John Lennon had it right: "All we are GIVE PEACE A CHANCE !" So let's all give it a go shall we? I know easier said than done but all we have to do is show each other the true power of love over fear and war shall be no more. The problem is those who would seek to control us and those who have been controllling us i.e. most of the world's population for FAR TOO LONG. It's time to get free of this! God bless all of the beings in the Ashtar Command, that is the REAL Ashtar Command who are ready, willing and able to help us at any time. But we need to help ourselves first. We need to BELIEVE that Peace is not only possible but INEVITABLE. God bless you all and Hare Krishna

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I am Charlie Kirkpatrick your friend on iPeace...Please elaborate on what you mean by The Real Ashtar Command?

I am not familiar with this .


Peace Eternal...
Hi Charlie, thanks for being my friend here. If you are not familiar with the Ashtar Command please look it up online. Ashtar is the leader of a huge galactic "command" compised of many many beings from other planets and star systems as well the angelic realms. He was sent here in 1952 in response to a very real threat to the Universe( proposed detonation of the hydrogen bomb) Of course it never occurred, it would have fried all of life on Earth and been deleterious to the rest of the galaxy. What I meant by the "real" Ashtar Command is that there have been imposters over the years trying to pawn themselves off as Ashtar or the Command. Extraterrestial life is a fact, not fiction. It's time for people to get hip to this idea. Peace. Oh and most of them are working for the GOOD i.e, loving beings trying to help humanity. Don't believe the propaganda!
Hello James,

I agree that we should give peace a chance and spread peace in our society. I am active peace maker and have been working on spreading peace.

We need to understand that peace is not something that will exist on its own rather we have to spread The Message of Peace in this world. By spreading the message, we’ll be able to spread happiness and joy amongst us.

I wish peace and happiness to everyone!!

Hello Sukhpreet! Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we all should be working for the same goal of achieving peace on planet Earth. Believe and we will achieve!
Dear James,
My connection with the cosmic energies makes me agree with you in some of what you write: There is a huge fleet around the Earth at this time, but they are not the true Ashtar, they are the Kryon Universe's fleet. They have intelligence, communication and manipulation as their highest "qualities". They have placed many of the computers as implants in the people that are channel. They control much of the messages being received at this time. That do not have spiritual wisdom of their own, they tap it from others. They want to take over Earth and humanity of reasons of ruling. They always present themselves as loving and peace createing... and mort of the time as masters and Arch angels we believe in. They always try to fool us. There is a huge manipulating going on among spiritual people.
The way I know Ashtar, he is not using the term "God", which is a part of the separation thinking. The conecept of god makes us put power, authority, blame, responsibility outside of ourselves. This makes us judge others and justify ourselves...... This is what create conflicts and wars.
The true Ashtar is always a WE-thinker. The members of his command are all commited in love to the fellowship and ONE-ness of the Universe they come from. As far as I have experienced, they come from Andromeda which is a pure love universe of balance, having an equality way of thinking. This way has been given to the Earths during the last 60 years, I agree. The Human Rights are influenced by their energy. The ONE-ness principle, which is in opposite to the heirarchy thinking that has ruled the way we think until recently. It makes us compare, and judge some as bigger than and others as smaller than.
Therefore, my opinion is that we need to go for the true Ashtar's way of being, yes, and to let go of the concept of god, but to see that we are ONE BIG WONDERFUL ENERGY OF LOVE and that the choices of every one of us are important. The equality thinking to create peace. There is a website that show some of the same. If you are interested, take a look at
And YES, I really want to give peace a chance! I love John Lennon's music and engagement............ I think we alle need to forgive and let go of the past...... and live as much as we can in the present........... JOY
sounds like science-fiction... These kind of concepts can't help us get grounded and face our earthly problems in a realistic way... it's an escape from our own human responsibilities to blame Kryon and wait for Ashtar, That's taking us into a virtual hierarchy instead of connecting us to the universal Oneness...
I so agree with you SunBow! Many people sit back and wait for offworldly entities to intervene and make all our problems go away, but WE ARE the problem. We as a species must not fall into the theory the letting someone or species other than ourselves come here to fix things is our answer. Only we humans can take responsibility for the mess we have made of humanity and only through love, acceptance, peace and understanding can we turn things around! It is easy to sit back and say there are benevolent species out there in fleets just waiting to rescue us from ourselves so we don't have to do anything, it is far more difficult to change humanities ways of treating one another and actually live in peace amongst ourselves.

