Of good and evil (comments from Tree concerning this, and this website)

This concerns not one member but something important, I wish to bring to light.
A person last night accepted a friendship offer from me, I was low on power, and working to fast.
I saw a forum entry and was DEEPLY impressed with the wisdom found!!

In highest praise of the author, I invited as a friend, I then leaned this morning after going over the content and checking (yes I do this) found this content online as originating from another source.

Now... I understand finding wisdom and wanting to share it, and often not being able to recall who the original author is, I have done this myself, but when others give me credit for it, I DO correct them that it is NOT from me, but that I cant recall where.
I was hurt by the above situation because I was NOT corrected by this person.... so I removed my comments and the friendship until such time as they can give credit where it is due and to not confuse others "who" it is they are being friends with.
This is also important because if someone were to turn to someone for a teaching and it is not from them.... like a peacekeeper who is only quoting others, then is asked into a battle field for their healing wisdom... it can cost lives.
I have been careful to ask this person to make the corrections, and I will wait, I demand of myself to presume innocents of others, and give them a chance. Please do not bring this matter up with them if this post brings them to much exposure, until they have had time to make these corrections if they desire to. Treat them with the same respect you would want if in their shoes.
The part of me that was hurt deeply was stating WHY I sent the invitation, and it was accepted without correcting me first "who" it was I was asking for a friend....... based on the content.
Now... for an important matter related to this I "deeply" wish to share about this website.
The stronger this place becomes a voice of peace, the greater the darkness that will be drawn here to silence it and destroy the faith of those here (logically)
In most all cases I do not bring things up with Admin (including the above), because I presume them to be BUSY, and as wonderful as this place is? That shows a lot is being done to keep it that way!
(thanks to all of iPeace Admin !!! huge! ).

But I wish all to keep this in mind, and to be careful !
As much as Admin may try their best, people are going to slip through, often evil disguises itself as being of peace in order to penetrate and lure others to "its" cause, not, that of peace and good, but uses it as the lure.
So be careful, do not be quick to judge one another, either as good nor evil, but be aware of this please.
It is my desire that this site grow and grow strong, but again as it does so, Admin's job becomes ever more challenging to keep it a safe place for us all.

Many here are peace loving souls, and as such, in life have been attacked by evil as a direct result.
So many will come here looking for some attention, some credit, some "healing" for being attacked so they will seek some praise and credit and high honor, and when it is due to them? I GIVE IT !
Because they need to feel it, the love of us all, for doing the RIGHT THING, in the face of perhaps extreme attacks on them and their lives by evil, they seek balance.
It could be ego, but even then I don't mind so long as they are here for the cause of peace!

I also have had people reflect the following:
" I have all the answers, they can be yours for only $19.95 "
I hold nothing against that, nor wish them to be asked to leave, if hard earned truths and they wish compensation for the price they paid to get it? COOL !

But I am not here for personal gain beyond this:
If I can help make this world a better place? Then I benefit by the world I live in being a better place for me to live in !!!!!!!
What ever gifts or wisdom's I may have to help in this cause? I give FREELY.
If I place a copyright on some content? I just dont want others to take it, then sell it, or spread it someplace else without asking me first or used as their own. And if used in a book that is to be sold for profit, then would like to see an offer of sharing in that profit, and credit given not so much to ME, but to iPeace
I have nothing against the book offers, the movie offers, interviews etc, but in the past I have refused all of these, because it was important to me to remain mostly hidden from public view, largely to protect my children (fame was the last thing I wanted!).

I am not here after fame, nor to be some "great one" I am here as fellow crew, not above nor below anyone, but by your side.
To help the cause of peace on earth, to GROW. (many are here for other reasons, and that is cool too! But that is mine)

If here for pure social reasons, or to work towards world peace or an isolated cause...
If you find evil here please do not leave because of it, contact Admin (and have evidence for them of your issue, please!) because again, the stronger this place grows as a voice of peace on earth, the greater there will be those trying to do it harm. That while not desired, seems logical.

But we need you, we need your input, your friendships, you wisdom, to GROW..... and to evolve, into all the power of beauty and peace the potential for this place holds, not just for us, but for the world.

(Admin, if you have any issues with this discussion, if you want to delete it and talk with me, please feel free to do so, I've made a copy. I have no objection to being censored, even if only temporarily, and I respect your judgment, on the course and direction you wish this site to grow and to protect those of gentleness here, if I fail to comply with this, it is not my heart, but an error that comes from being human too).

In true desire, of the protection, of the beauty and growth of iPeace.

