Of good and evil (comments from Tree concerning this, and this website)

This concerns not one member but something important, I wish to bring to light.
A person last night accepted a friendship offer from me, I was low on power, and working to fast.
I saw a forum entry and was DEEPLY impressed with the wisdom found!!

In highest praise of the author, I invited as a friend, I then leaned this morning after going over the content and checking (yes I do this) found this content online as originating from another source.

Now... I understand finding wisdom and wanting to share it, and often not being able to recall who the original author is, I have done this myself, but when others give me credit for it, I DO correct them that it is NOT from me, but that I cant recall where.
I was hurt by the above situation because I was NOT corrected by this person.... so I removed my comments and the friendship until such time as they can give credit where it is due and to not confuse others "who" it is they are being friends with.
This is also important because if someone were to turn to someone for a teaching and it is not from them.... like a peacekeeper who is only quoting others, then is asked into a battle field for their healing wisdom... it can cost lives.
I have been careful to ask this person to make the corrections, and I will wait, I demand of myself to presume innocents of others, and give them a chance. Please do not bring this matter up with them if this post brings them to much exposure, until they have had time to make these corrections if they desire to. Treat them with the same respect you would want if in their shoes.
The part of me that was hurt deeply was stating WHY I sent the invitation, and it was accepted without correcting me first "who" it was I was asking for a friend....... based on the content.
Now... for an important matter related to this I "deeply" wish to share about this website.
The stronger this place becomes a voice of peace, the greater the darkness that will be drawn here to silence it and destroy the faith of those here (logically)
In most all cases I do not bring things up with Admin (including the above), because I presume them to be BUSY, and as wonderful as this place is? That shows a lot is being done to keep it that way!
(thanks to all of iPeace Admin !!! huge! ).

But I wish all to keep this in mind, and to be careful !
As much as Admin may try their best, people are going to slip through, often evil disguises itself as being of peace in order to penetrate and lure others to "its" cause, not, that of peace and good, but uses it as the lure.
So be careful, do not be quick to judge one another, either as good nor evil, but be aware of this please.
It is my desire that this site grow and grow strong, but again as it does so, Admin's job becomes ever more challenging to keep it a safe place for us all.

Many here are peace loving souls, and as such, in life have been attacked by evil as a direct result.
So many will come here looking for some attention, some credit, some "healing" for being attacked so they will seek some praise and credit and high honor, and when it is due to them? I GIVE IT !
Because they need to feel it, the love of us all, for doing the RIGHT THING, in the face of perhaps extreme attacks on them and their lives by evil, they seek balance.
It could be ego, but even then I don't mind so long as they are here for the cause of peace!

I also have had people reflect the following:
" I have all the answers, they can be yours for only $19.95 "
I hold nothing against that, nor wish them to be asked to leave, if hard earned truths and they wish compensation for the price they paid to get it? COOL !

But I am not here for personal gain beyond this:
If I can help make this world a better place? Then I benefit by the world I live in being a better place for me to live in !!!!!!!
What ever gifts or wisdom's I may have to help in this cause? I give FREELY.
If I place a copyright on some content? I just dont want others to take it, then sell it, or spread it someplace else without asking me first or used as their own. And if used in a book that is to be sold for profit, then would like to see an offer of sharing in that profit, and credit given not so much to ME, but to iPeace
I have nothing against the book offers, the movie offers, interviews etc, but in the past I have refused all of these, because it was important to me to remain mostly hidden from public view, largely to protect my children (fame was the last thing I wanted!).

I am not here after fame, nor to be some "great one" I am here as fellow crew, not above nor below anyone, but by your side.
To help the cause of peace on earth, to GROW. (many are here for other reasons, and that is cool too! But that is mine)

If here for pure social reasons, or to work towards world peace or an isolated cause...
If you find evil here please do not leave because of it, contact Admin (and have evidence for them of your issue, please!) because again, the stronger this place grows as a voice of peace on earth, the greater there will be those trying to do it harm. That while not desired, seems logical.