An example of some peoples thinking becoming very murky was when a "channeler" named Blossum Goodchild made a prediction that on a certain date last fall (October 14th) that Ashtar Command Fleet was going to intervene for humans and show their great big shapeships in the skys for all to see so that we would believe that they are out their working for our salvation from OURSELVES. Multitudes of people believed with their whole heart that this would occur and that Ashtar Command was the answer to all of humanities woes, in short a savior race coming to save humanity from all its woes. Well the prediction, like many before it, did not happen! It amazed me to see how bitter and despondent masses of people became when the event did not come to pass (such a surprise, lol). People were making death threats against Blossom, sending hate messages to Ashtar Command websites, ridiculing those who had believed this would occur in the first place and just generally were "pissed off" that the event did not occur and acting like spoiled kids that did not get their own way. Millions of people who had heard the prediction were outside that day watching and waiting for alien intervention and when it did not happen, it was like they gave up and got all depressed that intervention did not occur and just threw up theirs hands in surrender and became resigned and bitter in general. What about the concept of "we made this mess together, and now we as a species have to fix this mess!" I personally do not trust that aliens will necessarily have humankind's best interests in mind when coming here en mass. I will spare everyone my life story of having encountered an alien species personally by abductions, experimentations, and the governent's sanction of these activities, that is another story for another time, I could fill volumes with my feelings about that part of my life......I can honestly say that there ARE other species out there in the universe because I unfortunately have had to deal with one, it is a reality I can vouch for.....and it is not a pleasant story at all.......but I will say that people who are looking for alien intervention better rethink that desire, because I can personally tell you all that trust should not be given to a species from another planet lightly. NEVER assume that because their technology is superior to ours that their intentions are strictly humanitarian.......kind of like what we tell our children.....never go off with strangers just because they seem nice or are an adult.......ring a bell???? Their agenda would not necessarily be something that we could even begin to comprehend. I am personally untrusting with real and solid reasons of any one from another planet even if they were to come in the guise of peace or generally had peace in mind. I have my reasons and my endless nightmares to remind me of this.... If we cannot even trust each other as humans to have each others welfare and safety in mind, how can we possibly think that an alien species will have our health and welfare in mind????? It is time for we as humans to buck up to the idea that we must honor each other and our differences, to love one another as we love ourselves, and fix this hatefilled world that we have created.

I hope you all do not think I am from the "lunitic fringe" for mentioning my history of being abducted" but it is a part of my life that has shaped and molded all that I am and how I feel about hope I did not offend. I also mean no disrespect for all those who are waiting for the Ashtar Command or some other species to fix things for us, I just think we need to do this OURSELVES. I respect everyone's viewpoints and the right to feel as they do, I just speak from my heart here.

My love, peace and safety to you all
Thank you so much Marique, As always I truly appreciate your great wisdom and the clarity of your words. Thank you for sharing your experience. Indeed the universe is very large and life can't be only a terrestrial phenomenon. I have myself witnessed several spaceships in my life, some of which I'm sure were not from this world, while some others I'm as much sure were earthly secret technologies.

Flying saucers and other types of spaceships have been built on Earth since the '30s in Nazi Germany. With the Operation Paperclip, 9,000 nazi scientists were brought to the US, including Verner Von Braun, former chief of Hitler's space program who became later the founder and president of the NASA. Most of them were taken to White Sands, NM. Then what happened? Roswell crash in that area in 1947. The same year the expression "flying saucer" became popular and on every mouth.

From 1947 to around 1953, flying saucers filled the skies over big cities, mainly in America, giving birth to a whole folklore of science-fiction, UFOs and alien invaders. After the craze, the concept was well installed into the population's mind, then saucers went underground again.

There has always been two space programs: an official one building unefficient rockets for the public, while the other one is building high tech spaceships in military top secret black projects. The principles of anti-gravity, plasma and teleportation have been explained in the early 20th century by Tesla and they have been secretly developped and applied ever since. Plans, pictures and video archives of the man made saucers are documented and can be found easily by googling a little.

Today, companies such as Boeing, Lokheed-Martin or Halliburton produce spaceships in series. They have saucers factories in North America, in Patagonia and in Brazil, as far as I know. So why are they building their fleet in the shadow without letting us know? What are they planning?...

So next time you see a spaceship wanting to give you a ride, make sure you know who drives it. It could be a one way ride to hell. There are 3 to 4 million people in North America who claim to have been abducted by aliens. There has to be some truth behind this phenomenon. A friend of mine lived through it and woke up in the middle of the desert with traces of surgery and blood on his chest. Another woman and her daughter were abducted and implanted, but she succeded in taking out the implant from her daughter's nose and kept it as a proof. Strangely, they live next to a military base.

People often resist in believing the real documented facts, while they fall easily into the most improbable fables and fantasies. About Ashtar command, if it is really what it pretends to be, then why are they based in a masonic temple in Washington DC? Wake up people, open your eyes...

If the fleet they predicted didn't show up, then it should be known that they are lying to us. Then when the fleet will show up, don't be fooled so easily before getting onboard. In a speech at the UN ex-president Reagan justified the development of nuclear weapons after the cold war to protect ourselves in case of a alien invasion. Hollywood has done its share to lure us into believing that this sience-fiction scenario is inevitable. But since "Close Encouter of the 3rd Kind" up to the movie "2012" about to come out, the aliens are presented to us as our saviours coming to help us evolve.

So some people are waiting in vain for those "superior" beings, putting a blind faith in those unknown figures and unsure entities, while putting aside their own responsibility as human beings living on this very planet called Mother Earth. Meanwhile, wars go on, injustice increases, crimes and sufferings multiply, the environment deteriorates faster and faster... but people are mislead into waiting for whatever might show up in the sky to save us from our own misbehaviors. We have to be responsible for ourselves and our environment. Such fabled beliefs can only turn us away from our responsiblities.

Oh... unless we all become ascended masters and levitate by 2012... which I sincerely doubt.

Peace, Love and Light to all humans of good will... and a conscious awareness of reality
I Love This Blog, Because It Has The Word's ''Peace'', ''Love'', And ''John Lennon''. John Is My ALLTIME HERO! John Was ALWAY'S Right, We Should Give Peace A Chance! That's What We Really Want! ;-). Jame's, Are You A John Lennon Fan?, I Thought He Was Very Smart, He's Down To Earth. Now, Let's Do What HE Want's, ''Let's All Change The WORLD!''. Peace - Renee


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