Please feel free to add, or ask me to correct things, or comment in any manner you desire so long as it in keeping with the policies of iPeace.
( And if you have other examples to add, PLEASE refrain from mentioning names, in event you are wrong, you could hurt someone innocent deeply by doing so.)
© 2009 Tree Thunderchild

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Hello Tree
I just read you. Good wisdom, good advice. Thanks for caring so much about people and peace.
I may be an eagle who flies with the doves, but, I dont want to see doves feel they need to be eagles!
I am protective of gentleness, comes from being a father, in part, I guess ;) (love you too Steph!)
What Stephanie said....I think, feel same Tree. I have( and others on ipeace) recently been "victimized" by someone that appeared to need help, I reached out,gave my hand & heart,no more need be said..has caused me great distress,sadness and feeling no longer safe here on ipeace,my home..my Loves..my friends..my life's shared belief in peace...I was broken,only for awhile, I will not let the darkness inside others tarnish my light. Love You All. Peace~Hope~Love
Hi Tree,
I do think that darkness seeks out the light. There always seems to be a need for contrast and balance. Or maybe this is how our minds work perceptively to see the light we need to look at the shadows too.

The details of this whole situation are still a little cloudy to me. Basically someone copied someone else's work and did not give that other person credit then allowed someone else to continue to think it was their own. When this was acknowledged the plagerist continued the ruse, and it was purposefully done to feed their own selfish need for glory.

I am sorry that people were hurt and caught up in this. As a rule copying someone else's work and taking credit for it is dishonest. Copying some one else's work and getting paid for it is illegal most places. It is good to be aware that even here this can happen. Price of admission to the world of internet blogging. People reap what they sow and if they are going to take credit for other people's work and it backfires they may just walk off iPeace anyway. So you do what you can to tell them what they did was hurtful and according to internet courtesy I think that you really can't call them out. I have seen people get kicked off here for reasons I thought were not right and others stay when I thought they should leave.
I think that a person should be able to defend themselves in these cases by having references or witnesses on their behalf... but that could be too much work. Perhaps like a welcome team we could have a justice team. duly elected. Just a thought. But If this is a common occurrence the wrongdoers will call themselves out and organically leave because they will not get the satisfaction they seek. In fact maybe the satifaction they seek is exactly this sort of attention.Who knows? I don't even know who you are talking about although I am sure that more than one person is guilty of this.

Wether these people realise what they are doing is not right who knows? It might be right in their neck of the woods.

I will be mindful of your warning and if I notice this behavoir I will inform the guilty party that this is not cool. Thanks Susan
That is good logic Susan.
For one thing I always assume a person to be doing something innocently, then I approach them on the subject (this just being one type) and give them opportunity to clarify their intentions. I tend to offer them 3 chances to do so just to be sure.
But the internet was meant to be a safe place for everyone, people will not use it so much if they have to learn the hard way or see that there are those with ill intentions, that "get away with" what they are doing.
That makes the decent people leave and the not so decent ones stay....
........rather like putting up a "No trespassing", only keeps out the decent people who would respect it????

So, since the beginning of the world wide web, there are those who seek its protection, so it can evolve to what the creators of it had in mind, not have it be destroyed (the intention) by people, so there became the "Hunters" who devote years of hard work, hunting down such individuals, to help insure there is safety online so it may continue to grow in a GOOD direction for the world.
Just as there are those of darkness here, there are also those who care deeply for the years of time invested in the creation of the world wide web.
I agree with you Tree. Some care for maintaining Peace especially on a network such as iPeace. But there are some times a few rotten apple in the bag urging us for a clean up if we want to save the whole rest.

People on the net can easily have recourse to falsehood and lies, using other people's work but also faces and names, or even create false identities and profiles. I had seen it else where but unfortunately I've seen someone doing it even here on iPeace. So even though most of us are good hearted honnest people, there are exceptions in the crowd like thorns in the garden. I guess it is part of human nature and the game goes on.

Seen the news today? The New World Order is here! All the world leaders have agreed on it, so they say. They sell it as the miracle solution to all our problems. So well, we'll see what's up for humankind but for sure, we can not believe everything we are told... nor anyone that we meet over the net.

