The Palestinian Internet guide is designed to help you study the Palestinian side of the crisis. The Pro-Israel side has a great influence over the mainstream information we receive in America. The Internet can bring information right from the horse’s mouth. Because of the economic and political strangle hold the Israelis have over the Palestinian establishment, most of the information is from people and organizations outside of Palestine.

This Internet guide will help you get to pro Palestinian think tanks, government and private intuitions, publications and actives. Where one get their information is as important as the information its self. Unfortunately when the government or establishment tells a lie or mistruth it becomes a fact for the time being. This is a big part of the problems in the Middle East today. Rarely is the truth heard over the lies. Although this is a Pro Palestinian Guide the goal is to get closer to the true understanding of the problems.

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

For the latest news about what is going on in Palestine from the United Nations perspective this is a good site.

Palestine Media Center

The Israeli Information Center For Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – The Israelis who want justices for the Palestinian people.

American Task Force on Palestine – This is probably the United States strongest Pro-Palestinian group.

Reports from Rafah Palestine – This site has great pictures capturing the suffering and destruction of the Palestinian society.

Maps of the Middle East

If American Knew – This site contains many good charts and up to date information about the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

MIFTAH The Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Global Dialog & Democracy –This site contains many good links to other Pro-Palestinian sites.

Palestine Internet News Sources


Arab World News


Palestine Chronicle

Washington Report on Middle East

Pro-Israel Side
National Action Committee Political Action Committee – This site show how well organized and entrench the Pro-Israeli side is in American politics.

Israeli News

Useful Information

One must know their adversary before they can understand the answers to the problems. This guide is created so you can get too the other side of the story that you cannot get in the mainstream American media.

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Palestinians/Arab Informational War

The Palestinian/Arabs have to start dealing with the global media informational war front much more intensely to win over the global public opinion. The internet playing a larger and larger role in the dissemination of information around the world. This is a tool that has to be utilized and developed much more in getting the message of the Palestinian and Arab people out to the world. Better networking has to be developed between already existing Palestinian/Arab websites.

Some new Palestinian/Arab websites should be developed that are specifically designed for teaching and furthering the education of English elementary, middle and high school children as well as college and graduate students. Creating a research and informational center of links to other credible Palestinian and Arab sites. This site should be linked with a Palestinian/Arab website that gives out grants for education. An educational essay grant program should be set up for the four different levels of education of higher education. This will encourage more students to do more writing and research on the Palestinian crisis and the Arab world.

With the support of the Arab League of States and not individual Arab nations this new network of websites should have more credibility and objectivity on the issues and problems confronting the Palestinian and Arab people. Teaming up with other website groups such as “Lend for Peace”, Seeds for Peace” “Washington Report on Middle East Affairs” and so on will be vital to building a stronger network to get the true story understood outside the “box.” To do this it will require much more work to be done on two more fronts, the grass root political and international legal fronts.

For the “Grass Root Political” front a young Palestinian and Arab student Ambassadors program should be created to help get the message outside the box. With promotional documentary videos be made on the Palestinian crisis with monetary prizes be awarded to the winners of the best videos. A Palestinian/Arab speaking tours should be arranged for some of the outstanding Palestinian and Arab Student Ambassadors to spread the truth to Americans and Europeans.

As part of this network a program should be setup for students of law from around the world for the legal prosecution of Israeli humanitarian/war crimes that have been committed on the Palestinian people. Creating more international legal briefs and the ground for more international prosecution of these crimes.

The programs outlined above could help in winning the informational war of truth to the Palestinian crisis. Not until the informational war is won in the United States will there be justice, peace, security, and prosperity in Palestine. This program will help alleviate some of the inner tensions and frustrations of the young Palestinian/Arab people while helping to educate the students in the western nations.


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