Does anyone know how to connect to the dalai lama? I believe one of his primary interests is to connect buddhism and science. Most of his progress seems limited by the traditionally external, or objective, experiments conducted on buddhists when they meditate. I believe there is another way to bring new found respect to buddhism and science, and it is much more in terms of the internal, subjective science, that buddhism offers.

So, if mathematics is the universally accepted operating system of science, then is there an equivalent operating system in the study of subjective experience? I believe there is, and it is the minimal language that is mathematics. I believe that if buddhists conduct certain experiments within their own minds, they might be able to verify the subjective processes that we do when we conduct mathematics, or even simple arithmetic.

If this is true, then this way of looking at maths may validate buddhism in a way that enables scientists and western society to conduct the necessary changes for the world to improve.

Anyone in london where I live, so I can show what I have learned in person? Otherwise, this booklet contains the result of my exploration so far, written when I was in thaland last year:

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Sounds quite interesting, David.
I am thinking about ordering one.

thank you

if it is too expensive
perhaps i could set up an edufire class?
i'll give that some thought :)

be well!
A very nice little book!

I read a few pages, then i realized how hard it is for me to undrstand when my mahematic knowledge is not very big.

I never studied it university level, only half the amount that's available att college-level.

I know someone who I am not sure if he knows a lot about Buddhist teachings, but is good at maths.
I went back after college to continue with my science subjects, but I couldn't find the concentration needed at home (chose journalism instead, from a cultural perspective). But I definitely like your book, I keep a lot of books I haven't completely read.

We'll see what happens.
Have a good week-end.

my first book review!

the maths content is not huge
but i guess the concepts are pretty abstract...
feel free to pass it on to you friend :)

i was going to include a map of the connections between sections
since it is not a linear read...
can i suggest you carry it around for a bit
and dip in whenever you have a moment...?
possibly the best way to interact with it...

thanks very much :)
be well!
Without meaning to agree with "subjective science", this is all fair enough ... Buddhism has been called "internalism" ... but "subjectivity" is the response we have when we mis-take objects as having true existence.
I've walked that road ... my whole "participatory deliberation" project is about promoting the "subjective narrative", and giving it some dignity ... but only in order to finally dispell it as mirage. Reifying that is deadly ... justifies all sorts of narcissistic behaviour.

There's quite a bit being done to explore the resonances between buddhadharma and western disciplines (I explored cog-psych to see if it conflicted with abhidharma ... which it didn't) but we have to keep in mind what the point is, what the goal is, what the central intent is: not fancier apartment buildings, not more convenient food ... to rescue all sentient beings from the stormy waves of samsaric delusion.

On the other hand there are some interesting parallels between "emptiness" in Buddhist philosophy and how quantum physics can be seen as a "language game".

'mis-take objects as having true existence' yup, that's a subjective quality: how we address/clothe/make objects discrete... i think we are on the same page :)
sounds interesting, this participatory deliberation... my goal is not to dispelling the mirage completely, just enough for us to get together to sort out truly gross disorders in the world, bombing, icecaps melting...
'rescue all sentient beings' is a lofty aim... i think that's a millennium goal, and i celebrate it :)
damn, you conclude with connection between buddhism and quantum physics! good grief... that's the same kind of level of goal... isn't it simpler to consider simple arithmetic as a language, and if this true, then buddhists are in a prime position to teach western scientists and technologists the techniques to be mindful, and thereby ethicise their explorations...

i am grateful that you have spent any time at all... it's difficult to catch attention these days, it's very noisy... if i pass on a link to a youtube video which invites a couple of thought-experiments:

be well!

I read up to page 22.

One problem with my own copy (it is not a big problem, but a little annoying sometimes..) is that the page numbers don't show. Just the very top of them.

Maybe you should talk to the printing about that?

I have to digest this, I did as you said, carried it along - and it helped! But now other books want my attention (for a while).

Take care

sounds like you read it sequentially...
i produced a map for another booklet
will do the same for this soon and send you an image

thanks for the heads-up regarding numbers
it means i have to readjust the pdf and the originals are on another computer :s

thanks for the feedback
and enjoy your other reading :)

be well!
thanks for thanks
reminded me to send you the image!


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