If there is one thing you think you can do each day to contribute to peace, what could it be? For me, I would say it would be to treat each person I meet with love and kindness - to look beyond all stereotypes and radiate generosity. Sounds easier than it is when your boss is screaming and you've met Murphy's Law for the 2nd time that day! What is your daily contribution?

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it makes me sad to see how the world seems to think...
Why do they think it takes a "Big Stick" to keep the Peace?
the next country will want a bigger stick,and the next,an even bigger one still,or more sticks than you have...
None of this makes common sense to my ears...the "Eye for an Eye" mentality is very flawed...
if this were true,we would all end up half blind by Revenge,or totally blind from hatred...
Lift people's sadness up from dispair,try to give a helping hand,smile at a stranger,if only a few seconds...
Who knows? that smile might be returned a thousand times over...Michael"LonelySoul"
Spread the word of zeitgeist addendum, david ickes big brother video and many other independent sources of information to everyone that I possibly can! We all need to stand up (peacefully) to make a difference. Apathy is getting us no-where fast.

Zeitgeist Addendum

David Icke - Big brother (starts slow but gets good at 7mins)
Sadly too easy to be true! If you live in a balloon, talking to the clouds, listening to the wind you'll be able to cheat yourself saying : wow, this is heaven! You may smile to your pet, that's ok! You can talk to the flowers in your beloved garden, that's great. If you have a sad, angry or blank face against yours ... just say... hello. It'll be enough ... sadly.
to see a stranger as a friend who i have not yet met. to give my new friend a gift s/he has come to receive from me. in this i strengthen our interconnectedness. in this simple statement we are one and at peace.

this goes for the people i have yet to meet, as well as those i know. by giving this gift, and helping, sharing, caring, listening, loving do we send out to the universe that we are forever connected. in this lies our peace.
It could be a simple smile, being still and giving time, listening wholeheartedly or even on rare occasion deciding to live one more day for someone who needs you, when life is so unbearable death seems like a blessing. There is something beautiful in everyone. Something to admire in everyone.

I try to look into someones eyes instead of the ground and find...we are all connected.
I think it is always good to have fun. Smile enjoy life. It is too short to do otherwise. Happiness is contagious.
Thank you for this inspiring message.
My experience is that when I choose love over fear I feel more peaceful. I notice how that love ripples out and touches the people around me. It feels connecting and relaxing.
Taking the action to make that choice in every interaction, in every moment, holds a lot of power.
Peace really does begin with us.
My teacher has a saying: "Speak only that which is kind, true, necessary, and helpful."
Blessings in your daily practice to meet each person in kindness and and love,
Sister Helen Marie
I believe it's to keep smiling to everyone I meet ..
In the matter of fact we - muslims - call for peace everyday, that is when we pass by any one in the street - even if we don't know him - we smile to him and say: "Assalam Alaykom" which means: "Peace be on you".
This is my everyday contribution :)

p.s: Thank you Maya for this lovely topic :)
It is so wonderful that this discussion has been going on for several months now.

My daily contribution to peace is to find the Beloved in everyone I encounter- from my family members, to those I work with, to those I pass on the street, to those with diametrically opposing political beliefs, even to those I read about in the paper who are reported to have done terrible things - and of course, including myself. As I release my belief that we are separate from one another and from the Source of all Love, I touch that well of peace within. It takes vigilance, and of course, I'm not always successful, but as I remove my attention from the appearance of darkness and separation, I am increasingly more able to experience peace. When I accept that I am connected to every other person, then I feel greater compassion, and I am more able to extend, to radiate that love and kindess that Maya spoke of.
I am new to this forum and I have to say that the responses to this thread alone are incredible, mind-blowing and just so full of Love and wisdom I can’t even put it in words but it opened my eyes. Thank you so much for that!

So I tried to bring more love in my life by donating and being friendly to other people,

I watched the Hug campaign from Juan Mann (http://www.freehugscampaign.org/) on youtube and I think this is a great way (especially for us younger people) to show love , peace and make people aware of the fact that In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact any friendly gesture is important.

So FREE HUGS to all of you ipeace users , you are great and reading your comments changed my view of this world dramatically.
''Make Love and not war'' the flower children used to say ans I would add for sure: ''Make Peace''. As war has to be waged by war mongers in order to exist, Peace has to be created by peace makers in order to manifest and to grow. Peace starts within so to have Peace with our surroundings we must make Peace with ourselves first, meaning loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves and blessing ourselves. From there we can start loving and blessing the people we live with and come accross in our day. This is a simple way that I try to practice on a daily basis, but I forget at times to love some people as I should.
Hello Maya,

I have to say we must discover and get to know our true and eternal selves. That self that is eternal and can not be confined or restricted by barriers or partitions. That self that we must get to know if we want to establish an eternal peace on earth and survive the approaching storms!

Read more here: www.apocalypsenot.net

Take care and may you find peace and liberation.



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