New Excerpt to 'COMPLETE' - A Tale of Awakening (Helping Haiti)

Hello IPeace friends!  I've decided to share another excerpt from my E-Book...Enjoy!


'COMPLETE' - A Tale of Awakening



I felt there was something vaguely familiar about her as she closed the gap between us. When she finally stopped just on the opposite side of the doorway, I gasped in utter disbelief.  'This CANNOT be happening', I thought, feeling the cold embrace of fear wrapping its

tentacles around me.  Raising my arms straight out, palms faced outwards, I feebly attempted to ward off the vision I saw before me.


The woman standing not two feet away, was ME!  In all my glory, literally.  In this, I couldn't even begin to kid myself.  This was me, but it wasn't.  There was no way you could mistake her for the me who lived day to day carrying persistent feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence.  Always finding some fault as to why I couldn't possibly measure up to the next guy.  The woman standing there was that part of me who was whole and complete in every

way.  Her confidence was palpable.  I knew the truth of the thoughts that had run through my mind before either of us spoke.


CDN $7.00





For every book purchased (I made it as affordable as possible ), a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the HAITI EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND for the survivors of the recent devastating earthquake. With your help, WE CAN make a difference!


Many thanks for your assistance in this global effort.  Although it may not seem like a large contribution comparatively, many hands can and do, make a significant impact.   Know that you'll be doing your part in helping those who are in critical need of assistance at this time. And, beyond that, due to the fact that 'COMPLETE' is in e-book format, you can start enjoying this intriguing little tale, immediately!


Peace & Joy,




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