Greetings dear friends of Peace,

I'd like to inform you about our Peace Mission on the St-Lawrence 2009 this coming July. We will do a ten days pilgrimage for Peace in canoes on the St-Lawrence river, which is the widest river in the world, from Montreal to Quebec city, where we will plant a tree for Peace on a historic battlefield in an gathering of many nations an cultures.

So far we might be counting seven or eight canoes in our journey and more should join. Members from different Native nations, Abenakis from the band council, Mohawks from the traditional council and Anishnabes have confirmed their participation. Jacob Wawatie, an Anishnabe elder and friend of mine will join us. At the Return of the Ancestors in Arizona last month, he was representing the eagle of North America in a symbolic dance with an Inca shaman representing the condor of South America, while the elder presiding the Mayan council was praying. See the video on my page or on Youtube.

There are also representatives from African nations rowing with us and the events celebrated along the way will reunite people from diverse cultures and origins for Peace in the human Family. An elected deputy of Iranian origin, the only one from his new party, who was with doctors without frontiers in Palestine, Irak and Afghanistan wil be part of our Peace Mission with his brother. Along the way we will have various public ceremonies for Peace, such as planting of trees for Peace, gifts exchanges, prayers and sweat lodges. We will document the whole trip on films.

We will leave on July 2nd from the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, after departure ceremonies. We will be at the Odanak pow wow of the Abenakis on July 4th an 5th. On the 6th, we will give a tree for Peace to the mayor of the city of Trois-Rivières for the 375th anniversary of the city. On the 10th, we will plant a tree for Peace in Quebec city on the Plains of Abraham, where an historic battle happened 250 years ago. We will gather for the occasion families from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds with the First nations of this continent for a symbolic Peace ceremony.

We have a growing number of collaborators and participants joining us in our efforts towards the success of the Peace Mission. Today we found a few sponsors for the food of the team. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the assembly of the First Nations and different other groups for the organization and preparation of the Peace Mission.

We would like to send the invitation to all members of iPeace and offer the opportunity to help us with the financing of the Peace Mission. We have been currently printing color posters and documents, going to meetings, we need to rent boats, vehicles for transporting supplies, get food and camping gears for around thirty people or more, etc...

Any amounts or donation to help the Peace Mission 2009 will be greatly appreciated. You can send your donations through Paypal.

Or you can send checks or money orders at the mailing address you will find on this page:

They should be adressed to the bearer or to the association called "Le Drapeau de la Famille".

Please help us in this Peace Mission to unite the human Family.

Best blessings to all beings.

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We received a very nice welcome at the Assembly of First Nations yesterday. They offered their moral support and technical help with the permission to use their logo. We have reserved one rabaska, a large ten passenger canoe at half the regular price as a special for the Peace Mission. We are still finding new allies joining us in the Peace Mission and more sponsors.

Please friends of Peace, consider this unique opportunity to contribute to a highly significant gesture for Peace and reconciliation through building bridges between the different cultures, in a Spirit of sacredness and healing of the mistakes of our past history, with public ceremonies in various historic sites and places of strong cultural and political significance.

We have no government nor corporate funding. This is an initiative by the people for the people, for the improvement of society's values and the well being of the whole human Family, by promoting a World wide Culture of Peace.

Don't miss your chance to help this Peace Mission to manifest with the greatest success.

Thank you for your sollicitude, collaboration and generosity.

Peace on Earth to all humans of good will.
Greetings my brother SunBow,...I hope that you and your team have much success on this upcoming peace mission!...May the forces that govern the universe be with you all!
Thank you dear brother Charlie for your kind words and blessings. May we all empower each other in our different missions in this common task to bring about a World wide Culture of Peace. May the Force be with you too.
Today's big news! Great things happen on our Peace Mission! Today we had the confirmation that our Mohawk allies from the traditional council will receive us in their sweat lodge in Kahnawake the day before we leave on our journey and four of their canoes will join our rabaska and the three or four other canoes already in our team.

It is time to make a stand for Peace and Untiy between nations.
Yesterday at th university, we received complete support from the Kabyl community and a warm blessing from the president of their movement, who comes back from the UN where he obtained the recognition of the Kabyls as a fist nations.We had a session of official photos with him. Two canoes from their community will join the Peace Mission, which is growing international.

