Today I received a most disturbing presentation. I was feeling happy and content with myself and my world, when I opened an e-mail that quickly brought me back to the reality of man's cruelty to each other and snapped me back from the depths of my personal euphoria. I could not ignore the pain and sorrow the presentation brought to me, nor can I relinguish the chance to send this message to others who may also be complacent in their own life, while forgetting the plight of others. I don't believe we should dwell on the inhumanity in the world, otherwise life would become unbearable, but when the opportunity to share compassion and acknowledge another's pain presents itself, it is our duty to answer the call. The pictures maybe shocking, but the message should also be just as shocking: if we don't stand for justice, then who. If not now, then when? Please view and share the presentation: ITSEEMSIMPOSSIBLE.


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Dear Ankur, Thank you for responding. You ask the same questions as most of us who have seen the pictures or can just imagine the tragedy of the situation. The only answer I can come up with is the massive scale is necessary to get our attention. If it was done to a few hundred, or even thousand, perhaps the gravity of the inhumanity would not strike us so strongly; but millions of people has to stir the emotion of even the most jaded. One of the other questions was why would God allow something like this to happen? I believe God is the source of all possibilities, and for whatever reason, saw it necessary for this to occur. One of the lessons is for us not to repeat the same mistake, but on the other hand, the advance in medical knowledge alone has benefited many lives, so the sacrifice of the poor people involved has probably saved lives which ordinarily might not have been saved. Another answer which works for me is that we all must play a part in the greater scheme of life, and someone had to be both the perpetrators and the victims. Both parts were tragic, and we must be grateful that "there but for the grace of God go I." I think this whenever I see someone who is more broken than I. Also, it is not as difficult to be good as one would think once you make up your mind that good is how you choose to live your life. It is just a conscious choice with each temptation. If it is not in your character to be bad, the choice to be good is an almost automatic response. I hope this gives you some comfort, it does me. Take care, Paris


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