If there is one thing you think you can do each day to contribute to peace, what could it be? For me, I would say it would be to treat each person I meet with love and kindness - to look beyond all stereotypes and radiate generosity. Sounds easier than it is when your boss is screaming and you've met Murphy's Law for the 2nd time that day! What is your daily contribution?

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What have I done for peace... I have been organising activity for bringing peace among families, from there it would start as an education, as a value in every child, so one hopes
Greetings . Each moment , asleep or awake , our mind can respond in so many emotions . Projecting peace

is controlling the emotions , that are much less peace full . To me , adding Peace , is what I work at , day

and night . Sorta like , the golden rule . Then when others break that rule , that is when I contribute most ,

cause Murphy's Law , often double wammy's you .

Biting my tongue , may be a simpler answer .

May Peace surround you , and protect you . Always Ron .
Kia Ora again Maya ...... from the Southern Arcadian Isles of Aotearoa/New Zealand

In my 66 years on God's good earth here as far away from Scotland as my forbears could get I've learnt to be very grateful for what we have

From our Maori indigenous people nere I have leant -

"Te Atuatanga, te Wairuatanga, Te Kotahitanga ki Aroha: ki Aroha Nui, ki Manakitanga, ki Awhitanga"

which broadly translates as follows

"With God & the Holy Spirit we are One with Love: with Unconditional Love, Caring & Sharing"

and that is enough for me

Kind regards & God bless us all

Jim in o' Tara
Give a gentle smile to whomsoever you meet, towards a step for contributing peace, in return you are sure to get the peaceful smile!
I'm trying to save Humanity from itself,one poem or lyric at a time...lol
Like the age old question,
"How do you empty a pond with a Tea-cup"?
"One Cup at a time"...
Every morning I start out so and always I end up my own worst enemy.
The more I seek the more it eludes me!
You are not alone . We arise with the best intentions , but somehow , the rest of the world ,( society ,
family , workmates , education , your best friend or a total stranger ) subdues a persons best intentions .

The harder that a person tries , the greater the wall of resistance , reinforces that our world , is not
ready to change .

What eludes me , is why the subject of Peace , is so complex ? Lets look to an outcome !

Mutual benefit for all , not everyone loses , in our modern one world society . For Peace Ron .

. . . from a fellow own worst enemy . . . .
Thanks Ron, Peace to you and yours.
Today has been a good day............I survived more or less intact.
How blue the sky, how green the leaves and how sweetlly the birds do sing.
My little contribution is my daily posting of hope on my Inspiration blog - a little more joy, forgiveness, and gratitude - a little less stress, anger, and fear.
hi, how r you. The peace, before establishing outside, we should establish it within us.How? By checking if I am at peace with myself, my friends, my relations...and changing myself....then peace naturally extends outside us without any effort.To be at peace myself, we should know the Truth of Life.The Truth is that i am and all human beings are naturally are peaceful beings and experiencing peace within ourselves whenever we find time, not looking outside for peace, we can spread peace to the world.Let us try this now experiencing One minute of Silence by keeping our body in a relaxed position and making our awareness being in present moments.
Putting love as priority number one. Feeling that love inside, the unwavering joy that we all have, putting that first in my own life. Everything else seems to fall into place. My own personal monster jumps in at every oppurtunity, to take away the peace, to rob me. But, making the effort to stay aware of what truly is important, that breath that flows in and out, life itself.. Making that effort to feel my own peace.. When i'm in the flow of this process of inner fulfillment, I cant help but be kind and generous, forgiving, patient, loving. I start to feel grateful for what I have, not upset about all the things I don't have. ... Kim
My daily contribution is being kind to people who are very different from me- either in their beliefs or their behavior or attitudes, as much as the situation allows- sometimes that is only giving the benefit of a doubt or forgiving someone who hurt you or re-thinking a situation.


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