On freedom of speech, emotionally driven personal attacks, and horror visuals.

iPeace prides itself on being a free space for sharing ideas, opinions and information.

But we have and uphold certain standards. We will not allow posting of explicit horror images of war. We don't need to see it to realize that war is horrific.

We understand also that emotions in these days are running high. But we will not tolerate personal attacks between members.

We ask you to help us in keeping the iPeace space civilized and report to one of the admins any violation.

Praying for more peaceful days

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you will have to find other ways to respond than by showing disturbing images

Dear David Califa,

I am an italian lawyer.
I am not a magician, so it is difficult for a citizen to find a method to solve this crisis.
I think, in this war everyone can start a proceeding for damages.
There are International Courts where everyone can defend and claim for the rights of the man, and this could be a first step to claim for damages.
In fact, there is not a war, but only people or army who are bombing other people.
Moreover, in every modern war, International Courts researched responsability and persons in charge.
At last, only a process or a damages responsability, personal and not general, will stop the war.
In fact, anyone want to be processed as criminal war, and anyone wants to pay damages.
We could create a group to study this possibility.
Tell me something about it.
Thank you.
Marco Pepe
A non-violent world of peace and justice is possible, and it will have to start with education. The ignorant war-mongering ways of the past are passed down with powerful traditions propelling them. The ways and hates that make War a justified and even honorable way of life are overly powerful in our world. Only education for all humanity will allow everybody to find their own best path and higher purpose.

We all feel anger sometimes, that is human, but War Mongers and violent criminals that actual harm others for personal gain should be removed from society (prison). Then, when the world is peaceful, some of them could re-join society. Everybody gets a 2nd chance... well almost everybody, but the worst will be behind us as true power would no longer be with those who war or kill for political or personal gain. Justice could prevail. Peace could be the new norm. Never before have we needed some strong new non-violence laws, in every country, as badly as now.

Your group idea... "Justice for Peace" you should definitely start it up.
This is a very nice post, thanks... Aad Sach Singh
Hi Nicolette; I didn't look at you PDF as the site you put it on was too complicated for me, but if you look at the bottom of the text box, where you enter your comments, you will see Upload Files. You could attach it here. Just to let you know...

In the name of Peace.
Aad Sach Singh
I am glad to hear this. I agree completely. Attacks of any kind have no place among peace-loving people. Explicit war images (especially of dead children) are a pet peeve of mine. The dead should be honored, not exploited!
Bravo, bravo!!! I always say, to have Peace, one must be Peace!

In Love and Peace.
Aad Sach Singh
You are so nice and Sweet Jahsi.
Thanks David,
I've had concerns about the number of recent postings of the more violent photos, not here so much, but at network sites like facebook.
I think it would be good if we all adhered to a 'treaty of Non-Violence' in our internet communications..
With Peace
Thank you David for upholding iPeace’s good standards.
It makes me very sad to see the horrid images of war, especially of children. The images do not make me any more aware of the horrors than I already am, they just make me sadder and feel less hopeful for humankind.
I appreciate iPeace because it seems to represent a collective spirit of uniting people from all over the world toward a loving, respectful, compassionate, and harmonious coexistence. A united front to end war and give every one the quality of life we all deserve.
A positive focus on what we can do to prevent the atrocities of war will have more reward than focusing on the gruesomeness.
My goal here at iPeace is to help create Peace in the world. It is, and has been since the late '60's, my mantra.

Aad Sach Singh
In terms of explicit images of war - as much as we do need to face the reality of what is happening, these kinds of images actually can have the opposite effect that you might intend. Instead of helping us open our hearts with compassion, they actually brutalize us, and cause us to contract and shut down. Clearly, the people in these kinds of images have been brutalized, and contained within the desire to transmit the images is often the desire to inflict that kind of brutalization on the rest of us, so that we can really "get it." But the fact is, most of the us here on iPeace actually do get it. We do care, we care deeply. We don't need to be brutalized. We need support each other in our quest to expand dialogue and discussion and compassion - the way out of this mess. I make movies that are designed to bring people into touch with the suffering of this world - deeply, and truly. And yet, I never use these kinds of explicit images - I call them "war porn.' Scared Sacred brings us on a journey to places like HIroshima, Israel and Palestine, Auschwitz, Afghanistan, Bhopal, Cambodia - the ground zero's of the world. I could have shown endless images of harsh brutality from all of those places, but what I would have succeeded in doing is contracting the hearts of all the viewers. Instead, I chose another way, a way that I believe has the opposite effect, that inspires us to care, not shock us into despair. It's a delicate balance, maintaining the conversation, facing the hard truths, and keeping our hearts open.


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