But we need you, we need your input, your friendships, you wisdom, to GROW..... and to evolve, into all the power of beauty and peace the potential for this place holds, not just for us, but for the world.

(Admin, if you have any issues with this discussion, if you want to delete it and talk with me, please feel free to do so, I've made a copy. I have no objection to being censored, even if only temporarily, and I respect your judgment, on the course and direction you wish this site to grow and to protect those of gentleness here, if I fail to comply with this, it is not my heart, but an error that comes from being human too).

In true desire, of the protection, of the beauty and growth of iPeace.

Please feel free to add, or ask me to correct things, or comment in any manner you desire so long as it in keeping with the policies of iPeace.
( And if you have other examples to add, PLEASE refrain from mentioning names, in event you are wrong, you could hurt someone innocent deeply by doing so.)
© 2009 Tree Thunderchild

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I've made a few comments on the site, but sun is not out now, no wind all day, there is some forcast for tonight and tomorrow, I'll be back here when power from above permits.
Now this is really following the will of Nature and tuning in with the energies from above. Tree, you are giving a good example with your free renewable power. A great step towards freedom and a clean world. May the wind blow your way and the sun shine on your day.
Yup its here! Right on schedule (the wind) and so am I.
There are many reasons for this (wind) is to set an example, to show off that I dont have any utility bulls bills, saving me so far around $ 482,000 USD That is not including what I have saved on gasoline using wolf-sled-team, and horse and bike and walking over this same time frame.
If you care about the earth, if you are out to protect it, not to surprising that as a human, she WANTS me here?
In ways of nature, many say I am blessed. I think its more that... those who "use" nature not in a good way, are just, not as blessed as I am.

It's all one thing.
How humans are behaving with each other, the earth, 'the higher power'.
Its the same mental pattern, like a mind game, sometimes, it's not enough to tell the truth though, but to offer a better way, then show it off.
Like a violent horse who bows to my feet, untrained I rode him soon after I told the lady I would take him, she almost gave him to me but I insisted as a matter of HIS honor, to pay more than her price was.

He keeps the grizzly bear away, he attacks them. The look in his eye is appropriate for his attitude, he is a war horse sworn to protect me and that's just what he does.
He is also my primary summer transportation.

I rather think nature/the spirit/whatever, sent him here so he could help me, teach those who want to learn, and give others, reason to consider learning.

With good and evil, the best I can do is be the example, with wind and solar, with how I live, to live in peace on this earth with all life, including other humans.
A lot of it has to do with "honor"
Some of the 2nd to the last things you said (that post) I think I would like to reserve under and esoteric blanket, and do through emails, regarding setting up a more behind the scenes methodology to dealing with the dark side on this site in particular.
I'm still working on, putting it "all" up here. The math, the strategy, and am unsure of just how to best go about doing so.
But in your prior post, I think there are some of us better suited to deal with darkness, than others, and to different degrees (types), and I think it would be cool to have someplace (via admin) like on the bottom of all pages or something, a "panic button"
Consider if a gentle person was getting sorta "pushed" or disrespected? Unable to handle it and also SHOULDN'T be even asked to! A way to call for help.
From there, it needs to be determined the level of help needed, then the appropriate balanced person sent in to provide assistance.
Some are like children here, and should be allowed to play, and if a stranger comes along and starts kicking down sand castles, we need some way to have someone step in.
Some are warriors, some are counselors, some are healers, we have a rather huge resource here that should be taped into for those who would volunteer.
If nothing else, to take some of the load off of Admin, what we cant handle, or wont let us, then, we contact Admin. But more like, it will be Admin the is contacted to begin with, then contacts volunteers, and if we/they cant deal with it, it goes back to Admin.
I don't want to see anyone banned from this site (personally), but healed.
Isn't that the idea?
I fully agree. With Love, Light and compassion we can overcome all obstacles and many can be healed. When Light shines darkness disapears. Blessings to all beings.
Thank you Tree for this post... a friend and a Tree Hugger :-) ..with ur doves permission of course.


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