After endless threads and discussions full with blame and finger pointing, the time is ripe for us, iPeace people, to take a look at some serious peace plans, and to start focusing our energy on the future rather than on the past. The first such plan will be the Geneva Initiative.

Please try to focus your comments on the issue at hand.

From the facebook group:

The Geneva Initiative (GI) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian effort that suggests a detailed model for a peace agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict- proving that peace is possible, demonstrating that partners for peace do exist and that there is a solution to every problem. The Geneva Initiative provides realistic and achievable solutions on all issues, based on previous official negotiations, international resolutions, the Quartet Roadmap, and Arab Peace Initiative. In addition to presenting a detailed blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian peace, the GI aims to bring that moment of peace closer, by showing the way and preparing public opinion and leadership to be accepting of the real compromises required to solve the conflict.
The Geneva Initiative NGOs educate and campaign, both locally and internationally, that it is in the best interest of Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate directly in order to reach a realistic, dignified, and sustainable 2-state solution in which both peoples can build a brighter future, as is embodied in the model Geneva Accord.

The GI and our activities are designed to reinstill in the Israeli and Palestinian peoples the hope that it is possible to reach an agreement that will serve their respective national and personal interests and aspirations. We are committed to exposing each side's public to the message of the other – despite the technical and psychological barriers.

After a century of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, the Geneva Initiative offers a real and mutually agreed upon possibility for ending the conflict between the two sides and obtaining a mutually acceptable peace that guarantees the vital national interests of both sides.

You can read the full text of the Geneva Accord and view its annexed maps in The Palestinian Peace Coalition website.

You are all welcome to join iPecae special group: The Geneva Initiative Group

Summary of the Geneva Initiative

The Geneva Initiative was concluded on the basis of the Middle East peace process, which began in Madrid in October 1991, the Declaration of Principles signed on September 13, 1993, the subsequent agreements as well as the permanent status negotiations, including the Camp David summit of July 2000, the Clinton Parameters declared in December 2000, and the Taba Negotiations of January 2001.

The two sides reiterate through this agreement their commitment to UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and 1397 and confirm their understanding that this agreement is based on and will lead to the full implementation of these resolutions and will lead to the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in all its aspects.

The two sides reaffirm that this agreement constitutes the realization of President George W. Bush’s vision laid out in his June 24, 2002 speech, and phase III of the "Road Map" put together by the Quartet.

The two sides further declare that this agreement marks a historic reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis and paves the way to reconciliation between the Arab world and Israel in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative adopted by the Arab Summit meeting in Beirut on March 28, 2002, which aims at forging peace that contributes to securing stability, security, development and prosperity in the entire region.

The agreement recognizes the right of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples to statehood, without infringing upon the equal rights of all citizens of the two states.

The agreement ends the era of conflict and marks a new era based on peace, cooperation and neighborly relations between the two states. Furthermore, its implementation will lead to a settlement of all claims of both parties arising from events prior to its signing.

Implementation Mechanisms

The two sides will set up a Palestinian-Israeli High Steering Committee on a ministerial level that guides, monitors and facilitates the implementation of this agreement on a bilateral level.

An international "Implementation and Verification Group" shall be established to facilitate, monitor and ensure the implementation of this agreement and to resolve disputes related to its execution. This group shall include the parties that comprise the Quartet as well as other parties, both regional and international to be agreed on by the two parties. This group shall work in coordination with the Palestinian-Israeli High Steering Committee and shall establish a dispute settlement mechanism comprising binding international arbitration.


In accordance with UN Resolutions 242 and 338, the border between the states of Palestine and Israel shall be based on the June 4, 1967 lines, with reciprocal modifications on a one to one basis as shown in the attached map. Moreover, the percentage of land exchange shall not exceed 2.3% of the West Bank area.

Both parties will respect and recognize each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the inviolability of each other’s territory, including territorial waters and airspace. Based on that, Israel shall withdraw to the border lines stipulated above, and the state of Palestine shall take over responsibility for these areas.


The state of Israel shall be responsible for resettling the Israelis living on sovereign Palestinian territory outside this territory and this resettlement process will end in accordance with a timetable that does not exceed 30 months. Moreover, Israel shall keep intact all evacuated settlements and the State of Palestine shall have exclusive title to all land, buildings, facilities, infrastructure or other property remaining in any of the settlements.

The Corridor between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

The States of Palestine and Israel shall establish a corridor linking the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This corridor shall be under Israeli sovereignty but under full Palestinian administration. It will be permanently open and Palestinian law shall apply to the persons using and procedures pertaining to this corridor. Moreover, the corridor may include the necessary infrastructural facilities linking the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Israel and Palestine shall work together with their neighbors and the international community to build a secure and stable Middle East, free from weapons of mass destruction in the context of a comprehensive, lasting, and stable peace, characterized by reconciliation, goodwill and the renunciation of the use of force. To this end, the two parties shall work together to establish a regional security regime.

