Hi, everybody!
My name's Hernán and I am looking for friends all over the world, people who believe in peace in a sensible way. You won't believe me, but I still love snail mail and records!!! But I like state-of-art media, too (they can help us build a peaceful world). I am so interested in learning about cultures!
Thank you!

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Hi Hernan, my name is Joseph. I believe that peace can be spread through mutual support, forgiveness, and unconditional love for one's fellow man. If each and everyone one of us works together, world peace may be established within our lifetime. Consider this, the beginning of a friendship:).
Hi Joseph,
Thank you very much for your kind message. Absolutely, peace is a global effort...orherwise we take away years to our civilization....civilization did I say? ...with the latest incidents in Gaza? OMG!
Let's keep in touch!
Have a nice day!
Hello Hernan, nice to have you on ipeace. I am from Malaysia originally now residing in the UK. I believe in every individual striving for peace from within.

View my page on WIC
Hi Pittan!
Thank you very much for your reply. So, you're from Malaysia! How's life in London?
Well, let's keep in touch and try growing a friendship!
Best regards,
I am on skype as well to talk to I ma always in a skype conference with other people from Germany Sweden ..so ur welcome two to skype me as horses9/11 Canada be a friend of mine as well

peace love and light to you
Thank you very much for your reply! I'll try getting in touch then!
Best regards,
Nice to meet you
Hi Maya!
Nice to meet you too!
Hello Hernan,

Nice thought to seek friends. You are part of an huge source of energy of which all of us belong. All those in this universe are thus firneds, people, trees, animals, birds,incects, mountains, water, air.... you name it and all are firneds.

You don't have to go out far to get a friend. Look near you , beside you where ever you look you will get a friend. But you have to first accept this very idea of being part of a larger source.... whatever you call it.... A God... Almighty...or anything else... Look inside you and be at peace... If there is peace inside the heart, every thing looks different and you will spread real peace around you, which will make immediate effect on others around you.

You have one of such friend here in India.. who loves you,
and is ready to talk to you anytime... about culture, social causes, religion.. anything...
Hi Ravi!
First of all, thank you very much for your kind reply!
Where are you from in India?
I'm so happy to get in touch with somebody from India for the first time!
About your words, you're so, very, really right.
Let's keep in touch then!
Best regards,
hi, how r you. The peace, before establishing outside, we should establish it within us.How? By checking if I am at peace with myself, my friends, my relations...and changing myself....then peace naturally extends outside us without any effort.To be at peace myself, we should know the Truth of Life.The Truth is that i am and all human beings are naturally are peaceful beings and experiencing peace within ourselves whenever we find time, not looking outside for peace, we can spread peace to the world.Let us try this now experiencing One minute of Silence by keeping our body in a relaxed position and making our awareness being in present moments.
Hi BK,
You're so right!!
Thank you veru much for your message!
Best regards,


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