local Press and on the web-site above), the more difficult it's going to be for the Media to ignore the March... and ignore Peace as a newsworthy item.
To give you just one example: I suppose you've already rowed your canoes on the St. Lawrence River for Peace. But I didn't hear anything about it until I just now read your comment. 500 Native Americans in an action for Peace and I didn't know anything about it. But if you had tied it into the March (and let's make one point clear: this does NOT mean letting the March co-opt all your efforts and take all the credit for itself), it would certainly have been on the front page of their web-site. And the story would possibly have been covered by news outlets all over the planet.
It would help if you downloaded the official logo, and painted it onto a sheet (bilingually where appropriate), displaying it in your activities. That way, people will think: "Hey, I've seen that banner before! Wonder what it's about?" And SOME will stop and ask... and you have a wonderful opportunity to talk about Peace!
Even if each individual story is too small to make many waves, the amassed collectivities of ALL those tiny efforts cannot fail to be noticed. And perhaps "world leaders" will get the message: "WE, the PEOPLE are leading in this initiative! And if YOU, so-called world leaders don't come along with US... you're going to be left behind..."
Isn't THAT something worth putting energy into???

Finally, I want to say that I'm glad to read that you won't be leaving us. Your energy IS appreciated... and needed. I hope that you will accept my friendship (I'll get onto that once I've posted this). I perhaps wouldn't have noticed you if you hadn't started this discussion. as it is, I have... and I value your presence on this site. To anyone who IS adamant about leaving the site, I would say: "Please just leave peacefully: don't erase your profile, or all your contributions in the past will (I believe) disappear with you."


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