Make a Choice to be Happy and Peace will Follow
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ September 13 – 20, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
September 13, 2013


It is well understood dear ones, that happiness, joy and laughter are the finest qualities of the best medicine that exists and is free and available for all people. Learning to adopt a more peaceful and happier lifestyle is something every dear soul is capable of; because we know the happier you are, the better you will feel overall. When you are happier, you are emotionally and mentally happier and your physical health increases as a wonderful result. By adopting a happier and more peaceful lifestyle you help to minimize certain diseases and infections and you are able to inspire others just by the effects of the energy and vitality you would be exerting. The happier and more peaceful you are, the less stress you will attract and we know you realize how damaging stress is to your health and if you are stressed, you give of negative vibrations that affect many that are close to you and even more that are not.


In order to increase peace and happiness in your life, it is essential dear ones to understand what happiness means to you. Happiness is a state of being and living; it is not primarily based on current events, but also from reflections of the past and what your plans are for the future. We know how difficult it is looking at your past. When you do, we encourage you to let go of the negative emotions that were created and instead attach positive emotions. Be grateful for what those past events have taught you. Through the pain and turbulence you have grown and become so much more; look at all the knowledge you have gained. Hang on to the positive feelings of your plans that are helping you create your tomorrow. Be confident and optimistic on what the future holds for you even if you do not know its entirety. Trust in yourself and trust in God’s timing to provide for you exactly what you need for when you need it most. He loves you; He has never turned away from you. He is with you now, loving you and encouraging you to continue taking those brave steps forward.


We often witness many dear souls creating complexity in their lives because they are busy trying to satisfy themselves with material things. Material items will provide momentary happiness, but there is no real joy, and there is no lasting happiness that creates a feeling of peace and calm. It is understood dear ones that the main reasons why many dear souls are unhappy is because they are too busy trying to be perfect. The need to be perfect in everything can create unnecessary stress. Instead of trying to be perfect all the time, work at becoming complete. Being complete is understood that you have accepted you are just fine as you are; you have accepted there are great and wonderful aspects of you that don’t require much changing as well as there are parts that do, but you are okay with this because you will make all the fine-tunings and improvements one-at-time. You have your entire life to learn who you are, don’t rush your journey; enjoy each step you take and learn and allow yourself to simply be.


We also see many dear souls truly unhappy because they focus too much on what they can get from others and not give in return and some feel they are entitled to get everything and they don’t express thankfulness or gratitude for what they do have because they are too busy thinking of gaining more materialistic items that will only bring temporary amounts of happiness. Each dear soul deserves to live in peace and happiness. These are conscious choices each of you are capable of making. You want to see more peace and happiness in your life dear ones, then you must go through the growing pains that will bring you to the peaceful and loving place you envision yourself to be in.


To increase peace and happiness, we encourage you to learn how to empty your mind of all the clutter. You can do this by moving throughout your home and put back in place what has become disordered. Don’t make this motion thinking this another chore; create this time as an exploration of your will against anything of disorder in your home and as you are tidying up, putting things back in its place, refocusing from the clutter that often plagues your mind onto menial and mundane tasks instead. They may be mundane and common but when you refocus your mind even onto such tasks as washing the dishes, you are instilling peace and the more you see you put order back into your home, you will also see your own mind becomes less cluttered and calm.


We know your day is busy from sunrise to sunset and sometimes long into the night you are still busy trying to catch up on too much. Give yourself a time out, a little break by listening to cheerful music; music that is light and makes you happy from the level of your soul and infuses your heart with an abundance of good feelings. Music has always been a key player in the moods of many dear souls. To increase peace and happiness, find music that matches this and what resonates with you. For a few minutes daily, hear some happy and peaceful music and let yourself melt into its rhythm. We know you will feel refreshed and re-energized and you will apply this fresh supply of energy to the work that is before you that is waiting for you to finish.


When you approach your day with gratitude, you are building up your own foundation of personal peace and happiness. The power you bring forth when you are counting your blessings, being grateful and thankful for what you have you not only promote a better and healthier you, you attract satisfaction for what you have overcome and for where you are now. Appreciate each step your path has taken you through. Even during turbulent times, you learned, you persevered, you tolerated, you understood the necessity of patience, and you became more of who you were a few years ago and you will always become more of who you were yesterday.


Smile more often, look into your mirror and give yourself a smile. Let it be false to begin with because we know how uncomfortable you can be, when looking at the mirror. Build on your comfort level and allow your smile to yourself to come naturally. Try and see life has many things to be happy about and even many more things that are humourous that are not rude or inappropriate. When you are able to smile more and laugh more you are giving yourself, your whole self a gift of increased happiness and peace.


Getting in touch with nature, go for walks in the sunshine; have leisurely strolls with no worry of time or of need to run and fulfill and errand. Allowing yourself to be relaxed and to soak up the healing effects of the sun’s rays, as they are beneficial to your whole body’s health. Sometimes reaching gently to touch an extended branch that has a little leaf on it to feel it’s texture, or feeling the grooves of the bark of an old tree can help bring calm into your whole self that promotes a greater sense of well-being and happiness.


Have you ever come across anyone who likes to hug others? Next time observe carefully and notice how upbeat their demeanor is. Hugging promotes happiness. When you accept a hug you are demonstrating trust while the dear soul that is giving the hug is demonstrating their generosity. Hugging is healthy; it encourages an increase of well-being, joy, and peace. Hugs are beneficial for the one giving the hug and for one on the receiving end. If you are not comfortable with receiving hugs, it is okay to let the hugger know but we do encourage you to try to let a hug in now and then because we know how much better you will feel as a result. And we want you to feel good about yourself, the day, your co-workers, friends, family, etc. When you are feeling good you are more productive and this is very counterproductive because when you realize how productive you have been because you are filled with so much peace and happiness, you discover just how much you can do when you change your way of thinking and become more positive minded.


Let the things that you remove and let go become the reasons why you changed your course for the better, be thankful for them and greet all the good that is coming your way with your love and carry an air of peace wherever you go. You are not alone; remember dear ones as God is always with you, supporting you and loving you as you take on new challenges and steps along your journey.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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