Is there peace in the future?

You can't get ahead of the herd if your following it.
(translated from wolf to human, by Tree)
Even if the herd is going in a certain direction, if you go ahead of it, and it turns, you only felt like you were ahead of it, but still end up behind it again.

But to think like the herd, and understand its patterns, allows you to know where it will be even before it does.

Peace, is to the advantage of the majority (I hold that truth self evident)
With peace also comes prosperity, with the prosperity of the people, even those who have great wealth can see they then have a market to sell what they do to make more wealth.
So it is to the advantage of the wealthy, to increase the standard of living of the rest of the people.
So too it is to the advantage of the governments and nations that their people live in peace and prosperity, for the ruler of a poor nation has little compared to the ruler of a wealthy one.
So in truth, and simple math, everyone benefits from peace. Even if, they cant see that at the moment, does not change the math of the truth.

As has taken place in the past, when something is not working very well,
something that works better comes along to replace it.
And those things that provide only short term (real or illusion) gain at expense of long term gain, then also tend to fall apart.
Those things that provide long term gain, (perhaps almost unnoticeable because they are not so fast) prosper.

The point: Is that when old paradigms that worked before no longer do so,
New paradigms evolve that do work.

I do commerce for a living, it is essentual then that I understand global trade.
It is essentual that I understand prosperity if there are to be any consumers.

If I "think ahead" correctly, then I can see the new paradigm for reaching prosperity,
before it even starts going in that direction (getting ahead of the herd not following it)
Those that build upon old paradigms, and do not have the freedom to change (evolve),
well we know what happens to those, even if temporarily successful.

I am concerned, I see countries with plans set in motion decades ago,
some even seem to have the desire for global domination if I follow their paradigms to the destinations.
But they have a little bit of a problem.
They did not take into account the new paradigm, that the herd dose not travel in a straight line.
its course evolves.
And without freedom, it wont be able to change in time to join us, in greener pastures.
It has its "plans" and will not alter them, even if all of humanity no longer lives in that world.

So, it does not get ahead, but gets left behind.
So those who do not allow freedom, diversity, creativity, peace...
Are the ones that get left behind.

I never desired to see these countries as enemies, but as friends.
Friends prosper faster than enemies do.

So it is not pleasure I would point out that such nations that use intimidation as substitute for respect and fear being over thrown by the people seek to "lock them in" and make them conform to this paradigm of the past.
It is simply because I care, even for those leaders, because I am sorry, to see them left behind.

If a nation, encourages freedom, peace and the prosperity of its people,
then what cause does it have to fear being overthrown?

By human evolution seeking to advance, and simply asking of their nations, to let them!

The new paradigm of commerce I foresee, has very little to do with material resources of the earth.
Because there will be little need for them.
I will not elaborate just yet beyond what I am doing here, now ( why ruin the surprise, that will come naturally anyway with or without me nor even telling anyone, but besides, I seek to give the advantages to those I choose to, those of PEACE, so they may be the ones who prosper, so when I am ready to, if I choose a place to do so, it will be, "here").
But I will give some indications, clues.....

A new economy is going to evolve,
and the nations who are the most working towards peace and prosperity for its peoples, and all peoples of the world, are going to be the ones who prosper.
And this will naturally take place.
It will be about the wealth of the individual, but a newer more clear understanding of what wealth is.
Again its not an old paradigm, but a new one, with long term gain for all.
And those with diversity, peace, creativity, freedom of expression and voice?
Will become the richest nations of them all
By natural evolution.
I did the math.

So I do not 'hate' nations who resort to tyranny to suppress the people,
I feel sorry for them, for by natural evolution,
............ they are the ones who are going to get left behind.

Who ever sold them on that old math of domination?
They should be angry with them,
for sending them in the direction of a cliff.
I did not wish this upon them, nor do I now,
if I did all I would have to do would be to remain silent,
so it takes longer, so their suffering in the future, is increased.

So I point out some of the obvious,
give it out freely to the world,
and hope they the sooner also see the math.

Working for the prosperity of the individual,
for peace, freedom of speech, and to end all war,
they wont have to worry about the people over throwing the government (for trying to stop them from becoming more advanced, in the direction that they naturally know they need to go).

They only then would have to worry about what to do with all the flowers the people will send them!
There is more than one reason, people ask of dictators to set them free,
it is also because without words, humanity knows inside, where they need to be going,
and these people are telling them not to.
When "everyone" gains from this (other than those who sell war machines though, and those can be adapted to peace machines faster than they may realize. Because they are NOT seeing, where the world is going, with, or without them)

I want peace to flourish,
because the end result is prosperity for all.
No matter which way you may try and turn it,
peace is, the destination, for a new journey.
The evolution, of humanity.

Comments welcome, add your math, your thoughts, you never know, you could just speed up the process to the destination, of world peace.

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