On freedom of speech, emotionally driven personal attacks, and horror visuals.

iPeace prides itself on being a free space for sharing ideas, opinions and information.

But we have and uphold certain standards. We will not allow posting of explicit horror images of war. We don't need to see it to realize that war is horrific.

We understand also that emotions in these days are running high. But we will not tolerate personal attacks between members.

We ask you to help us in keeping the iPeace space civilized and report to one of the admins any violation.

Praying for more peaceful days

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Hi Velcrow Ripper; how's it going?

I'd like to know if you have some of these movies, or similar ones, on any of the video sites on the web?

Aad Sach
Images of war and peace can be disturbing. An image can be made with words that is more disturbing than pictures. When you start restricting the speech then you find yourself restricting everything, that someone finds offensive, or you are only restricting one viewpoint over another and you do not have freedom of speech.

There will be times when even I describe something that I believe to be true, not referencing anyone and someone will take it as a person affront or attack.

If you are going to advertise freedom of speech have freedom of speech, do not say hey we have freedom of speech here but you can't do this you can't say that, you can't do this. If this is what you do then you do not have freedom of speech. After I was banned from mepeace and joined here I was approached by several people telling me that I had better not post like I did at mepeace or else I would be banned from here as well. Hence I have been a member here but this is only the 2nd post I have made. I was told from the start that freedom of speech is not allowed here unless it conforms to the ideas of the administration and those that addressed me. I then went and started my own network.

I have had my own ning network for several months now @ truthinjustice.ning.com I have not had to restrict any voices. I have not banned anyone, we are grown adults that understand not to make personal attacks, they know not to be hateful. There was one guy that did that and nobody talked to him anymore and he has since left.

If you believe in freedom of speech practice freedom of speech. If you do not do not.

This is only my second post in this network, why is it I do not feel free to share my thoughts and ideas?
Let me try answering your Q, John ...

I'm reading your other post as well, and it seems to me that you come here with your thoughts and ideas, but present them as absolute truths.
I would say to you something I already said in another discussion - there is always the guy who thinks he knows everything ... I would suggest a more humble way, maybe curiousity.

If you want specific example, check out my response to your second post in the other blog ...

By the way, freedom of speach is a noble cause but we are not here on this site to protect that - we have other dreams we are trying to make true ...
Enjoy reading, and your thoughts are most acceptable here, just note that some may not think the same as you.

Dear Gabby. Of course we are here to protect freedom of speech. Freedom of speech=peace.
You are probably familiar with the idea that just because there is freedom of speech you cannot yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. The point being, there is a time & place for everything. Part of living in harmony in your home, at work, with your best friend even, involves not saying certain things or not treading on sensitive territory. Restraint is required as is respect if any relationship is to endure and blossom. I am certain (at least I hope not) you do not use explitives when speaking to your parents or elders.
We are here (joining the site) because we care about peace; and if we are to address each other in upsetting ways/tones, we are not walking (posting/writing) our talk or being true to peace as a value. That value requires civil, candid, but respectful discourse. There is always more than one way to make one's point without breaching the values/spirit of your relationship or an enterprise.
People are free to go out drinking, drugging, dancing, and trow up all over everyone if they wish. I don't wish to have someone trow up all over me, so I don't hang around with that type of people. On the other hand, I have stood for freedom of speech all my life. I even got kicked out of school in 1969 for writing an article against Richard Nixon.

In other words, puss is puss, I don't have to see it to be repulsed by it. My sensitivities are such. I am all for you to go to your place and if you wish to, bring a bucket or the worst you can find. I on the other hand will stay here, safe in the feeling that I will not be forced, by the majority, to see truths that I need not know, to act responsibly.

No offence was meant. This are just my feelings.

In Harmony and Peace.
Aad Sach Singh
Hey.. I don't usually post anything here, well, because I never feel like I have anything noble to say..

But, here goes..

Peace needs to stay a wholesome state of mind.. Let us choose not to dwell on anxious thoughts, and overly passionate feelings, because they only leads to confusion.

I think that we should move towards peace by sharing it with one another more..

Start at home!

Work your way out to your friends and to your co-workers..

Focus on creating a positive world.. because we are always creating tomorrow..

So you could say..

Tomorrow starts right >here<


Great 2D.
Part of being dedicated to peace means one's work/action is based on a deeply held value that every human life is precious. I understand wanting to make it abundantly clear that war is a horrible enterprise; however, in a community devoted to peace, displaying managled, lifeless, human beings changes nothing. We already know the horrors of war/conflict; but most importantly, we are doing something about it respectfully and in a manner that honors all who have died as a result of armed conflict. That should be the image every posting/word/image on the site should project at all times. No exceptions.
I believe in freedom of speech but it is always good to come to iPeace with an open mind to respect others by not making "statements of fact" that tend to push other's buttons.
Call me old fashioned, but I would like to know if there is a link on iPeace that is specific for me like http://ipeace.com/bri or something along those lines. Hope I'm not out of order posting this question here.

Aad Sach Singh
Good topic every one. Of coarse one needs to stay nice and peaceful especially when you are posting a reply to someone you do not agree with. ««««every one that goes through the trouble of writing an opinion no matter how much you disagree with is worth the respect you would like to get in return.
But also one must make the difference between a solid discussion. I mean if I can not tell you that I disagree with the very first premise of your statement and I feel it is in the interest of the good of all that I rebuke something I see as a falshood . But that does not mean I hate you for upholding that view. Some people will view disagreement as not peaceful and wrong, I view it as a motor of change.
But respect must lay at the foundation because this is about making peace on earth.


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