Journey In Life Lessons: Community

     A community is a group of individuals or other Beings coming together and sharing a similar living environment. They share hopes and beliefs, working together for a common cause.

     Community can be localized of course or it can be a global community. Both localized and global communities are very important for achieving common goals.
A sense of community is important in establishing peace and harmony among all of it’s members...Well, i believe this should be a common goal of any well intentioned and successful community.

     Community brings us a sense of togetherness and cooperation. We need this inter-dependence in fostering healthy communities locally and worldwide. In doing so, we can create a more healthy and happy population and experience for all Beings. Community should go hand in hand with unity, for a community be it local or global is more successful and positive if we are unified in a common cause that will benefit everyone, not just a select few...please take heed to this...when we come together in peace, love and understanding, then we are unified and prosperous, when we are divided, we are destined to fail...We need eachother, for in reality, WE ARE ONE!!!

     A community can still reach common, peaceful goals, regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs. We need to put aside ignorance and love one another, and look beyond how one worships, because one’s beliefs are personal and judge not, lest ye be judged. Diversity in a community can be a healthy and beautiful thing, and we can learn from eachother how to make things better for everyone.

     We are all on this big beautiful blue ball together, and we need love and peace to bring about a true Heaven on Earth, where all Beings are healthy and happy and please reach out to your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors and your global family. Perhaps you can start a peace gathering group in your own community to help foster more awareness and a coming together in a spirit of love and cooperation. This will help to raise the positive vibrations that we all need right now. Every little bit is a step in the right direction my friends...we all matter, and we all have something important to contribute to our local and global community.

     Please remember that you are so loved and so richly blessed and you are not alone...We are a beautiful rainbow of infinite and light, Faiza

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