hi all,

i must preface this by admitting that i am not a doctor. i know nothing about
medicine and understand nothing about insurance. i sometimes question my own
existence. but if i am speaking and you are listening, maybe you will hear me.
this is a love letter to millions of paper-pushers. through it i intend to talk
you into recognizing your irrelevance- in current service- as i recently have my

what purpose does your corporation serve? mine killed trees. processing
paperwork, compiling data, crunching numbers- cheaper, it must be cheaper. make
it 'cheaper.' never mind the claims. or the trees. denial is fantastically
powerful. it murders souls.

Americans are dying. fine print is getting finer- and less forgiving. less for
giving? even if you owe it? more for you, i suppose. not you- your corporation.
more and more money YOUR CORPORATION is making. how much are they paying you?
is it enough to sell your soul? by denying claims, documenting the 'pre-existing
condition' of humanity's ills, you are allowing OUR humanity to be drained.

i do not intend your demise without compensation- nothing is free. follow this
logic- i will exclude numbers as i am also not a mathematician and beg you to
forgive any mistakes in the foreseen chemistry of the health of [OUR] nation.
gradual, i suppose, maybe prudent. combining, buying out, otherwise eliminating.
insurance companies, (HEALTH) one by one. strict price controls- health is as
essential as electricity. a 'profitable' model as many become one results from
combined power of negotiation. look at any hospital's pricing structure and you
will see where the waste lies- separate pricing negotiations. pay the insurance
companies their profits from the money saved by removing their operating costs
from the 'budget.' plenty left over, i would think, to call this venture
profitable. do you think? i hope you will consider long and hard YOUR role in

paper-pushers: have i persuaded you? will you stop heaping your paper on me, on
we, on U.S.? stop killing the trees. stop spreading disease and join the HEALTHCARE
profession. we need doctors and nurses for the soon-to-be newly insured. hopefully...


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a more 'poetically correct' argument along similar lines... ;)

"A Patient's Patience, Patent Pending (My Vote On Election Day)"

Patients' patience, patent pending- pouring out estimations
Pandering- lying, maybe; miserable mornings mourning decimations
Poor, uninsured, 'needy'? needing what? doctors or brothers, sisters
Absent from voting on election day- nursing selves, circling- blisters
Always burn until they are healed- and once done healing re-blister
Adding up to calluses- still feeling pain- anxious about the direction wished for
Them- wondering, worried, willing to make a change but they still remain
Tied, tethered, terrified- talking to staff, not the doctors with insane
Time slots, case loads- back and forth carrying charts- essentially ensuring
Imminent and immediate endangerment- not for lack of caring, only enduring
In a dutiful disaster of paperwork ploys, 'diagnosing'- 'scripting'- a 'cure'?
Incompetent? no, only overworked and weary- working diligently with pure
Empathy- errors induced only by an overload, understaffed and racing
Entangled in webs of worthless phone tag while their patients are pacing
Emptied or enraged by over-medication- conversations among patients ensue
Needling one another, violence, drugs, quiet, suicidal- 1:1- threatening to sue
Never getting what they desire- apparently not even what they need
Needlessly suffering, soulfully shouting- doubting their doctors will heed
Tales of toil- tiring of waiting for actual treatment- feeling tormented
Tending to rush past as patients assist staff- truly this is sanity upended
Totally depending on each other- accepting reality as they slowly conversate
Sometimes incomprehensibly, others courteously, carefully and / or coarsely
Soaking up rays occasionally, more often locked in / out / in- next to the gate
Smoking cigarettes and pleading- "Fresh Air!" without the freedom... hoarsely
Perilously pouring out their hearts- no privacy, though, which is impeding
Permanently, honestly- honesty; and without it how will their doctors heal them?
Patients are willing to say anything 'on stage'- in the middle of a 'show'
A stumbling stab at what they actually feel when all that's necessary's talk, to go
Away from it all- one-on-one- beyond locked doors: even a walk down the hall
Apparently, under current conditions, this true type of care is unavailable- ‘talk’
Time spent speaking with doctors in front of all will only disable and trouble
Tempting them to tell tales, yell- causing others and themselves to be seen as impossible
Tearing up, shredding a chance of release as the meds kick in and make them delirious
Irritated and irate at the immediate evidence of their not being listened to. through
Insuring their own extended stays: who IS getting paid? checks, money- i’m serious...
I am sure of it- someone is certainly paying for our unnecessary medications, too
Endlessly circling vultures avoiding policies- with their voracious appetites- murderers
Early rising, late dozing: instead of patient sleep- the preference- restless, disturbed
Every ounce of energy spent taking chances-- wasted, wanting, unwitting; a reference
Nothing that’s supplied here except supplements, vitamins, will vitalize the preference
[Normal] days in the Intensive Treatment Unit- (I.T.U.)- made into a blur by RAIDERS
Nearly home, only waiting- for someone, anyone to come and re-assure them of everything
Cost / benefit analysis of a trained economist? sheer, corporate, GREED endangers
Catching us in a system designed to deflect treatment- someone is surely holding the purse strings
Capturing, controlling, courting, counting- committing, omitting- capitol offenses
Ensured by policies prescribed by politicians and insurance companies’ lobbyists
Every dime spent an inflation- an inflammation intended to deflate CONFIDENCE
Entering and collecting- data-driven, criminal middle-men- my vote: DEATH TO INSURANCE!@?


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