Many thanks to all truthful and sincere people. Peace on Earth to all humans of good will.
darkness tries to conceal itself as light.
to not have any resistance from those who seek light.
easier to overtake that which has no defenses and considers the threat as an ally.
difficult to deal with, what is hidden, and may feel exposure is a threat when it is not.
it is not unknown, for the minority, to hold control over the majority.
when the majority fails to see it is the one the minority gets its power from
when the majority fails to understand its own power it becomes, powerless.
thus ruled by a minority.
when the minority is ruled by a force it claims does not exist
it too is defenseless against that forces ultimate quest,
of the destruction of those of power.
There are those who speak of overthrowing those who rule
who would serve what they claim does not exist
thus the two fight each other
this distracts them both, from fighting the real enemy.
and the real enemy is not after the common person,
but is like a chess game started a long time ago,
a form of vengeance of a system set into motion,
to destroy all those who hold power over the nations.

if we fight a war, killing each other, that becomes the focus,
even if that is to stop it.
fighting the war is no less than fighting in the war
if we fight each other we are fighting the wrong enemy.
if this plan laid out so long ago is allowed to run its natural course.
it is those who rule the nations, those who believe they are in control over millions
the very ones who claim to have power to wage war
will be destroyed.

I was not sent here to destroy the world.
That is not the path of my creator.
It is not the desire of the creator,
that those who destroy, shall be destroyed.

If one holds the keys
and another says, you dont know what your talking about
is it the one holding the keys who does not know?
or the other, so the keys fall to the ground in silence.
and the seeds of peace scattered onto solid stone.

The truth is self evident
to those who are not following, something else.

peace be
to the peacekeepers
no matter what way the dice are thrown
the meek shall inherit the earth
so it has been written,
so shall it be done.

© 2009 Tree Thunderchild
Hi Tree. Glad you posted this. I wrote a related note to someone on another ning site the other day. He was complaining about another member's actions and claiming the person was masquerading as a lightworker, & he was going to leave the group because of it. I told him that not everyone on these sites is going to have good intentions. It can't be avoided. If he lets himself be affected by it & leaves, then he is letting that person have power over him. Letting the person drive him away (if that is what the person was trying to do).
I appreciate the great wisdom expressed here. Light can be seen and recognized when it is real and when it shines. Peace can be felt when it is truly lived. Peace makers and Light workers can recognize each others by their essence and the energies they manifest. But although we want to remain in Peace and Light, compassion and unconditional Love, we can not be blind or hide our head in the sand and pretend everything is cool on planet Earth.

There are still enough trouble makers in the world, even within the best families, to keep the Peace keepers busy and asking us to remain aware of what's really happening. Whether on a personal or community level or on a global and cosmic scale, Peace makers are just starting their great task of changing the world's mentality and they are going to be needed more and more, but they should expect to be put through trials and tests in the coming times. There is also some resistance from the order of the old ages to the coming of Peace and Light. People still get fooled too easily by false promises of politicians as if they have not yet learned the lessons. The next revolution that can make a real change will be spiritual, not political nor economical. It will start from the bottom up. The solutions won't come from the minority who controls millions by force and lies.

Mother Earth will have the last word in the argument between human powers. And we are part of Her. If we are humble enough to remember this, she will take care of us. Otherwise, the prophecised fire is meant to purify.

Peace on Mother Earth to all humans of good will.
I agree with both of you.
If we look at the "math" part of this.... lets say you wanted to destroy peace, on this site.
To shout that the first day your here? Youd be gone, banned.
If you learned what it is, find the soft spot, the primary or side interests of the ones controling the site, and then do a really great job of promoting that somehow, then you could slide right in not only undetected, nor only without a fight, but youd be embraced.
In order for this to be successful, it needs to do it from the "inside" not from the outside.
Religions, politicians all know this very well. You dont do it from the outside, you get INSIDE.
You hide yourself like a wolf in sheep's clothing kind of scenario (yes I know wolves are gentle I've lived with them but you get the idea).
The better the disguise, the deeper the infiltration, like a spy does.
These are the type I classify as level 3.
Level 2 being what others online often refer to as a "troll" (you dont "feed" the troll trying to divert attention by attacking, then when someone fights back, acts like they are the victim your supposed to feel sorry for).
Its those who are more cunning that do the greater damage and totally change the "spirit" of the site.

