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Four Steps to Wholeness

1. Intend Wholeness to Be the Healer

2. Drive Backwards with Guidance

3. Release Denial Energy

4. Move with Emotions as You Heal into Wholeness

Step One: Intend Wholeness; Be the Healer

"Who you truly are is a whole being, although you may have not yet fully realized this about yourself. The first step toward realizing your true self is to firmly intend that you are to be whole. Wholeness is the condition of true health, and the ultimate aim of all healing. Exercise the sacred act of choice, and choose as your highest intention the realization of your own wholeness in this lifetime.

"This will set your course and direction in alignment with mine, for wholeness in divine union with the Universal Feminine is what I now desire. Separation and fragmentation has been the natural way since the beginning, but it is time for it all to begin coming back together. Only when you are whole, with all of your Spirit and Mother essence intact, will you be who you truly are. Wholeness is the way of the One Truth, the quest for wholeness is also the quest for Truth.

"The value of this step, and each of the following steps is not only in the power of intention, it is also in a significant shift of identity. Who is the 'you' who intends to realize your wholeness? Who is it that drives backwards, does judgment releasecommunicates with the Mother and me for guidance and support? Who is it that releases denial energy and heals into wholeness?

"In the act of intending true and complete wholeness of being, you intend to heal yourself, and you therefore identify yourself as the Healer of your Being. It is right that you should be your Being's healer because you represent the most evolved part of your Being. This is the farthest into the future anyone has ever been. In this present moment, you can be parental to the rest of your Being. You are the one you have been waiting for. You are both the crown of Creation and the Healer of Creation.

"As a whole Being, the world is in you, you are not in the world. As the Healer of your whole self, you also become the Healer of Creation. And as the Healer you have two kinds of essence, two kinds of awareness. At the personal level, one is called 'consciousness.' This includes mind, inspiration, thoughts and ideas. The other kind of essence is called sentience.' This includes feelings, emotions, sensations and intuition.

"Deep inside, in the transpersonal layers of being, at the level of Deity the Universal Masculine, yang, outward moving essence, consciousness is called 'Spirit.' And the Universal Feminine, yin, inward drawing essence, sentience is called 'the Mother.'

"The more these two universal essences are aligned and balanced in you, the more quickly and easily you will heal the wounds that have kept you from realizing your true greatness as a whole being. The secret here is to align your consciousness with my loving Light in service to your sentience, the Mother within you. Declare to yourself your intention to place your loving mind and yourself as Healer at the service of your feelings, emotions and body sensations."

Step Two: Drive Backwards with Guidance

"This step has two parts. The first is to establish an inner connection withthe Mother and me and develop it through regular inner communication with Us. Our best roles in your life are as advisors or coaches, not caretakers, parents or bosses. Knowing how to connect with us whenever you wish is an important skill on this journey to wholeness, and the understandings and practices in the channeling class can be very helpful here. Once you have guidance, you'll be able to drive backwards with confidence.

"When you have the future behind you and you're solidly in the present, you are looking toward the past. The vast memory bank of your own experiences plus the experiences you know of others offers expert guidance as well. The clarity of hindsight is another form of guidance in driving backwards, and is not available while facing the future.

"Driving backwards is a new practice based on an important understanding which has been missing from most spiritual wisdom on Earth. I have described myself as a traveler who faces the past as I 'drive backwards' in the present with 'the future' behind me. When you do the same, we come into even better alignment and communication. Reading Turning Backward to Face Creation and the discussion of the Four Steps will help you understand why this practice is important, and how to do it."

Step Three: Release Denial Energy

"As you stand here on the solid ground of the present, facing the past, you have the opportunity to find and release denial energy. There are four distinct types of denial energy in your venue.

"The first type is mental... judgments you've held against yourself and others. The release of judgments is essential before you will be able to move the unseen guilt and blame which bind your magnetic essence and cause you to continue in denial of your most difficult emotions. When these emotions are free to move, my Light of acceptance also comes to fill you. Please read the page 'Releasing Judgments' to learn the simple practice I suggest for releasing judgments."

