Pain of body and soul

Nature has created different human beings; different in every respect they are equally different in their thinking. Pain is one of the traits of human nature but different people have different feelings to pain. There are people who judge, count and feel pain from their own injuries of body and soul, for them it is some thing internal and pain can be felt only by the person who goes through it. But there are people who feel pain through other’s sorrows and pain; they conceptualize pain by feeling the pain of their co-brothers and sisters. Now the question is who can feel the very emotions of abstract pain deeply and who can feel the inner burning of pain more accurately and who can reach to depth of real pain.
fida khattak

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Greetings, none of that is existent, we are the cause of the problem and it is handled in our brain which is split into sections, we are not talking about real physical pain here if I understand you correctly. You speak about the burning sensation in your chest and things like that, we should apply a little bit ratio to solve this appearance and practice compassion.


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