Journey In Life Lessons: Ascension

     Wow, the ascension process is a big subject to tackle but I wanted to touch on this subject somewhat because I am very interested in all the buzz about the coming ascension I keep hearing about. So what do we really mean when we are talking about ascension? well, simply put, it means a rising up of body and spirit to higher vibrational realms, where through some sort of chemical and energy process our bodies will be transformed and enhanced, and our ability to perceive will be greatly enhanced, a rebirth if you will, on a spiritual as well as physical level.

     The coming ascension process is much bigger than one person ascending or rising, it involves the Earth and all Beings as well, to a higher vibrational realm of 5d instead of the 3d we are currently residing in. It is a grand process of transformation and transmutation that goes beyond just our tiny planet, for it will affect the whole galaxy and universe as well as different dimensions. Many believe that there is a newly discovered energy source emanating from our galaxy center that is altering our dna and upgrading it to make a dimensional shift to a higher vibration.

     This Great Shift has been prophesied by many indigenous traditions, such as the Hopi, Mayan, Incan and Vedic traditions,etc, from a long time ago, so this information has been out there for some time now but is becoming more widely known and accepted in our time.
More and more people on this planet are awakening to this realization, so your investigation into this subject would be highly recommended and no doubt rewarding on many levels.

     Our planetary and personal vibrations are ascending and shifting as things do in their evolutionary journey and you may ask, how does it feel or will there be any symptoms, etc? The symptoms or signs can vary from person to person depending on their personal chemical makeup and awareness, etc. Some i can list are as follows; you may experience various physical changes happening like ringing in your ears and headaches, you may feel tired and have the need for more sleep, you may experience a change in eating habits, and your daily routines can change, like your work, or spiritual practices or who you socialize with. These are just a few of the signs that are out there for you to investigate further. So, just surrender to the process and realize that it is just a process and that these feelings won’t last forever and once it is released you will see with more clarity beyond the next plateau of awareness and understanding. How awesome is that going to be!!! :)

     This Ascension process requires a new way of learning, thinking, living and just being. It is a natural process in the evolution of all things, so if we hold on to resistance than it may only serve to make the process more difficult for some. We must let go of ego based fear and trust that the process is according to Divine Plan and is in our best interest.

     We are blessed to be born in a glorious time in history, more than we can comprehend perhaps, but we are witnesses to this great change happening and i am honored and humbled to be a part of it all...My prayer and desire is that all beings will enjoy this ascension process and take their awareness to greater heights. May we all move through it with grace, comfort, ease, love, and gratitude in our hearts and minds...I leave you in love and light, Faiza

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being that I have already ascended and have never stopped I already fully understand ascension dear one. I have spoken somewhat of my ascension levels and vibrations in my profile. Ascension is a continual process. It is good that you have such a keen interest. 

Brightest Blessings,

thank you for the kind response. I am learning as i go, i am still a beginner in so many things, all so exciting and interesting, and it makes me feel good as well... still so much to learn for me, i am a seeker of Truth, knowledge and light and other like minded Beings...:)) love and light to you julie, today and always, Faiza

I am also pleased you fully understand ascension, i am not there yet, but working on it on a daily basis, learning to let go more and more and control the ego, hard work sometimes! lol...


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