So those who "leave" of good spirit or are healers or spiritual leaders, or sensitive people, you know the DECENT onces you want to STAY, to help the site GROW as well as in that DIRECTION, leave....
I've been asked to do cleanup on a lot of those sites.... I do not ban the person, they are typically on my friends list.
I talk with them, I understand all to well the mental emotional psychological patterns that have these people entrapped in what they are doing, and I help them find a way out.
These, end up being, some of the best light warriors, because they UNDERSTAND the math of the dark side.
And yes, I was once one myself, that's how I know, and how I know how to detect this kind of activity very rapidly.
As well as how to get the person OUT of the trap they are in on the inside.
Its like, someone who used to be evil, a slave to it, broke free, understands better how to break others free also than someone who has no experience from the 'inside' of that situation. An experience that nearly cost me my life, getting out of. So I would never recommend anyone trying it, because it would not be in existence thousands of years if it, was not an expert luring in - those trying to heal it (they are not only counting on it, many actually specialize in just that one area)

And I dont like to use the term "revolution" but I think more accurate, is "evolution"
Much the same applied on the individual level above, I am not for overthrowing governments, nor those in them, but in helping those who are in them, learn a better way and a way OUT of what they are doing, and trying to do, and to TURN IT into something, that gives THEM, AND the people, MORE.
I'm not a threat even to evil, I'm not out to destroy it, nor those who serve it, but to offer something better to replace it with, without replacing the individuals.
That's called, peace.
Including with one who once perceived of you as an enemy and threat, as if someone doing great evil thought you were going to destroy them, rather than help them have more, without harm to themselves or anyone else.
Bring them, to true Peace.
If we fight "each other" we are fighting the wrong enemy, and why for thousands of years of this same scenario with websites, it has been winning.
When we fight the "wrong" enemy.

We do not fight each other, not the individual, but the evil that is within them (ONLY) and when done right, the person is not defending themselves, but wanting to also be free of it.
There are those who refuse, and I'm sorry when they do, because they end up destroying themselves... and thats not often pretty... because the power they have, does not belong to THEM, and the one it does, has them pay the price for using it.

So peace DOES rule, its a matter of, how you reach that destination.
it can be beautiful, or ugly. I'd rather the beautiful one, but that is the choice of the person I'm dealing with, if they want to hide what they are doing to pretend they are doing right, without actually changing. Or to grow in a better direction, for them and everyone else.
Small scale or large scale, its all one thing.

© 2009 Tree Thunderchild ( © = free to share with others, by using a link to this page on & to this website)
Interesting insights. The clean up has to start within oneself, so inner Peace can be maintained even through trials, oppositions, turmoil and chaos. But fortunately this site still has a very good quality of people with good intention and nice wisdom to share.

I appreciate the discernment in your comments Tree and the title you gave to this discussion asks for a certain amount of that gift. As we have mentioned before in an previous discussion, to be Peace makers is not to be passive, but active for Peace or a Peace activist if you prefer, whatever way we want to put it.

Sometimes Peace needs to be maintained or restored in situations of trouble or conflict. That is when Peace keepers or Peace makers are needed. Before I joined iPeace I was moderating a forum for years, where I did not tolerate spammers and had to moderate a few trolls. I noticed that kindness and firmness are complementary tools for diplomacy and helpful to maintain and restore Peace. Most people want Peace after all but it's not always easily attained. It might take some work, efforts or good will at the least.

We can't expect Peace from the others nor blame them for us not being at Peace. We are responsible for our own Peace in our life and our surroundings. If something or someone tries to trouble or disturb our Peace, it is our own responsibility to carekeep it, But when collective Peace is being disturbed, it becomes a collective responsibility to restore it. If we look clearly at planet Earth with opened eyes we will see that Peace needs to be restored in many places. Think Peace. Project Peace. Plan Peace. Create Peace. Make Peace. Be Peace.

It is the way to make a better world. But people, let's remember the world is still in a healing process. We can't trust blindly everyone or everything that is said out there in the mainstream. I respect others' beliefs but I'm a bit surprised to notice how many people on this site still put their faith in politicians or governments. Either people don't know their history or they forget it. I'm for hope when it's not blindness and it is put at the right place like in something higher, truer or more durable than human politics. I'm for change but only if it is for the better.

About revolution it is as a change of cycle, a part of evolution. Even our Mother Earth does her daily revolution, a full spin on herself, a complete circle, a journey around her whole being. It is an example I like to follow.

In my view, there is no need to overthrow any government, a corrupt or unsustainable system will degrade and decay by itself. Many empires have passed away already. The sun will keep shining and grass will keep growing. And with a bit of luck and good karma some of us will still be there to see the new age of Peace.

But let's face it: it is yet to come. It can start right now within ourselves, but it is yet to come for humankind as a whole. Let's keep working at it until we can all share it and enjoy. Meanwhile we'll have to deal with trolls from time to time, but with a little compassion we might even have fun while doing it, as long as we don't take the game too seriously and don't get involved emotionally in it. Thanks to all people with good intentions. Peace.
HUGE and great wisdoms there SunBôw !
I'd like to comment on them in more detail but my (sun and wind) batteries are low and I have income related work I have to do... but there is a lot of good good wisdom there my friend!


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