The parties reject violence and terrorism and refrain from any actions or policies that are liable to nurture extremism and create conditions conducive to terrorism. The parties shall take joint efforts as well as unilateral comprehensive and continuous efforts against all aspects of violence and terrorism. A trilateral security committee, composed of the two parties and the United States of America, will be set up to ensure the implementation of this Article.

Israel shall withdraw its military and security personnel and all equipment, including landmines and all military installations from the territory of the state of Palestine. The process of withdrawal will commence in stages immediately as the agreement comes into force, and ends within 30 months of that date.

The state of Palestine shall be non-militarized. A multinational force will be deployed to protect the territorial integrity of the state of Palestine and to monitor the implementation of the security provisions of the agreement.

The international territorial, maritime and air border crossings for the state of Palestine shall be subject to the monitoring of joint groups comprising the Palestinian Security Force and the Multi-National Force to prevent the entry of weapons or any materials into Palestine that are in contravention of the provisions of this agreement.

Israel may maintain an unseen presence in passenger and cargo terminals within the period of withdrawal (i.e. thirty months) in facilities staffed by members of the multi-national force and Israelis, utilizing appropriate technology.

Israel may maintain two early warning stations that can be removed by the decision of either party after 15 years. The Palestinian airspace will fall under Palestinian sovereignty and the civil aviation will be subject to international law. Israel will be entitled to use Palestinian sovereign airspace for training purposes within limits under the supervision of the international force.


The parties recognize the universal historic, religious, spiritual and cultural significance of Jerusalem and its holiness enshrined in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and shall establish an inter-faith body consisting of representatives of the three monotheistic faiths to act as a consultative body to both parties on matters related to the religious significance of the city and the promotion of inter-faith understanding and dialogue.

Each party shall have its own capital in the areas of the city that are under its sovereignty. Each party shall recognize the other party’s capital. A border shall be established between the two parts of the city, similar to the rest of the Palestinian and Israeli territories, with special arrangements for cemeteries in both parts.

The Old City, al-Haram al-Sharif inclusive, shall remain under Palestinian sovereignty, with the exception of the Jewish quarter and the Wailing Wall, which shall be under Israeli sovereignty. The Old City shall be "open" for free movement inside it. The State of Palestine shall be responsible for maintaining security, and shall prevent digging and excavation in al-Haram al-Sharif. An international presence with the participation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) shall be set up to monitor this Palestinian commitment.


The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194, UN Security Council Resolution 242 and the Arab Peace Initiative concerning the rights of the Palestinian Refugees, shall constitute the basis for resolving the issue of refugees and the realization of their rights.

An International Commission shall be established to implement the article concerning the refugees. Palestinian refugees shall be entitled to express their choice of their permanent place of residence on the basis of free and informed decision in accordance with the following options: the State of Palestine, the areas that will be transferred to the State of Palestine within the context of land swap, third countries, the present Host Countries, or Israel.

Israel shall accept a number of refugees that will be calculated on the basis of the average accepted by third countries. The implementation of the Israel Option shall be at the Israeli sovereign discretion.

Refugees shall be entitled to compensation for their refugeehood and for loss of their property. This entitlement shall not prejudice or be prejudiced by the refugees' permanent place of residence.

Host countries of refugees shall also be entitled to remuneration.

Refugees shall be compensated for the loss of property resulting from their displacement, and Israel shall commit itself to paying all compensation arising therefrom.

Palestinian prisoners and detainees

In the context of this permanent status agreement between Israel and Palestine, the end of conflict, and the cessation of all forms of violence, all Palestinians and Arabs imprisoned and detained in the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict prior to the date of the signature of this agreement, shall be released within a time limit of thirty months.

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Star of David shines throughout humanity It is the spirituality is contrasting with the material,violence against non-violence, diaspora x union, the love .. x odio Indeed evil is in the heart of man, not outside dele.Portanto the real change occurs only when the world see the man who is part of a much larger context .. and see how their brothers, and oh yes there will be change `` PEACE
Peace be with you
Clicia Pavan
To bad an epidemic of brotherly love doesn't infect the middle east and the rest of the planet. Until the day we must hammer out agreements and try to live up to them. What is proposed appears work able. How do we fit in. Are we ready yet to pool our ipeace collective voice?
David like to send all my goodwill and blessings behind this initiative. I do not know all the socio-economics behind the geopolitics in the middle east. After reading the article War is a racket, i do not see any conflict or war the same way. Wish i had some insight to share. I do in my blog.

