sometime we feel that life is but all pleasures but at other times it looks difficult to paas even a day.what at all this this life is?is it pleasure and joy or the them of life is only grief?

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Greetings, we are on earth to suffer, guess from your name you should know that very well but also other religions and philosophies have the same. Now you know the sign of yin and yang, do you know that in the white field for example you have a black dot and in the white field you have a white dot, why? Easy, you win in the lottery today you are full of joy but the dot reminds you already that after your extreme joy you will have some negative things coming, yin and yang is always the opposite and so is life. Better enjoy the moments in life and be humble the more you brag about it the earlier a negative surprise will be coming. This is one way then the other way you cannot do anything what is going up is coming down and vice versa, unfortunately evil things take a long time to be punished but they will. The law of nature i don't know just observe it. cheers Hans
ups and downs in human mood and mind are considered 'normal', byorithms, moon cycles, astrology and many more try to explain the laws of ups and downs, but if you want to find stability, you have to get out of the dualism of good/bad realty and merge into the Oneness consciousness, unconditional love, observation without motion of thought... it might be a long way or a short one, depending where you are, but be sure you can get there!!
Humans respond to beauty. As long as things are beautiful and harmonious people enjoy. When they become disharmonious people suffer. If we fill our life and society with beauty then we will have happiness.


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