ning software issue, and advice (and suggestions) for those on dialup connections.

This is an image of this page's page source code (html)
This is an issue with I am on dialup connection with limited power (thus time) but feel a need to ask someone who has faster speed and time that could contribute to please help by assisting by contacting NING.COM with this information?

The dtd (first line, Document Type Definition) is itself an error.
This declares the page code on all visited sites as xhtml1.1
The next line down then says this is being loaded as text/html
I am using firefox so if this IS xhtml1.1 then it should be loaded/served as application/xml
HOWEVER!!! If it does this? If there is even ONE html error on the page, FireFox will NOT OPEN THE PAGE!

So a browser trying to open this page sees it is xhtml1.1 and SHOULD then (because that states "0" errors!) turn OFF all error handling programing within the browser.
Now.. when I first came to this site before doing much of anything to my page, I checked at and it showed over 200 html errors (not having done much to the page, those errors were not done by ME but already ON the page)
SO: They either need to change the DTD to xhtml1.0 OR fix every html error on these pages, THEN load them as application/xml xhtml1.1 (but keep in mind that people loading things to their pages could make a html error, and then because of it, never be able to access the page to fix it if they learned how)

I am on slow dialup internet connection. When I first came here there were so many programs loading on my page I could do very little, and it took me over 5 hours of waiting for my page to load before I could click on a link to send a message to someone for HELP!
Someone fixed that and "THANK YOU!!!"

Now, if you are on dialup and as others in this group have recommended that you use the FireFox browser (note Internet Explorer dose NOT support xhtml1.1 !)
To be able to go to places here on this site without HUGE images loading that can take you often a full hours worth of your time just to go to ONE page (ahem, hint hint folks who love many fancy gif images covering their pages!)
At the top of your browser (which will likely be different colors than mine) look for the Tools tab

and click it, and when you get the drop-down menu, click on Options
Once that opens UNCHECK "Load images automatically"

Then "refresh" the page (the 2 arrows in a circle)
This will allow you to do many things on peoples pages like NOT have to wait over an hour, for the Add As Friend link to work. Because MANY features of ning software on pages you go to like to join a group, you have to wait for all the huge images to FINISH loading before you can click on the link to join!
If you TURN OFF images you can then go to very many pages on this site and add these people as your friends, instead of spending 6 or more HOURS just going to a few pages, waiting for them to completely load, before you can do ANYTHING!
A note also to those who put AUDIO files on you pages PLEASE PLEASE do not have them set to automatically PLAY! These are not effected if I turn images off, and a 2 minute video can take 3 hours to load before I can do anything!

So, some advice for those on dialup and some advice for those working on your pages, so you may know, HEY! I would LOVE to add you to my friends, or leave comments, but I CANT because of huge images (unless I turn them off) or you have many video and audio programs trying to automaticly load on your pages so I CANT do this unless I spend many days on just adding a few friends......

Okay, I've tried at the top to ASK for help and tried at the bottom here to OFFER some help in exchange.
And again who ever fixed the site so the programs on the right side are either gone or I can turn things off like the top area that shows everyone on the site, for the work you did so someone on dialup COULD join?
THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace !
Oh, and anyone else with these kinds of issues please use this discussion to add them in, I will also try and come back here to check if there is anything added that I may be able to help with (no promise though because I also have much work to do and,,,, well ... I'm on dialup )

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Hi Ayla!
My problem is okay, I can go faster to many pages if I turn off images.
The above problem though I have have not submitted to Ning Help, but may if time allows me to, and if I do may remove this discussion if you would like?
If someone else passes the above information to Ning, please also post that here, I dont know if they are even aware of the issue.
Thanks Ayla, but its over half a century (51 now, uhhhhggg!)
I'm going to be leaving group here in order to cut down on the number of groups I have but can rejoin if I need to, but I will leave this post here as per your nice request :)
Here is to the next 50 years! (uhhhhgggg!)


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