We all make time for things but people are always complaining about not being able to find time to write to friends, see their family, exercise, relax, etc. What do you think about time and what are your tricks for organizing it to make everything fit in well without feeling "I have no time...".
I like to look at my life like a large pie shape: when I see that I am not socializing enough, I call friends and make dinner invitations. I always feel that there IS time....we are the ones who say that there is no time, when actually there IS. In a 24 hour day is it possible that someone doesn't have 10 minutes to call someone, do a few minutes of exercise or write a quick note of hello?
What do you think iPeace people? (the attachment photo was taken in Liverpool, England)

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A clock should be a reminder that you do have time....24 hours worth.
i think you need to be pro-active. for that you need to be wide awake and not brooding inside your self when the time will be clicking. we can do everthing if we get up in the morning


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