I hope you are well!
I appreciated too much the declarartion of the U.S. president Obama yesterday, who proposes to abolish nuclear weapons in the world.
Today in Prague U.S. President returned to the charge by saying that Washington is determined to work and argues against nuclear weapons for a world without it.
It is a real chance for peace in the world if it will be materialize!
I urge you to support this approach by signing a petition through the site iPeace and send it to the U.S. president to show him the support of 18,231 members of our community of pacifists!
Love, light & peace
ZAM Abdel

J’espère que vous allez tous très bien !
Moi j’ai beaucoup apprécié la déclaration d’hier du président américain, OBAMA, qui propose de supprimer l'arme nucléaire dans le monde.
Aujourd’hui à Prague le président américain revient à la charge en affirmant que Washington est décidé à œuvrer et plaide contre l'armement nucléaire et pour un monde sans armes nucléaire
C'est une vraie chance pour la paix dans le monde si elle se concrétise !
Je vous propose de soutenir cette démarche par la signature d’une pétition à travers le site iPeace et l’adresser au président américain pour lui manifester le soutien des 18,231 membres de notre communauté de pacifistes !
Amour, lumière et paix
ZAM Abdel

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Hi Jodi,
Thank you very much for your supporting my proposation
Much love f& have a nice time
Where do we sign the petition? I'd love to see the end of all nuclear weapons, not so sure certain countries will go along! But let's keep hoping!
Hi dear Pamela,
This is not a petition but a proposal and I would turn it into petition but I do not know how ! can you help me to do?
Thank you very much for your supporting this proposation !
Much love & have a nice time

Obama's budget allows an extra $1.3 billion for war.
Zam this is a wonderful thing to do. I support letting Washington know that we here at Ipeace support what Obama wants to do, which is to rid the world of nuclear weapons. I support this idea completely. If there is a formal written petition or written show of support, I want to sign it for sure.

Hi dear Marigue,
Thank you for your comment & your support
Have a nice day
Merci pour le commentaire,
Oui, en effet la signature de ce traité (s'il sera ratifié par la Douma et le congress) sera un grand pas à l'avant

Thank you for the comment,
Yes, indeed the signature of the treaty (it will be ratified by the Duma and the congress) will be a big step forward


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