This certainly merits support and serious consideration. May I raise a question concerning the line:

"The implementation of the Israel Option shall be at the Israeli sovereign discretion."

Does this mean that Israel could, theoritically, refuse to allow any refugees to settle in Israel? Furthermore, there also needs to be guarantee of full equality of rights of all residents in Israel, so no more barriers to Palestinians using certain roads, hospitals, schools, owning land or whatever.

No mention is made of total freedom to move within each state, apart from the reference in the context of Jerusalem. Does this mean that there could still be checkpoints with Palestinians waiting in long queues?

Another concern lies in the multinational force, responsible for protecting the territorial integrity of the state of Palestine. This provision would have greater credibility if it also catered for the eventuality of a failure, no matter how isolated. i.e. if Palestinian territory were attacked, who would be responsible for repairing any damage, funding such repair as well as the payment of any associated compensation?

The same question pertains to the eventuality of a failure to "prevent the entry of weapons or any materials into Palestine that are in contravention of the provisions of this agreement" resulting in an attack on Israel.

In essence, I suggest such an agreement could be considered as an "insurance policy", so the "insurers" and "underwriters" need to be specified, as well as the means of making any "claim" under that "policy". It could be viewed that any damage caused by an attack by one side on the other is partly the responsibility of the multinational force, as it represents a failure on their part in performing their duty.

This is absolutely vital in ensuring that any subsequent act of aggression does not result in another escalation of violence, reprisals, extra-judiciary executions, etc.

I must also confess to being alarmed by the line:
"Israel will be entitled to use Palestinian sovereign airspace for training purposes within limits under the supervision of the international force."

Why is this entitlement necessary at all? This could be a recipe for disaster. There have been instances of members of the IDF taking the law into their own hands in the past. The possibility, no matter how slim, of an Isareli Airforce pilot 'on training' in Palestinian airspace carrying out an attack, is surely too hazardous to risk?
I wish good luck to this initiative, though it all lies on Israël will.
As shown in this thorough study (from Noam Chomsky of the facts until now, the prospect of a political settlement seems to be Israël's worst nightmare, to be avoided by any means.
But things may change. Maybe Israël is ready, maybe they got to the point where nothing more can be gained over Palestians with violence. Maybe the Obama effect can extend up to there... Maybe... Let's hope.
Noam Chomsky is an antisemite. Even though he is a Jew. No one takes him seriously apart, off course, the antisemites.
First of all, Geneva cannot plan anything for Israel. Second, there is no conflict between Israel and Palestine. There is a fundamental war against Israel since its establishment by the Arabs. The Arab countries have enough land to occupy milions of palestinians and many more. But their intention is to eradicate Israel. Why build a new state on Israeli land? little iny Israel 20,330 km², the Arab world land is 12.9 million km² . Can you see the difference?
Since when Jerusalem is holy to the Muslims? Jerusalem never mentioned in the Quran even once, Mecca and Medina yes. The Arabs want to creat an Arabic/muslim peninsula in the middle east but unfortunately for them Israel is in the way. So the only way to solve this is to eradicate Israel through the establishment of a new borne "nation" called Palestinins. Never was a nation called Palestinians. Palestine got her name from the Romans, the Real name of this tiny country was called Judia. Judia, means Jewish state. It is no secret that Muslims don't like Jews or Christians. over 200 millions christians are persecuted in muslim countries, maybe Geneva wants to initiate some peace plan between them? maybe peace plan for the Tibetians whom China took their land from them without a single cry from Geneva, America or you? or maybe the persecuted people of Darfur? or maybe the children, the human shield that Hamas and Hizbualla use. Why single out Israel? Israel didn't ask for a wars they were imposed on her. It is time to search for the truth and leave Israel to live peacfully. Don't just follow the biased media like the BBc, CNN etc. The media is very manipulative. Did you ask yourself how come you hear about Israel and Israel alone almost every day? don't you think that there is some political agenda in the background?
i would like to remind you of war in yougoslawia,where 8000!!!!! moslems were killed,in front of u.n. troops.those moslems were not radical,not even islamists.i am not a moslem,i am cristian,and i remember from history,what we did .there are also cristian in china,beeing in jail for their faith,so,at the end,no one is whitout spots,we all have dirt under our nails.if we are able to confess our sins,ask for forgivness and reach out of our comfortzone,we can have peace.
Sorry guys, I have a made mistake in the second line from above. "Israel was not established by the Arabs, but by the UN". The Arabs want to eradicate Israel In order to establish en Islamic empire in the Middle East.
This is a good plan and needs to be implemented by Israel as soon as possible even if Israel has to implement it unilaterally.


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