Peace will be achieved through the recognition of our respective sovereignty. I wonder how many Rainbow "warriors" will play an active part into this global Peace making process... How many will leave the party behind and start to walk the sacred medicine path and work towards healing the world?... How many will turn off the volume and listen to Mother Earth's call and pray together for real Peace? How many will walk the talk and take action or support those who do?... It doesn't seem like there ae legions of them...

I hope we are many or at least enough to make a change...
Lasr week in Puno, Peru, the Natives of the world gathered to create the United Native Nations, in a democratic and peacuful stand for the recognition of their sovereignty.

A turning point in the history of our changing world.
Two weeks after the creation of the United First Nations in Puno, Peru, an horrible attack is sent on the Peruvian Natives. Last weekend only, over 200 reported deaths and countless wounded in the most barbaric ways. The NWO globalist fascists don't want humanity to evolve towards a higher level of international politics.

Over 4000 First Nations around the world would change the balance of decisional power at the UN which now counts around 215 nations-States, if they were only recognized as nations, since they fulfill all the criterias in the definition of a nation, contrarily to most nations-States which are no more than political institutions, very often not representative of the populations and historically imposed through force.

If the First natons were allowed to sit in the circle of nations there would be within the decision makers representatives of small communities, people caring for Peace, for Mother Earth and for the seventh generation. This is the best hope for humanity to come back to balance, is to let the First nations, the elder nations, take their place in the medicine wheel, and have their word in the Circle of All Nations...

Peace can only be achieved through the recognition of our respective sovereignty. It is a natural God given birth right, that cannot be alienated nor needs to be negociated.

Last thursday was the first anniversary of the official apologies offered by Prime minister Harper to the Natives on behalf of Canada, for decades of intitutionalized genocide in boarding schools which killed over 50,000 Natives children in what was called the Canadian Holocaust.

Those excuses have been seen as fake since Canada is still one of the only 3 countries refusing to sign the UN Declaration on Native Rights....

So on last thursday, the Akwesasne spokespersons were in Ottawa to negociate Peace in their homeland, while their community has been under siege from US and Canadian forces since two weeks. At the same time, a paramilitary corps attacked unarmed civilian Mohawks in Akwesasne and severely wounded 14 persons in a blood bath that was quickly white washed with firemen hoses. Not a word in the medias.

The Mohawks are part of the Confederation of the Six Nations, which is said to be the oldest democracy on Earth. It is based on the Great Law of Peace.

They have been peacefully asking for the prohibition of foreign armed guards on their sovereign land, since Canada armed its border guards on June 1st. For this they have been blockaded, jailed in their homes and finally attacked in a most unspeakable way by a special secret operation corps.

Now, in two weeks our Peace Mission on the St-Lawrence will start from Mohawk land. On July 1st we will sweat and pray in Kahnawake, from where we will leave on the next morning. The traditional council has found four canoes with their teams to row with us, unless there is a crisis happening. We will row for 9 days with public Peace ceremonies along the way. I hope some of you can see the meaning of it.

Please send prayers, support and donations to the Peace Mission. Come and join us if you can.

For those of you who might not know, in the summer 1990, the Canadian army occupied the three small Mohawk communities with 15,000 troops, for two and a half month. That means almost two soldiers for each Mohawk civilian.

While helicopters and US drones are already flying over Akwesasne, as our Mohawk allies, we are hoping for the best, but expecting the worst...

In the preparation of our Peace Mission, we contacted several levels of governments but found very little interest from their part, except maybe that we got our lines and emails under surveillance. (no joke!) The office of the Governor General answered back that they can't help us.

So why are they spending your tax money on arming border guards and sending troops to Native communities? This old order of the ages does not and will not represent the people nor our common interest. We must let go of these corrupted institutions and stand up to represent ourselves as sovereign human beings. Peace warriors must act now.

they can't silence the wisdom keepers so easily... Only by listening again to this ancient wisdom can we find back balance on Earth. Time is now! and I will keep writing as long as they let me... while i'm not busy in doing other actions. Mobilize yourself for Peace now. Party's nice but the Earth needs Peace makers at work.

Peace on Earth to all humans of good will.
Blessing ceremony and launching of the Peace Mission on the St-Lawrence 2009. Please watch.

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