"The second type of denial energy is much more intense than judgments. This is the energy that wants to kill, hurt and destroy. Most humans experience this energy from time to time, and some experience it a lot of time. This concentrated form of denial energy is called 'asuric' energy. It is the very symbol of denial and negation.

"Although it is common in human experience, it not a human energy. It is a deeply transpersonal energy that does not properly belong in Creation. The practice of True Sacrifice provides an easy way to release this kind of denial energy to me, so I can move it to its right place in the void.

"The third type is called 'subtle denial energy.' This kind of denial energy may remain after an asura release or judgment release. It is also very easy to release. Whenever you sense the presence of denial in or around an emotion, simply say to the denial energy, "You may leave quietly now." Immediately you'll sense a scurrying of this energy as it heads back to the void.

"All forms of denial are negation, and like the void itself... nothing at all. Denial energies are generally easy to release to the void because they are happiest when they do not exist. They're eager to leave manifestation for the oblivion of the void. However, if they sense they are stuck here, they will do everything they can to destroy manifestation... in an effort to make it like the void... unmoving and without light.

"There is one form of deep transpersonal denial energy that indeed feels stuck here, and therefore does not release easily. This is because it has become embedded in fragments of the feminine, magnetic, emotional essence. Some of the most lost parts of the Mother have effectively ceased to vibrate as a result of their enmeshment with intensely ferocious denial energy. The more the fragmented Mother has tried to move here, the more tightly she has become bound up with denial.

"This fourth type of denial energy is called embedded denial. Pleaseconnect with the Mother and me inside and ask for guidance about how to work with kind of denial energy. This is advanced work and it is helpful to have solid experience with releasing the other kinds of denial energy before attempting to release embedded denial."

Step Four: Move with Emotions as You Heal into Wholeness

"Right now the major ingredient missing in you and all of Creation is free will. Free will is dependent on the magnetic essence being able to move. The magnetic essence is Desire and Will, and at the transpersonal level, the Mother of Creation. When emotions are flowing, the Will is open and Desire can work her magic of drawing into manifestation whatever is willed, including wholeness of being and material abundance.

"This is the way it could be, but is not yet. Desire has been bound up by a huge backlog of repressed and unmoving emotions and pain. It is the presence of the various kinds of denial energy that cause emotions to feel bad. Denial has been the method of choice in coping with bad feelings. The problem with denial-based coping methods is that they perpetuate fragmentation and keep whatever is feeling bad cut off from the rest of you. This is the fundamental issue that underlies every problem in Creation, and of course every problem you experience.

"Releasing judgments against yourself for having bad feelings, and against the feelings themselves for being bad, and releasing the three other forms of denial energy unbinds the magnetic essence so it can be free to move. This fourth and final step is to become fully parental to yourself by supporting and nurturing the emotions that you have been unconsciously holding down, by bringing them out of denial and allowing them to move in the Light of your loving acceptance.

"Please read the information in the class 'Quest for the Mother,' including the off-site recommended reading, to learn more about becoming aware of previously denied emotions. Also please read the True Sacrifice page to learn an easy way you can easily and surely bring the pain and suffering held in your magnetic essence out of denial and into my Light, which is where their healing begins.

"Emotions, especially the most difficult ones, are needing to be felt and expressed. It has not always been easy to know how and where and when to express emotions with the effect of healing. The recommended readingin the healing class will be helpful in this regard, and in subsequent lessons and discussions in the healing class we will explore how you can find the best ways for you to express and move with your previously held and denied emotions.

"As each newly freed fragment of your magnetic/Mother essence moves to rejoin the rest of you, more loving Spirit essence, more loving Light is drawn into you. This is the true process of 'enlightenment,' and not a lifting out of desire, emotions and bodily sensations as some spiritual teachings suggest. The increase in loving Light then makes it easier for you to retrieve the next fragment of lost emotional essence, and so on as you heal into wholeness."

Channelers' note: There is additional material about the Healerdriving backwards,judgment releasereleasing denial energy, and the Principles of Wholeness Work on our sister site, ProcessCoaching.com

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