Hello Everybody,

That new day is dawning, that everlasting day of paradise in the transformation of man from "Perfected Man" (with the expanded self-recognition of the highest human personality who possesses the capacity to realize that he is the fullness of the Universal in Individual form) to "Spiritual Man" (the Full and Complete expression of that focus which is the Universal in Individual form as the very Life that we Live). Our Humanness has come to bare, and it is time that we take up the responsibility for what it is that we truly ARE and begin to SHINE it forth upon all of the World. We cannot change unfavorable conditions by beating upon those unfavorable conditions, no; only by shifting our consciousness from "Victim Status" to "Self-Empowered Distributors of the Creative Essence" can any real change be affected. It is time that we begin to create the new paradigm. A paradigm of Peace and Prosperity (not in dollars, but in Spirituality), of Love and Joy for all -- and I do mean ALL. For if even one is left out then it is not a True Utopia. The errant notion that we need to be "fixed" has been the underlying theme of all the religions and this notion holds us in a self-imposed bondage. We do not need to be "fixed"; we need to wake up and accept the Truth - and that is that we and we alone control our destiny, and future evolution. There isn't some outside force or being that is going to "fix" everything or rescue us. It is up to us to simply shift our consciousness from the nightmare to the Life of our dreams - to change the scenario from a tragedy to a Love Story.

I am asking you to make up a list of the qualities that comprise your concept of Utopia. You can be as vague as you wish or as specific as you wish, but the more specific you can be the easier it will be for you to envision these qualities as reality. You can amend and edit your list as you see fit as there will almost assuredly be things that will change in focus or come to light as you work through this process. Refine your list until you are happy with it's contents, and remember this is not a contest to see who can come up with the most complete or elaborate or insightful list, it is simply to satisfy ones self as to their personal idea of Utopia. Once we have these lists compiled into a form that we find pleasing, I want us to both read and imagine them as reality each morning when we rise, and each evening when we retire - and also to get together and compare notes to share insights and ideas - Individuals to Group, and Group to Individuals. Ultimately I would like to see this become a cooperative effort wherein we all benefit from each others inputs as well as being significant contributors in each of our unique Individualness'. These "Messages" are a great place to share our ideas and express our collective Utopias together. If you would prefer to keep your list personal, that's fine as well. I just thought that a collaborative effort would be beneficial. This way each of us might gain an insight or two from the others, and as well each might just contribute an insight that is unique to them that the rest can benefit from.

The circumstances, situations and events spontaneously provided by nature and "Sleeping Man" have served only to produce a version of society geared toward the suppression and servitude of Mankind. Leaving very little room for the process of true self-expression, and this room is being made smaller and smaller every day by those whom profit by things remaining in this state of servitude. Now is the time to fill the place occupied by that "Personal Factor", that namely of an intelligence that sees beyond the present limited manifestation of the Laws into their real essence, and the means by which they can be evoked into forms of expression, usefulness, and beauty. The Laws of the Universe remain absolute; it is our understanding and employment of them that must change in order to bring about the shift in the Global Consciousness toward the Life that we would prefer to experience. This is not just a "pipe-dream" - it is the responsibility of the Individual - Nature will provide the materials, and the food, but it will not build the paradise for us nor cook the meal for us - That, we must do ourselves. Sadly the bulk of the "New Thought Movement" isn't actually geared toward freeing your creative center, instead it is spinning you into focusing on "me, me, me". I want a better job, I want as bigger house, a nicer car - material things that by their very nature feed the state of separateness that keeps us in this bondage in the first place. We must rise above our current lust for personal possessions and material acquisitions to a global sense of Unity and Harmony. Trust me, the Universal will deliver abundance beyond our wildest dreams as a Unit or big family (independent of racial or national lines) when we, as an expression of the Universal in the Individual, regain our balance in the flow of the Life Essence.

So join me in ascending the chronic state of "victimhood" now shared by the majority of mankind into our birthright as limitless distributors of the Creative Power on the plane of the Particular into the expansive nature of the Life-In-Itself. Let us give rise to a new collective vision of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness for every aspect, every Life-form, Plant and pebble of Manifested experience here in 3rd Dimensional expression. We cannot simply sit back and wait for nature to correct itself, or for some external omnipotent deity to step up and re-balance the world. We must realize that the World is perfect, and begin to see the perfection we wish within it. We must step up and continue the never-ending process of Creation at the Personal Level - It is time to quit giving our power away and to take full responsibility for our experiences. No-one else can live for us, no-one else can grow for us, and no-one else can evolve for us. It is a personal thing and the time has come to begin Living rather than simply existing.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness to each of you and yours as you see it in yourself,

-- Victor

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Invest and there will be payback. I keep hearing that message in my life. I don't have much money to invest with, but I'm feeling rich in so many other ways. Um, like all the other ways... I'm feeling connected, at peace, happy, I've got a soul, and thoughts, ideas, and even time. I've got a wife, kids, love, trees in the backyard, and life. I must have luck, too. Can I give those things away, "investing" them, so it will grow?

