Dear Mr. President Obama:

Like millions of Americans and millions more around the ever-shrinking globe, I, too, proudly watched the historical moment when the dream of Dr. King become a reality. Dream was however much bigger than Dr. king or any man could possible imagine. It was the collective dream and vision of humanity, striving to reach our ultimate potentials.

Like your father I Am an Immigrant (38 yrs.), a Citizen (24 yrs.) and a businessman. Like most immigrants I have endured great hardships yet done my part to re build a better America for our children. We are all immigrants, having come from cross the state or globe. It was this common goal and irresistible drive of taking the chance that brought us all together to this great country and in this very special time. We are very fortunate to live here in Pacific NW, where there is a homogenous combination of all races and heritage working and living peacefully here in Rose Capital of US, emerald green and blues of Puget Sound, the white of Mt. Rainier, silver of the Boeing, gold of the Microsoft and rainbow of flowers that are as colorful as many nationalities and races that makes us such a radiant and bright jig saw puzzle, designed by the creator and finally and skillfully put together by all of us.

Although you climbed to the highest office of our nation, there are still many places in this great USA that the racial tension still exists and social prejudice keeps our brothers and sisters apart and in constant conflict. This is time for “CHANGE”. Change however requires all of us to pitch in and help as you said. This is the time to re build our nation in the old “Barn Building” mentality where all come together for a common purpose. Let us work with each other as a team, let us put aside our differences and work with hand-in-hand as true neighbors that we are. Let us shed our old uniforms, colors and tribal walls that separated us for centuries.

Please declare a “National Immigrant Day” to acknowledge the cause and roots of our long journey, which after thousands of years of tribal divisions and separation finally brought us all here in this very historical moment to the “Melting Pot of Humanity”. With our combined contributions, we are finally approaching the long awaited “Age of Cooperation”. By creating a National Immigrant Day we will be honoring all immigrants as members of One Race Americans, or ”GOLDEN RACE”. National Immigrant Day will enforce our deep rooted unity and bonds that makes us all true Americans as it was originally intended by our visionary founding fathers, a day that will finally knock down the remaining invisible Berlin Walls and will make us real neighbors, brothers and sisters, one nation under one God who has many names and created man in His image… how many images are there??

Abraham Lincoln said; “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”. Let us go a step beyond saying welcome, loving thy neighbor, a day of thanksgiving and sharing gifts and food. Let us be the first again and proclaim the National Immigrant Day, a day of National Unity, a day of acknowledging that we are all members of the same body, pieces of the same big jig saw puzzle, pixels of the same magnificent picture that was created by the loving and powerful hands of the creator.

Thank you for being the reflection of our dreams coming into the life. Thank you for leading our nation toward the Change that we long awaited. Most importantly, thank you President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for rolling up your sleeves and work with your neighbors by example.

Love & Blessings;

Ab Mobasher,

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