Letter of Condolenses and Solidarity with the Japanene People - PEACE--COOPERATION-DEVELOPMENT

International Peace-project for the improvement of the Friendship ,Harmony ,and
Cooperation between all the countries of the world.

For a culture of peace and not violence
Deeply committed to struggle against Poverty and Misery all around the world .

March 14-2011
Fax- 03-6910516

Government of the Republic of Japan
Mr. Ambassador of the Republic of Japan in Israel
Your Excellency Mr. Haruhesa Takeuchi
Att: Secretary at the Ambassador
Miss Paula

Honorable and very respectable gentlemen :

By means of the present letter in name of our small organization Noah’s Ark – International Peace project … and in my personal name as one of it’s Directors ;we address to the Government of the Republic of Japan very well represented here in Israel by his Honorable Ambassador Your Excellency Mr. Haruhesa Takeuchi , for expressing to the entire people of Japan our really most sincere condolences and feelings of sadness and grief for this terrible and shocking tragedy that had hit to all the Japanese people on Friday the 10-03-2011 ( A huge and very strong earthquake (9.0 Richter Scale-the bigger ever registered )that had caused an enormous Tsunami with his terrible consequences not only in the strong devastation in all coastal hit areas ,but the terrified number of human lives loses ,(nearly 10.000 - ten thousand –I. Herald Tribune -march 14 ) .

In addition to this tragedy we honestly and sincerely regret the damage that this Tsunami had caused to the three nuclear reactors located in the area. From the bottom of my soul and in great sadness for all of us ,I must agree with the headlines of many international newspapers that this is Japan's worst disaster since 1945 –WWII .

I have no doubt in my mind that the International Community will cooperate and collaborate in sending the needy help to the Japan people .Under tragedies of such huge magnitude like this that we are facing (the Japanese people and the entire humanity ), the human spirit of SOLIDARITY and COMPASSION flourish in great desire of hugging and bring comfort and relief to the suffering people .

I want to make it strong clear that those are our feelings - I personally, I want to hug to the suffered citizens of the hit cities ,to talk to them that they are not alone in these terrible moments ; I also want to awake and gave courage once more to the strong spirit of the Japanese People and it is absolutely clear in my mind that they will overcome this tragedy and they will rebuilt their cities .

We're a humble and small Organization that is struggling against Poverty all around the world (Africa –Kenya –Nigeria ; South America
Colombia and Ecuador ) .But with all my respects Mr. Ambassador ; the size of an organizations doesn't say or means anything about the quality of feelings ,or the real desire of helping" others ". I personally want to help in this particular occasion.

Does exist any way, any possibility of helping to the Japanese people in these sad and terrible moments ?? I will be very pleased in making an appointment with someone at your embassy and talking about this issue .

With my best feelings of Love, Compassion and Solidarity with the Japanese people ,I'll be waiting any reply from the embassy .

Best regards from this messenger of Peace and love .

Ghers Zonensain –Director
Tel : = 972- 0506-911-957 -- E-mail : noearca14@gmail.com

C.c : Prince Godwin korieocha
African Noah's ArK -Peace Ambassador in Nigeria

C.C :Kenya –Simma Based Community
Rev. Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala (simacobaorg@gmail.com )

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