In our quest for business and personal success, we strive and struggle to achieve our goals, meet our budgets, be good parents, and keep stable lives. Yes, I know it looks like trying to achieve "Mission impossible" at times, but hey, always remember this one truth;

As long as I know that I am doing my best, trying my hardest, and living life to the full for this moment, right here and now, and I keep my sights set on the ONE Eternal Light, God, I needn't fear. All is in order, and it will remain so....... Not so?

Living the reality of one's life, one moment at a time, and not stressing about what might happen in 5 minutes time, or what might befall one next week, or next month, or next year, and so on, is all that one can realistically do.

Seize the moment and live positively for that moment right now, and every moment here-after, and the reality of your life will be sweet. Each moment of it.

I just thought I'd share this thought with you all. Let's keep it rolling; I'm sure there is plenty each one can contribute to this thread.

What are your thoughts in this regard?

Peace and joy.

One for All - All for One

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Thanks Jussara... Absolutely right. Taking time to appreciate nature strikes a chord with me. Two months ago I noticed a finch weaving a nest in a tree in a garden next to mine. Finches are the little yellow and green birds, common here in South Africa. I marveled at the intricacy of the nests, of which they build two each Spring. Their nests hang from the flexible branches of trees and the birds hang from the bottom edge of the nest while weaving and feeding their young.The female inspects these nests before choosing one, or if she's not satisfied, she pulls them apart and the male needs to build again, until she is satisfied that she can lay her eggs in one of them and raise her chicks.

Nature, in all its miraculous beauty, tranquilizes me. How about you?
Thank you, dear heart and gentle person. Yeas, we do seem to think alike. Considering the ONE philosophy, God, The Light, is everywhere within nature. Examples of it surround us, all we need do is look, reach out with love, and enjoy.

Love, joy, peace and harmony to you.

ONE for All - All for ONE
Hallo Waughan and Jussara
I have learned the same by Echart Tolle only NOW is importend
thanks and God bless you
Light Love and Power gilbert
Hi Gilbert.... Thanks for your input. See what I said below to gcool06, the warmth and loving glow of The Light is always there - reach out and take it - it will not forsake you.

Love, joy, peace and harmony to you.

ONE for All - All for ONE
well said... thank you. :) it can be hard sometimes to see that Light.
The great thing is that The Light surrounds us 24/7. It's sometimes like being in a forest and not seeing the wood for the trees.

Our Creator, God, The Light, Great Spirit, is at the core of all creation and surrounds all creation; ever present - ever loving - ever reaching out a hand. All we need to do is TAKE IT - and believe it.

Love Joy, Peace and Harmony - Freedom.

ONE for All - All for ONE


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