Journey in Life Lessons: Kundalini

     Kundalini has different explanations depending on who you are getting your information from but as i can tell it is originally derived from ancient Sanskrit language from India and it is a term meaning the life force that is held and coiled at the base of the spine until it is aroused and sent to the head to trigger enlightenment. I chose to elaborate on just the basics for this article...

     We are all born with this ancient energy, it is the essence of what makes our hearts beat and live in this 3rd dimension reality. When activated it travels up through the spine, through all the chakra centers, clearing and activating them and then travels up to the pineal gland thereby facilitating the awakening and enlightenment process.

     I have found that there are different means of awakening kundalini. You can practice meditations and start practicing kundalini yoga, also sitting in silence helps alot of people, you know, going within. I think Kelly Howell has some awesome guided meditations for practicing this procedure, and she also explains what kundalini is, this is very helpful for anyone who wants to check out Kelly Howell from brain sync. Kundalini can be activated spontaneously yet one must realize however, that it can take a lifetime for most of us to master this feat, so one must not get discouraged if nothing happens right away, go into it without expectations, go with the flow, enjoy the ride and just see what will eventually happen for you!!! :)

     I would recommend to anyone to first do some research and discover what it truly is first so you will have a greater understanding of it’s essence and nature and then work on bringing it forth. (I recommend research for any spiritual en devour so you will have more understanding of something before you start doing it, don’t walk into anything blind or ignorant, because, would you join a religious establishment before truly understanding it’s concept? Look before you leap as the saying goes!)

     Kundalini is not dangerous or evil, it is an energy that we all possess, yet most are not aware of. Once awakened it can only serve to benefit you in life. You will start experiencing greater heights of consciousness and awareness of your True Divine nature, you start developing more empathic and sometimes telepathic abilities, because it connects you to the universal consciousness and thus amplifies intuitional knowing. You will have greater clarity of thought, increased wisdom. Greater inner peace and better health will also result, it will also help bring about greater strength, & vitality. It’s a win win people!!! :) How’s that for starters!

     There are several signs of kundalini awakening, but i will list a few here. Some signs that your kundalini energy has been activated may be increased creativity, or hot or cold flashes, headache, psychic experiences, alterations in eating and sleeeping patterns or energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body. More symptoms or signs can be found on the internet, etc.

     This subject is well worth the effort to explore and practice. Remember to have patience and preserverance in any spiritual practice and the rewards will be great in the long run. Good luck in your journey of self explorations and may the universal energy and awareness be opened for us all...May the Force be with you
love and light, Faiza

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