Dear Friends,

The Jerusalem International YMCA Peace Preschool's website continues to be updated and added to. Last night we had a Preschool Cafe party and today we had a Shavuot party. Pictures of both are up on the site! As before, we have to make room on our main menu for the new pages but all the old pages and pictures can be found as items on the Photos page.

We hope you like the new photos! Don't forget to pass our web address on to all your friends and family. Please take a minute to add us to your Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Digg, etc page by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the home page. And feel free to Twitter us too!

Peace, Shalom, Salam,


Note: Please take a moment to share this with family, friends and colleagues and all those who share our commitment to coexistence. Thank you!

Adena Levine

Peace Preschool Director

Jerusalem International YMCA

26 King David Street

Jerusalem, Israel

Tel: +(972)2-5692681


Web site-

Since we all laugh in the same language…

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