If there is one thing you think you can do each day to contribute to peace, what could it be? For me, I would say it would be to treat each person I meet with love and kindness - to look beyond all stereotypes and radiate generosity. Sounds easier than it is when your boss is screaming and you've met Murphy's Law for the 2nd time that day! What is your daily contribution?

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My dialy contribution is to clean up a bit more in front of my own door ...i think if every one do it every day the soul of earth will be better ..
I try to contribute to the Peace utilizing my Multilingualism ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=18977111129 ) and Multiculturalism ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=36222904721 ) groups to raise awareness and tolerance among different cultural and linguistics groups towards each other. Please feel free to visit and join the groups. You are very welcome.


whatever I am doing, i am peaceful

For me it would be to silence my own internal judger. To send a blessing or peaceful wish rather than a judgement. To radiate love and generosity. To be silent. To say something different..

Well a few things anyway. And, having read your discussion - to smile of course, to smile...

Blessings to you for the New Year.
For me if anything i could contribute to peace it would definitely be love and affection, keeping biasness and prejudice aside. though it might be hard enough to fulfill the words said but at least one can do it.
I AM Love, and to all I encounter, I give Love. The only way anyone can possible fall short of perfection is if we compare them to something outside of themselves. This I can never do for there is nothing outside of the one essence, the one Life, the one Being. My advice, Be Love -- sit down, shut up and follow your breath.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Every day I try to keep the inner peace in my soul. If I have the inner peace, I have also a love and a joy and so I can share these feelings with other people.
Dear Maya,

Sumod has rightely pointed out that hunger and poverty are the things for which every one of us must do something.

The screaming Boss, Daily problems in our life.... nothing, I repeat nothing can compare the poverty and hunger. You have to see it to believe. The family which does not have enough food, cant think about any other problem of the world and can do any thing to get food for a day.
People here work for 10-12 hours to get some food., sell their child for money to get food and avoid death of those who are sold and those who sell. Its so disturbing that I feel this is the first thing every one should have priority for.
Imagine, If all of us who have more food or money to buy more food contribute for one person daily' no one will remain hungry in the world from that day itself.'

We here are doing our bit , though not very much to our liking, but atleast some people are going to earn their food by themselves.
Love you for such a lovely topic,

Wonderful thought.
Why wait for inspiration..just do because it should/must be done.

Good acts lead to good thoughts..

The heart is drawn after the deeds
Leading the community into sports,recreations. and broadly understand the needs of the community before it become rebelious and ignite fire that causes everyones downfall.
Maya, when I think back, I realise that I have not done it. After comming back from work I feel that it is not as easy as it looks when you read it here. I think I will achieve a goal the day I start implimenting your idea continously.
I think there are many things I could do daily, but peace does begin with me and I am trying to work on my patience. I say "Patience is a virtue" a lot to my kids especially, then I find myself losing mine. THanks for giving me another new year goal :)


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