I just want to pay a little tribute to the initiator of ipeace.me. The time is not far away when the the number of ipeace members will grow to billions as peace is the demand of every creatures living in this world. Peace is also the demand of animals. This is my belief that God the Great helps all those who work for a noble cause. I think campaign for restoration of peace is a noble cause. Therefore, ipeace will grow. Millions of people have been crying for peace. At the moment I am living in the center of war on terrorism and know the horror of war. Now there must be an end to this mad war on terrorism. Let us all pray for peace in the whole world. Please add your voice in my prayers for peace in my hometown Bajaur Agency. Some 4000 people have been killed in Bajaur Agency during last seven months. I have been seeing with my own eyes the mothers, sisters and wives crying for peace. They are in great pain. They are waiting for a savoir. Who will be their savoir? I think all of you are the savoirs. Come on and help the innocent people, whose lives are in danger. My life is in danger. The lives of my wife and my children are in danger.

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