Yes. I have no choice... a soon as I grab, keep, lock up, or take... I'd hate to see what the universe would do to remind me to give and share...

The universe has always been lightspeed with the true price of things for me. The Karmic price... long story (stories).

Thanks for the post. I'm still working me way through your videos, by the way... very interesting so far.... What do you think's up with 2012....???
It sounds to me as though you are already wealthy beyond measure. And by all means you can invest your treasures and they will return to you ten-fold. I sounds to me as though you are well on your way to a true inner Peace and Joy, the only ones that can ever have a lasting effect.

Run with it -

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Oh ya, like you asked:

A Utopia list:

The Government provides: Free food, childcare, shelter, water, internet, and transportation. All without pollution and toxins. Society can then focus on teaching and freedom and scientific research and outer space and inner peace and world peace, and better food, and music and the arts, and better all the rest...

Money will be a charge card. Literally, a card that has a huge electrical power potential, a perfect super capacitor. we'll pay for things with the exact amount of power that it took to create, store, and deliver that thing. Recycling will be perfected, so you'll get most of your money back when your done with said item... And you'll pay people, with power, when they make you happy or perform any valuable service. And if you get poor, you'll just have to recharge your card with free solar, wind (etc), or human power (pedal that generator baby...) or do good for somebody who has extra money and needs a little help...

With liberty, justice, and freedom for all, and the pursuit of happiness and all that... sounds fun to me. Yeah Utopia!

Through Deliberate Intention and the Law of Attraction which will lead us into Harmony with the Law of Allowance, as a group, we can Create / Manifest a New Paradigm of Human Experience and free ourselves from the cyclic repetition of victimhood, and replace it with Self-Empowerment, as we birth the Expansive and Creational Future of Mankind in Harmony with Divine order, the Laws of the Universe, and every living thing; achieving an evolvement within creation as a constantly changing cooperative process of knowledge and experience toward wisdom.

This allows for consideration of the power held within the simplicity of redirecting purposeful intention through placing the attention on what is desired rather than what appears to be happening. This changes the point of control from the observed to the observer which allows for the empowerment of the individual observers, and further demonstrates the power of cooperation through unified commitment to a common goal. We are the future - HERE and NOW.

Topics on Utopia:

<+> Everybody will be happy in their own way, experiencing and exploring and expressing all that is in themselves on the journey of their unfoldment.
<+> Individuality will be encouraged as well as unique new dreams and desires for new and different experiences leading to ever-expanding horizons.
<+> Love will be the fundamental underlying essence of ALL relations between ALL living things.
<+> Children will live and grow in a global family of Love and Acceptance.
<+> Truth and Wisdom will be the foundations of experience and interaction and will guide our thoughts toward a greater sense of being and to a greater unfoldment of self.
<+> Responsibility for the individual will reside within the individual; this acceptance of responsibility by the individual will assure the collective harmony of the whole.
<+> Each person will act with respect for others and the environment both locally and globally.
<+> The ONLY Laws that will govern will be the Natural Laws of the Universe.
<+> There will be ONLY Health and Vitality for all.
<+> There will be free exchange without need for money or any medium of currency.
<+> There will be complete availability of ALL things for ALL individuals.
<+> Through absence of need, there will be NO crime of any sort.
<+> NO centralized Government will be necessary. In fact NO government at all will be "necessary".
<+> Representatives for community voices can be assembled for the purposes of communicating collective information from one group to another, but will possess no "political" power over anyone, and will simply act as an interface.
<+> Education will revolve around the true nature of our being and incorporate "facts and figures" only to the degree that they actually serve a positive purpose to the evolution and betterment of all. None will be left behind.
<+> Landscapes will flourish with Life and an abundant wealth of vegetation.
<+> Physical transportation will take on a form in compliance with the true nature of our being, and will utilize the inherent powers now dormant in mankind.
<+> Any and all experience will be available to the individual no matter how bazaar or unusual it may appear to others on the surface of its definition.
<+> No thoughts of fear, hatred, violence or injustice will occupy the minds of man.
<+> There will be many various groups of specialized interest toward certain forms of experience facilitating its members to the fullest level of all experience within their interests.
<+> Anyone can move from one group to any other in order to experience one or all of the experiences available through the (moved to) group.
<+> New groups can be formed to incorporate any new experience envisioned by anyone at any time. If we can dream it we can do it.
<+> Any technologies will be unobtrusive and transparent and will NOT be the source of any controlling restriction of any kind.

If not Us, Then Who?

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor


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